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  1. We're finally starting to see our first glimpse of Patch 5.110 (Dregs)!!! Also, we've been putting together some helpful hints to aspiring harvesters, crafters, and PVPers. Check them out here:
  2. A little over a month ago, @Gradishar wanted to use a new platform to get helpful hints out to the Crowfall community. Since then, we have posted a new tip every day, and hope to continue through the 5.110. Please be advised that these tips are currently for Patch 5.10 and might change with future patches. Thank you for all the support so far, and please feel free to ask questions. #Crowtips 1-5
  3. ~An update from Damebix, Guildmaster of the Winterblades~ “Is today the day?” The question that has been at the forefront of the Crowfall community’s mind since the beginning of February. When will the anticipated “Dregs” patch hit the test server? We are now in mid-March, and the moment is upon us. We expect to see patch 5.110 this week as the development team fixes some final blockers. The community is abuzz, past players are coming back in hordes, and new eyes are taking a peak at the Sandbox PVP MMO Crowfall. The Winterblades have been testing Crowfall since it launched in late 2015. We have played through each of the patches, starting with Hungerdome (Patch 1.0), a Battle Royale playtest mode to test PVP mechanics. We moved into Siege Perilous (2.0), an instanced scenario to test the siege mechanics of the game and then onto Big World (3.0), where we saw the first of a large sandbox world. Over the past 2.5 years we’ve been testing patches 5.0-5.10 with campaign worlds, win conditions, wartribes, and so much more. Throughout the testing phase, we have developed a strong leadership core, a dedicated and supportive membership that puts the guild first, who believes in our mantra “everyone farms, everyone fights,” and a group of crafters that has made some of the best items in the game. We have been consistently ahead of the curve in our crafting, infrastructure, and coordination in player-vs-player. We have built a culture of community and have proven that dominance does not need to come from self-reliant “l337 gamers.” All of the cohesion we have built has led us to developing a strong alliance with House of Avari and strong friendships with many guilds, such as Vanguard and Clam Stacking Casuals. During the Trial of Gods, we have worked closely with our allies to win ALL 11 campaigns. So what’s next? We are recruiting for Patch 5.110 (Guild vs Guild)! We are looking for like-minded PVP focused gamers. Check out our website and join us in discord to ask about applying! Want to know more? Check out our our official Twitter, and our members' YouTube channels: Phylor, Damebix, Malefric, Xarrayne, Zatch.
  4. You better be coming back.
  5. It'll be good to have you guys back. Class acts.
  6. Fort fights vs. Order. You can see the big difference in the fights when Order has cover of the guards an can sit together in the throne room vs. out in the open field.
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