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  1. We're finally here, the end of the first round of campaigns at Crowfall Launch. For six years, we have waited for this day. We fought in Hungerdome, sieged keeps in Siege Perilous, explored Big World, dominated the Trial of the Gods by winning all 11 of them, and duked it out in GvG dregs. We've tested the game for years, and after countless hours of testing, feedback, theorycrafting, logistics, and training we came to launch prepared and ready to take the crown. Winterblades, as a guild, is a bit different, though. Our mission coming into this game was to build a community of like-minded players who had a passion for winning but first and foremost we enjoyed playing with. We built a culture that is unmatched in any other competitive MMO guild. The members of the Winterblades have built relationships that extend well beyond the game. Their guild-first attitudes allow us to trust each other, which in turn allows us build an enormous logistics empire where everyone gets the best gear. Our moto from the beginning has been "Everyone farms, everyone fights." We did not recruit all of the "l337 PVPers" we could find in the hopes that they would carry us. We recruited the person, not the player. I can't go on without recognizing and thanking The Professionals (PRX) and Absolution (ABSO) for being our allies during this campaign and supporting us more than we could have hoped for. As a guild leader, I am overly proud of everything that we have accomplished and everything our guild and alliance has done to ensure our victory. Everyone does their part, and the sum of the whole is so much greater than any individual part. Contrary to the propaganda that was constantly being spewed on macro by our enemies, Winterblades was the smallest of the 3 major alliances on NA-East. We were often significantly outnumbered in fights and lost many of the battles. How did we win as the smallest major alliance? Everything I listed above supports the preparation and motivation of doing what it takes to win. Mass recruiting on other servers was not in that plan. (Note: The data above is the count of accounts logged into game, and does not accurately represent active members, but does give a general trend of total players) The first dregs was sweaty, exhausting for most, but worth every minute spent. What are we doing next? The Winterblades Alliance will not be aggressively aiming for first place for the campaign that starts today. Our goals lie elsewhere, but we do look forward to a world-wide campaign where we can get into some fun PVP with new guilds. What are our enemies doing next? The Death Alliance (comprised of Death, LoD, UDL, DAD, and MWH, already the largest alliance in the game that can zone cap a zone by themselves) has made a siege pact with another mega-alliance of Executioners, Conflict, Ghost of the Revolution, Lords of the Dead, and Valeria. The 10 guild superpower has pledge themselves to each other to prevent any one of their keeps to be sieged by simply flooding the zones. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame/clip/LightSoftGarbageDogFace See you at server up 😃
  2. From the fort window 1hr before keep sieges start leading up to the siege and then throughout the keep siege window, we never held more than 40% of the zone-capped numbers. We have no control over 3rd parties, but our parsers had death numbers greater than our numbers, in every one of those engagements. I don't need to provide proof of any of this, because the result will be the same. Death is going to (as always) claim victory and that we're a zerg, no matter how much proof is given. That's what they get fed by their weak leadership, so that's what they believe. Why isn't Death in this thread? Because they know what happened. The scoreboard speaks for itself. 4 days left.
  3. The Winterblades Alliance took to the field on Monday night to put pressure on the Deathling Horde, lead by the Lord's of Death, and secure the first ever campaign victory of Crowfall launch. Our target? The belltowers, the conquest point generators in each of the Death horde's keeps. The Winterblades Alliance, which also includes veteran PVP MMO guilds PRX and Absolution, also had their own keep to protect this night. With forces split between offense and defense, the Dissentient Mercenaries were hired to support our forces. As the afternoon turned into evening and before the keep siege window began, the Winterblades Alliance assault force was pushed out of Trik by the overwhelming Death Horde. But...we were not dismayed. Death had two keeps to protect this evening. We quickly rallied at the Castle of the Gust and launched a full on attack on the Lords of Death Keep of Barnhardt Blauhosen in Kazadar. With powerful siege equipment, the belltower was dropped within seconds (moments? Or truly seconds?). At the same time, the massive Deathling horde was now in 3 places at once: trying to defending their keep in Kazadar against our assault, defending their keep in Trik, AND offensively attacking the Winterblades Keep of Drae Ga'lux in Vahlla. The enormity of the hordling zerg (Deathling zerg) is unmatched. We had to make a decision, do we take the keep in Kazadar or do we secure the campaign victory by eliminating both of the point generating bell towers of the Death horde. The commanding officer made a quick decision to withdraw from Kazadar and redirect our offense against Death with our eyes set on the Lords of Death keep in Trik. After quickly repositioning our forces and keeping Death off-balance, the Winterblades Alliance slammed into the Death horde at the Keep of Stanilee the White in Trik, wiping their forces and quickly destroying the second Deathling belltower. With the organization of the Death horde in shambles, and more of their forces being redirected to attack our home keep in Vahla, Winterblades Alliance quickly shifted their forces again to save their home. Within minutes, the Death horde was cleared from their siege of Drae Ga'lux. The Deathling horde was crippled. To ensure the Lords of Death could not rebuild their assets, the Winterblades Alliance secured the only Timber resource fort after the sieges. The campaign for them is almost certainly lost. Will Death come back from the rubble? Will Death ever come?
  4. Great group of experienced gamers, with plenty of experience in PVP MMO Sandboxes. Would recommend!
  5. Best EU guild out there. Hardcore, they know their stuff, and they can punch up.
  6. Love me some Darkfall clans
  7. Best group on EU, would recommend.
  8. Agreed, but we haven't seen the 3-faction ruleset since dregs was launched. Where are we at with this ACE? Is it going to be ready for live?
  9. @ACE What are your launch plans? I know we might be a little far out for a complete answer, but we all know the usual woes that happen when a game launches, no matter what kind of preparation we have. My suggestion: Have a CLEARLY DEFINED TO THE COMMUNITY launch plan so we know exactly what to expect, and what could be a variable during the launch window. Launch the game with God's Reach/Infected only. Start with X number of God's Reach servers and be ready to launch more to accommodate the population. We should not have to deal with server queues on Day 1 because of the nature of God's Reach and it doesn't really matter how many you bring up (other than the cost). After Y amount of days, plan to launch the Dregs servers. (Y should be at least a few days up to 1 week). Use the population data to determine how many dregs servers will be appropriate to support. Announce the number and names of the dregs servers ahead of time and allow guilds to filter into those servers, so that the population can spread itself out before the dregs launches. My Questions: Do you have the resources to start as many God's Reach servers as is necessary on Day 1? Do you have the resources to start as many dregs servers as are necessary on Day Y? Are you planning on some major stress testing ASAP to see how it handles thousands of players? Do you expect Dregs to be different maps, different rule sets, different lengths as previously promised?
  10. After 5+ years of testing the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta milestones of Crowfall, we are taking the knowledge and amazing playerbase into the launch of Crowfall! Winterblades will be at full force to launch, and we can't wait to see what this throne-war MMO brings!
  11. Go under your Account Profile and Click on Rewards. Is the Physical Collecter's Edition there? If so, maybe it needs to be unbundled? Edit: Worst case, email support
  12. I believe it's only active on the account that has the collector's edition on it. I had to look at one of my alt accounts to find it.
  13. McTan really hits the nail on the head here. You've had multiple guild leaders create posts like this that try to convince the development team that they're going in the wrong direction. This is not the Crowfall we kickstarted, this is not the Crowfall my guild has spent the last 5 years+ testing, and I truly believe if it continues in this direction, it's DoA. Instead of trying to cater to the masses, can you please pay attention to the people that are playing and testing the game for you? I enjoyed Crowfall much more when we actually had to go out into the world and do stuff.
  14. I'm going to steal @yoink 's idea here because I think it's a possible solution to the no-fighting problem. 12 Teams start Spring) Groups can capture forts, gear up, etc. At the end of spring, the God Statue Respawns go away Summer) By the end of summer, if you don't own a fort (8 forts), you are eliminated. This would make people fight over the forts. The respawn timer when you die should be increased so if you own a fort you can't just immediately respawn there after dying. At the end of summer, the fort respawns go away. Fall) By the end of fall, if you don't own a keep you are eliminated. This would make people fight over keeps. The respawn timer when you die should be increased so you can't just immediately respawn after dying. At the end of fall, the Keep respawns go away. Winter) Only 4 teams could be left at this point and they fight over the final circle. This is just an outline and could be tweaked, but it would provide a flow throughout the match, it would encourage fights, and it would prevent 8 teams from being around for final circle.
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