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  1. I feel like you are failing to recognize how the strength of your character in the game is realized. I see the skill tree as a minor power vector of the whole, I would say that your vessel, gear, and disciplines make up about 80-85% of your character's strength. If a new player hooks up with a guild that can help them gear/vessel up they will stand a good chance of defeating a veteran regardless of skill tree. Most importantly the new player would have fun putting up a good/decent fight even if they lose. I played Eve for 6 years and that was nowhere near the start of the game. Being 'behind' on skills did not stop me from having a custard load of fun or creating lifelong relationships, nor did it stop others. This 'new players perspective' that you are trying to present sounds like a YOU problem more than anything else. You do not like the idea of the passive skill gain and that is fine, just say that then...don't try to cover it in concern for all the 'new players'. The current version of the skill trees has been out of months and if you look there are many threads full of complaints. The number one complaint being that the trees are much too linear. The developers have already said on several occasions that they intend to make another pass at the skill trees in light of all the feedback provided. 1. I think is a horrible idea for the many reasons already stated in this thread. 2. I can get behind paid for respecs. I'd lean toward partial respecs, where it lets you reset just one branch level at a time.
  2. I have to admit I have wondered why there isn't one of those special chests in the forts that allows you to pull from the other local chests in the world.
  3. As far as I know you can use it. https://malekai.org/disciplines/master-of-rapiers
  4. Disagree as much as you want but You have no control over what the Devs want us to test. Even Todd has said the same thing. Instead of being bored or annoyed about what is currently in place and quitting the game for good, wait for the features you would enjoy testing. You saying that because these developers are spending a lot of time on new complicated mechanics they don't have as much experience with....the game will not be what they promised from the start? Personally I think it makes perfect sense. There is quite a long list of pvp gameloops which will directly effect 'gameplay' that I have heard mentioned at various times by the devs and many of the oldest testers. The most obvious one I can think of right now is the disciplines. Right now they are available in your crafting menu and can be made with some slag and dust. The game design for disciplines is to have the vast majority of them exist throughout the world and players will have to go out and hunt down the pieces to create them. You are not wrong but we have circled back to 'what is in the test environment is what the devs need us to test'. You should not assume anything about other people, especially on the internet. I have played online games going back to the MUDs in the 90's. I did not play shadowbane but I played some of the other games you mentioned as well as many others. Your statements have zero affect on me, they only show the community how you are not knowledgeable about this games development and instead of trying to educate yourself you would rather complain.
  5. I just addressed this in another thread so I'll just leave the same answer here.
  6. I agree with everyone who keeps trying to tell the 'moar pvp!' folks complaining that this is not a game, it is a test environment. I understand this message doesn't seem to be getting through so let me try this another way. There isn't a single full pvp gameloop implemented in the current environment (5.7). Sure there are capturable keeps, forts, camps, etc. and it affects the faction slider to one extent or another but even 'winning' a campaign does nothing for those within the faction so that gameloop isn't complete either. It's been said many times before and I'll say it as well...If you don't like testing the current features then logoff and wait for features you do like.
  7. Jah, I apologize if I offended you. I absolutely understand you were not advocating for replacing/removing the passive training system, I was being facetious. What I should have said is that I don't think your ideas about more items (Discs, vessel mods, etc.) being added for character customization are be helpful to the passive training topic. People are talking about A and you respond with, but what about X,Y,Z. All of us testers are here to provide feedback on the systems currently in place and voice their opinions on what could be done to make it better. Whether or not ACE thinks our feedback is worth listening to is out of our hands. I personally do not see a reason why the passive training system cannot provide more customization options in a game with so many.
  8. I completely agree with you that the addition of more items to customize characters will make the gameplay more interesting but unless you are advocating replacing the passive training system with more items I don't see your point. The passive training system has been part of the design from the beginning and as far as I can tell it likely will be the largest revenue generator when the game goes live (VIP accounts, speed up training tomes, etc). If this 'issue' keeps coming up everytime new testers come on board and training is currently at 10x speed, can you imagine what it will be if it went live in its current state? By no means do I think that the developers think they are done with the passive training system but if the current design is a model for the future then I do think there are problems they should address. At the very least re-ordering the skills within their current branches so that all the a like skills are grouped up for more streamlined training and lowering some of those 'ALL' nodes to require less would be a great improvement.
  9. I feel like there is some misunderstanding about what the OP is referring to so I'll supply an example. If you review the above image the three points of complaint are clearly visible. Purple Lines: If I want to just add some STR or SPI to my account I first HAVE to train the DEX. Black Box: Why are there some random filler skills thrown in my way if all I am trying to do is add some more stats to my account? Red Circle & Lines: You not only have to train everything connected to the final skill but you MUST train them ALL to MAX. The fourth point of complaint is that you cannot unlock ABC tree until X% of the previous tree has been unlocked. If I missed something please let me know but I agree with all of these complaints. If skills were grouped better and you had the freedom to just train the groups you are interested I think it would add a level of player customization. All of that said as a former Eve Online player the thing that I find most lacking from the skill tree is the feeling of anticipation/accomplishment that goes with skill planning. In Eve you map out the way to a goal: a new ship, module, or weapon that changes your gameplay and I don't get that feeling from these trees. I've only been playing like two months so maybe I just haven't found these types of skills yet. Do any of you long term players find there are certain skills which make you feel this way?
  10. I enjoyed my first experience with the economy, thanks for all your hard work Kraahk.
  11. I understand what your saying but isn't this just matter of player choice/customization? If as a player you decide you want to do everything in your power to min/max your healing by putting your passive skill tree points into skills knowing it won't affect other things (i.e. crafting/harvesting) then thats up to them.
  12. You don't think you would get the same feeling of 're-rolling' from having the campaigns end and having to start over in the next one? Or from changing to a new vessel and having to level/gear it up? Noob Island aka the Beach Head is filled with resources that quickly become useless and are only there to teach players about the basic mechanics. A new player should be getting out into the world as soon as possible to play the real game. The way I see it designed is a solo new player will be able to utilize the time in the Beach Head to put together a set of intermediate gear before going outside to play with their faction. Alternatively a new player with a friend or guild could log in, be given a set of white gear, and be out in the world playing the game as they learn within minutes.
  13. Where is the fun in having no choice but to repeatedly do the same action over and over to level a skill before it reaches its max? I can agree with you about the skill trees not having a lot of choice right now and I hope that more diverse trees develop before launch. They are still working on skill trees but I think this is a good base to work from. I believe you are looking at the current test state as how things will be permanently and they aren't. While I'm sure some of the basic disciplines will be available via crafting many of them will have to be hunted down in the world to be used. Others who have been around longer can give you more details. Actually, there was this post recently which will help clear things up for you a bit.
  14. The amount of research the consumer did prior to purchasing is completely relevant because your first complaint is about the skill system which has been a fundamental part of the game design since the kickstarter. If you bought a car without test driving it only to find out the engine doesn't start whose fault would that be? Regardless you are entitled to your opinions. You may find this system 'not good' and others might think its 'great'. The fact that it is a key component to the design means that it will not be going away. I'm glad to know that a similar system didn't stop you from playing a game before and hopefully it won't stop you from playing Crowfall.
  15. Can you tell me approximately how much time you spent reading upon/researching this game before you purchased it?
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