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  1. They probably said that because there's already too many non-hardcore PvP'ers who are trying to make the game more carebearish.
  2. You're not serious, are you? The so-called "EK" issues shouldn't be worried about either because we don't have all of the information... As for this, it's obvious that it was for demonstrative purposes, how about we actually wait to play it ourselves and see and trust the devs a little bit, huh?
  3. Yeah, that's the whole point, and what makes games great. No, it totally ruined any actual planning the player has to do. M&B was great because players actually had to put thought into when to shoot and how they should balance what gear they bring with them. It's the easy way out for devs and removes skill and planning from the game. It makes the game easier, which is not what we should be going for in a PvP game.
  4. Well what if there was a visual representation of damage instead of healthbars, like your character would be super bloody or something if you were about to die?
  5. How about both? I'd like to see disposable equipment that is easily craftable, and epic equipment that is hard to craft.
  6. I'd like to see an option for the forums also.
  7. The only time I'd like to see a healthbar is if you attack somebody and your blow lands, then a healthbar pops up above them. Other than that, I don't want to see it.
  8. Then don't go to their EK. That's your choice. However, you will also have to accept that you will have a very limited customer base if you refuse to go to their EK.
  9. What social interactions? Are you telling me that in campaigns you're going to try to be talking to people? It's going to be kill on sight for anyone not in your group you met in EK/guild. Take a look at DayZ, there is literally zero social interaction besides shooting people you don't know. It's not going to be different here. The political part will be in the EK's, so yeah, turn on nameplates there. However, there will be no politicking in the campaigns, so keep them off here. There will be no social interaction outside of your group/guild in campaigns. That's removing the entire gameplay from assassins then, who have to get close to you to kill you, usually through stealth. So no, it won't work.
  10. Except I'm not limiting your gameplay. Seeing nameplates above players head isn't gameplay, it's UI. If there were no nameplates, there would not be any less mechanics in the game. However, if there are nameplates, then several mechanics can not be used any more, primarily stealth and surprise attacks. As far as I can tell, there is a vocal minority camp that wants things to be handed to them, ie. the carebear group. By removing all nameplates, the level of gameplay in Crowfall is deeper and more rewarding, and it makes the game much more interesting. This isn't WoW, this isn't any other game. Crowfall is it's own game and is not for everyone, so I really hope the devs go the path of not succumbing to the vocal minority, and remove nameplates and make Crowfall a truly unique game.
  11. Except now you're limiting my gameplay. What if I wanted to launch a surprise attack from the woods with a group of cavalry? I can't simply dismount, and someone will notice the mass of floating nameplates in the forest, so the surprise is ruined. This also comes into play when doing surprise attacks on caravans, which the devs said will be part of the game. Nameplates should be toggleable only for guildmembers and friends. If you want to see your guildies nameplate or not, then have it toggleable. However, there should be no nameplates for those who are not in your guild or friends list because all surprise attacks are then ruined.
  12. What about people who want to hide in the forest and are on a mount then, should their nameplate be removed also? I think the only time a nameplate should be visible is if you are friends with that person. That way, others cannot see who you are unless you have already met with them and you have decided that you like them. Having nameplates visible at all times is bad for stealth and removes immersion from the game. No nameplates at all, unless friends.
  13. I support no healthbars. Makes it very interesting and will pull people outside of their comfort zone.
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