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  1. Kingdom of Jah is now available!!! Aerynth Traders has come to life again, and rebooted as Kingdom of Jah. This is a community run vendor town, where crafters and harvesters from across the player community come together to sell their wares. Kingdom of Jah is a one-stop-shop and will continue to expand to meet the needs of the community. We already have 15+ vendors, and members from 4 guilds participating! Check out this quick instructional video about how to shop in Kingdom of Jah: Want to be a part of Kingdom of Jah? The process is simple: Reach out to either myself or @jah for availability. Let us know what you're interested in selling on your vendor. We want to make sure we're providing a variety of products! We provide the building and vendor stall, you just need to provide the vendor (15k gold and can be purchased in God's Reach). There is no charge to set up a vendor with us, all we ask is that you keep it active and stocked! There is a 5 gold/15 minute tax that the game collects from you, so don't forget to keep a little gold in your vendor's vault! A little history: Aerynth Traders has been a staple resource to the Crowfall Community. First launched in 2018, it's sleek design and organization has made it the premier trading hub for Crowfall players and communities. At it's height, Aerynth Traders had over 30 vendors, with over 15 unique entities involved in the marketplace. Multiple vendors experienced great financial wealth, by generating millions of gold through transactions. The focus of Aerynth Traders has always been about community, and bringing friends and foes together for the financial gain of all. Winterblades has also made it our mission to provide low cost gear for new players. (Kingdom of Jah is born as the new Aerynth Traders because of the current bugs associated with EKs, but hopefully we'll be back to our namesake shortly.)
  2. Oh the political intrigue! Sounds like all of that is working as intended. Decisions must be made when it comes to offense and defense!
  3. It's sad to see any group leave the game, because without people to fight, there wouldn't be a game. That being said, Sugoi has been non-existent in this game for close to 3 years and probably should have pulled the plug a long time ago so it's few active members could find homes. The leadership is particularly weak, and hasn't shown they have the gumption for a PVP sandbox like this. Maybe it works better on other platforms, but the "elite top player" mentality where everything gets funneled to your top team and the grunts are left in the dust is a leadership style that demeans it's player base, and has proven to be unsuccessful in the longevity of this game. All that being said, there's a few Sugoi members who I respect and I hope they find a good home (as many already have).
  4. I agree, it's been great to see a bunch of different entities roaming around. Can't wait to see how everything plays out next dregs campaign.
  5. Is this DIS's official stance on all the help they've received from Hungry and crew?
  6. We've certainly had our ups and downs, but I for one will certainly miss you and your antics. We'll be sure to send you next year's shirt, too! Hope to keep in touch, and truly, thank you for the fish *wink*
  7. True! We had 4-5 previous clammers join us as well. I think Angelmar's point was that you had an influx of veterans join you that could provide knowledge and get you up to the speed on this game that doesn't explain anything.
  8. This was a pivotal campaign for many guilds. We saw new entities form up, new alliances being created, and the old guard be challenged. Good things ahead in the world of Crowfall.
  9. This is a really disappointing loss to our community and the gap you leave will be massive. We're all disappointed in where Dregs has gone, but hopefully ACE is able to turn it around to return it to the type of game we have invested so much time, money, and effort in to.
  10. I would much prefer the hand-shake siege system as well. But I also think there should be "something" that is scheduled daily to fight over. I think forts are too vulnerable for the assets that they can contain, especially since it takes the same amount of resources to rank the fort buildings as the keep buildings.
  11. This isn't a black and white situation, as you seem to be making it. There's a lot more happening here. (I'm going to try to paint a fuller picture, but keeping in mind that I agree in general, that it should take longer to blow up buildings that time investment went into). So first of all, the buildings can only be destroyed during the siege window by siege equipment that cost resources to make. If it was higher level siege equipment (like many of the ones -W- are using are...) then you had to build and rank a siege building in a keep, which took a lot of resources to make. The higher level siege equipment does more damage, and therefore the buildings fall faster. Siege equipment is also easy to destroy. It can be quickly killed by ballistas, or by players going out and engaging them. The buildings were destroyed during a siege window, where you have to defend your own assets (if you have them). So there's a risk that the attackers have by potentially losing their own built up town, and a risk that the defenders take by not being there to defend their own. In all cases LoD lost buildings, either they or their allies weren't in position to defend their own assets. There's then the political aspect of why you lost your buildings, and one can point to the fact that that you allied with another guild we were attacking to help defend them. So the building loss was retaliatory. You also couple all of this with a seasonal card that encouraged the destruction of R3 buildings. All that being said, it's not just a simple "wow, we lost all of our buildings that we took a long time to build," because there were many other factors coming into play as to why the buildings were destroyed, and there's many other ways that it could have been prevented.
  12. They introduced Wartribes loot that drops off the humanoid NPCs in the game. It drops gear that's (currently) better than what you can get with crafted items, so there you go! No need to craft when the dropped loot is better anyways.
  13. Badges will stay bound to your account (the owns from winning/losing the trials).
  14. This has nothing to do with arrows vs quivers. Rangers already have quivers, which don't require energy, so why make it painful to equip arrows for lower level people or people that are just coming into the game? Makes no sense. Get rid of it. The other stuff are separate issues.
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