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  1. Are parcels unable to be traded by design or is that just a current limitation of Alpha?
  2. On live, without purchasing additional parcels my buddies got: - 2 Shire Parcels - 1 Woodland Creek Parcel - 1 Woodland Hill Parcel - 1 Woodland Grove Parcel Both bought $50 versions of the game and neither have these parcels showing TEST, but do separately have the TEST parcels in their accounts. It seems like I've been given the same. My concern is that I don't see a straight forward way to know what I own or was given in excess of the store descriptions vs if these are just test parcels miss labelled in live.
  3. What are the default parcels we start the game with? How can we identify parcels that we have on live only for testing vs what we own going into launch? Ie are they always labeled "TEST" when you don't own them? Do the $50 and $200 game versions differ in this regard beyond whats listed on the store description? https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq/eternal-kingdoms/3c7w22OOOssSCQiaq0YUq4
  4. I'd hope so given the amount of depth and customization options elsewhere. Unlimited* ranks, with custom hierarchy and titles doesn't like a huge ask.
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