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  1. [-W-] Winterblades

    Our crew is amped up and ready to go! Winterblades will be playing Balance for 5.8 live. Can't wait for some good fights!
  2. [-W-] Winterblades

    Brightdance put together an incredible compilation of fights from yesterday. These are fights taking place on Test server on the latest 5.8 build! Enjoy!
  3. This is an easy fix. Just give druids life tray at lvl 1 so new players don't go WTF is this crap.
  4. Leveling

    Changes that will bring people into the campaign world so that it is more active are changes that should be considered. Is it a perfect system right now? Definitely not. There's a lot that be improved upon, but overall I think these changes are good. Here are some of my recommendations to the system: Allow a respec option. It should cost something, not just for free. Maybe its a cash-shop item? (Although some might consider this "pay to win" which needs to be avoided). So possibly an optional cash-shop item, but also can acquired through in-game means. Allow leveling off of mobs to continue to level 30. Create a system where higher level mobs are required to go from 11-20, and then even higher to go from 21-30 Fix leveling off of sacrificed items. You shouldn't be able to level past 10 from materials obtained or mobs fought in the starter beachhead. Require people to venture into the world to fully level their characters. Remove Tier 1 (non-basic) Resources from beachhead. This will also encourage/force people to go out into the world.
  5. Very helpful. Thanks YumX!
  6. Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Aerynth Traders now has over 20 vendors from around the community and has reached an epic milestone. Since its opening we have sold more than 1 million gold worth of items to the community. Please take a quick look at our promo video below:
  7. [-W-] Winterblades

    Recent fight with UDL. Still learning the druid and I make a few mistakes, but this is quite the back and forth slog between us. Great fights!
  8. Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Over the past week, we have added in additional vendors from 5 community partners. We now have vendors that specialize in high quality (blue/green) weapons and armor, high level runetools, beginner/intermediate gear, vessels, and cutting grit (which sells out almost instantly every time its stocked). Meanwhile, our own vendors are hard to keep stocked! Aerynth Traders has become the easiest place to shop, and a savior for new players to the game. If you're interested in making some cash and selling your wares, please PM me!
  9. Agree! Please make this change. Characters with multiple trays are really awkward when you accidentally just into harvest tray when you meant to hit death tray instead of life tray.
  10. Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Aerynth Traders has been a pretty interesting experiment. Our goal was create a community vendor town that provided gear for everyone, but catered to new players coming into the game. People could spend some time in the campaign world to farm up some gold, and then gear themselves with advanced gear relatively quickly. We surveyed other EK vendor towns at the time, and prices were sky high, which provided a barrier for entrance for new players. You either needed a guild to gear you, or you needed a lot of time to farm up gold. We went into the process with the idea that we'd sell a high volume of goods at a low price, which essentially set the market. We are now seeing our competition lower their prices to compete. To give some stats: Opened on Thursday, September 13 Time in operation: 2 weeks Total Runetools sold: 300+ Total Advanced Weapons sold: 100+ Total Advanced Armor sold: 50+ Total stacks of raw materials sold: 100+ Total crafting components sold: 50+ Total potions/toxins sold: 10+ Total income: 500,000 gold We are now accepting new vendors into our community EK. We already have 3 outside parties who have already set up shop, and will be adding more over the next few days. If you're interested in setting up your own vendor in a town at the top of the EK list with constant foot traffic, please PM me. That's all for now! ~Damebix
  11. Zatchrayne

  12. Assassins win Fights

    Haha, the plug was spot on. Great vid!
  13. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    ^^ What he said. Nice try UDL. 16+guards vs 10. Great video! Worth the time and effort. I'm sure the next video will be the 5vs10+guards from last night.
  14. [-W-] Winterblades

    Here's some of the largest battles we've seen on 5.7. First fight is a little closer in numbers than the second. Performance still needs a lot of work in large engagements, but the server didn't completely die....
  15. Map of Aerynth 5.7

    Excellent work as always!