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  1. Definitely a much needed change and I fully support what has been done.
  2. I agree that we need more "stackbusting" mechanics. This is one way of doing it, but we might also need some more effective AoE damage.
  3. Confessors are actually in a pretty good place in group combat. They have multiple forms of CC (Stun, knockdown, tornadoes which also just knockdown it seems). Focus on resists and damage and you'll be fine. Getting a solid set of gear seems to do wonders as well. If you want to see some confessor gameplay, check out my latest video and maybe that'll give you some ideas of what to build.
  4. I can't wait for you guys to get to full force then!
  5. I thought by leaving out actual counts we would avoid the numbers game, but apparently not. For the initial engagements Balance was 1 CSC, 9 -W-, and 2 pugs (12 total) and I counted between 18-20 Chaos cross the bridge at the initial push. So yes, that is nearly double numbers.
  6. After a few lull weeks, the forces of Chaos have emerged and started laying siege across the map. The score has become very close in the early months of summer. The following occurs at the Balance Stonghold where Chaos & Balance forces arrive at the same time. Chaos nearly doubles the numbers of Balance, but with quick thinking and maneuvering, the Balance are able to hold onto their keep after the walls have been breached.
  7. New siege video of Balance (-W- and CSC) vs Chaos (Hacks and uXa).
  8. Good fights from Chaos last night at the final keep in Pleonast. Our forces arrived at the keep around the same time, and there were multiple skirmishes outside the walls, near the breach, and in the tree room/keep. It was nice to see another major force on the battlefield!
  9. We've had a great time in the trials working alongside HoA and CSC. Can't wait for the next major patch (Frostweaver? Dregs?) to revitalize the game a bit.
  10. And that's the difference between you and me.
  11. Congrats on admitting you're an awful person and don't return rings like literally everyone else I've encountered does?
  12. Lots of people with opinions that don't even play the game. You get what you pay for though. Everyone that purchases an account gets to speak here, and unfortunately the devs have no idea who is actually playing the game. Pretending LoD is any sort of entity in the current game is a joke, and I don't think ACE knows that. We can't wait for these guilds to come back WHEN/IF they do, because more people to fight makes the game more interesting for everyone.
  13. You can't point at one thing. It's not just gear, it's not just training, it's not just organization, it's not just group composition, it's not just experience, it's not just knowledge, it's ALL of these things. I've been running around on a confessor with a white book (just upgraded to purple yesterday) and a set of blue leather with no jewelry, and I don't think I've died once this campaign. Like Soulein said in the other thread, this isn't just a PVP game right now. Its an RTS-MMO-RPG and you have to put in the work before the fight to be competitive. We need to continue to provide feedback to encourage the devs to implement quality of life improvements, and hopefully when they finish up these systems we'll see a game that is a lot more palatable to a broader audience.
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