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  1. Great group of experienced gamers, with plenty of experience in PVP MMO Sandboxes. Would recommend!
  2. Best EU guild out there. Hardcore, they know their stuff, and they can punch up.
  3. Love me some Darkfall clans
  4. Best group on EU, would recommend.
  5. Agreed, but we haven't seen the 3-faction ruleset since dregs was launched. Where are we at with this ACE? Is it going to be ready for live?
  6. @ACE What are your launch plans? I know we might be a little far out for a complete answer, but we all know the usual woes that happen when a game launches, no matter what kind of preparation we have. My suggestion: Have a CLEARLY DEFINED TO THE COMMUNITY launch plan so we know exactly what to expect, and what could be a variable during the launch window. Launch the game with God's Reach/Infected only. Start with X number of God's Reach servers and be ready to launch more to accommodate the population. We should not have to deal with server queues on Day 1 because of the nature of God's Reach and it doesn't really matter how many you bring up (other than the cost). After Y amount of days, plan to launch the Dregs servers. (Y should be at least a few days up to 1 week). Use the population data to determine how many dregs servers will be appropriate to support. Announce the number and names of the dregs servers ahead of time and allow guilds to filter into those servers, so that the population can spread itself out before the dregs launches. My Questions: Do you have the resources to start as many God's Reach servers as is necessary on Day 1? Do you have the resources to start as many dregs servers as are necessary on Day Y? Are you planning on some major stress testing ASAP to see how it handles thousands of players? Do you expect Dregs to be different maps, different rule sets, different lengths as previously promised?
  7. After 5+ years of testing the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta milestones of Crowfall, we are taking the knowledge and amazing playerbase into the launch of Crowfall! Winterblades will be at full force to launch, and we can't wait to see what this throne-war MMO brings!
  8. Go under your Account Profile and Click on Rewards. Is the Physical Collecter's Edition there? If so, maybe it needs to be unbundled? Edit: Worst case, email support
  9. I believe it's only active on the account that has the collector's edition on it. I had to look at one of my alt accounts to find it.
  10. McTan really hits the nail on the head here. You've had multiple guild leaders create posts like this that try to convince the development team that they're going in the wrong direction. This is not the Crowfall we kickstarted, this is not the Crowfall my guild has spent the last 5 years+ testing, and I truly believe if it continues in this direction, it's DoA. Instead of trying to cater to the masses, can you please pay attention to the people that are playing and testing the game for you? I enjoyed Crowfall much more when we actually had to go out into the world and do stuff.
  11. I'm going to steal @yoink 's idea here because I think it's a possible solution to the no-fighting problem. 12 Teams start Spring) Groups can capture forts, gear up, etc. At the end of spring, the God Statue Respawns go away Summer) By the end of summer, if you don't own a fort (8 forts), you are eliminated. This would make people fight over the forts. The respawn timer when you die should be increased so if you own a fort you can't just immediately respawn there after dying. At the end of summer, the fort respawns go away. Fall) By the end of fall, if you don't own a keep you are eliminated. This would make people fight over keeps. The respawn timer when you die should be increased so you can't just immediately respawn after dying. At the end of fall, the Keep respawns go away. Winter) Only 4 teams could be left at this point and they fight over the final circle. This is just an outline and could be tweaked, but it would provide a flow throughout the match, it would encourage fights, and it would prevent 8 teams from being around for final circle.
  12. Can we confirm if this is a "equipables only" campaign or not?
  13. This post has reached 200 replies, which means there's a lot to talk about here, but I hope we all agree that something needs to happen. The specifics can be argued over, but the current systems are NOT making Crowfall fun. Since this post, 6.51 has moved to the live environment, and many more issues were introduced that just make the game less fun, while none of the actually issues brought up in the original post were addressed.
  14. I like this suggestion for repurposing wartribe gear and utilizing those stats that can't be crafted.
  15. Crowfall is quickly moving away from an RPG, from an MMO, and from a throne war simulator and morphing into a MOBA (yes, even the "MMO" side of it). I'm going to start by highlighting how this occurring, why this is a problem, and then how it can be fixed. I make this post as a strong urge to reconsider some of the game direction philosophies and mechanics changes that have happened over the past many months. Crowfall is no longer an RPG: There is no progression. The "Easy come easy go" mantra that has ruined the game has made the crafting system near worthless, and 100% not worth the time investment. On day 1 of the dregs campaign, you can run to a wartribe and pick up epic (purple) gear with top end damage and stats that a crafter will be lucky to make within a month of torturous grinding (by the whole guild) and leveling up. The crafter needs to have legendary disc and legendary belt to have a hope in making a weapon better than what can be picked up on day 1. In MOBAs, you can jump in at the same level as everyone else and compete just the same as everyone else. The difference is, in MOBAs the only thing that really matters is player skill and team coordination. Crowfall does not have a robust enough combat system (especially at larger scale) to where player skill really comes into play (at least to the extend of a MOBA). So what you end up with is 2 blobs of people going at each other with practically the same skills and abilities, but the lack importance of player skill so it turns into (in a lot of cases) who has more numbers. This is NOT working! Crowfall is no longer an MMO: There is no sense of progression. People play MMOs for different reasons, but they are almost always played to win...something. In WoW, you have end game raids to get better gear and progress your character. This works the same is most other MMOs. When winning a campaign, you should be rewarded for doing so. You should be getting items that otherwise are not attainable. There is none of that in CF (or almost none if you consider sparkly mining tools that let you knock down a motherlode in 4 swings instead of 5?). In most cases, the time and resources the guild puts into the campaign is far more than the victory rewards we get, all of which can just be farmed in less amount of time instead of trying to win. We've lost what an MMO is about unless we're working towards something. Crowfall is no longer a Throne War Simulator: There is no victory. "Easy come easy go" has ruined the sense of ownership, the sense of controlling territory, and the sense of securing your borders. There is very little incentive for me to own a fort in my zone because it doesn't really do anything for me if I own that fort or a fort on the other side of the map. It's easy enough for me to get anywhere so why bother owning the single ingot fort in my zone if there's a double timber in the next zone over? The forts and outposts don't really provide any benefit or hindrance to the people who have nearby keeps so who cares who owns them? Why bother with forts and outposts when I can just claim and rank a castle with the same amount of resources as any other keep and get 2.5x the points of other keeps immediately? Where's the challenge when I can just import hundreds of stacks of building materials and level my town up within a few hours of claiming it? The Solutions: Wartribe Loot (fixing the RPG): Reduce wartribe top end damage and stats to max out at blue quality, and have appropriate damage values to what a blue vesseled crafter would have with a blue crafting rune and a blue belt on average Reduce wartribe armor to max out at blue quality, and adjust armor values and stats to reflect what a blue vesseled crafter would have with a blue crafting rune and a blue belt Rationale - Crafting should mean something, and crafting should be able to compete with wartribe gear at lower end crafting levels. Currently the system requires Leg Disc/Leg Belt to have any hope in being comparable, and even then you have to hope for good rolls. Campaign Rewards (fixing the MMO): Campaign rewards should include "end game" additives that can only be acquired for winning conquest or divine favor. These additives can be like hunger shards, but should significantly improve armor, weapons, jewelry, potions, or vessels. Campaign rewards should include cosmetic upgrades - people love their sparkly things. Campaign rewards should include weapon/armor additives that are unique to the campaign and are visually appealing. For example, these additives would allow your sword to glow red with fire or blue with ice. These cosmetic rewards should only be available for winning conquest or divine favor. Campaign rewards should include skins for not only weapons, but mounts, and maybe even siege equipment. Rationale - If "uncle bob" is holding you back from making meaningful rewards, you are truly misguided. We need to make a game that rewards logistics, planning, training, skill, hard work, and effort. People like shiny things, give the people what they want. Meaningful Assets (fixing the Throne War Simulator): Forts and outposts should mean something. We are moving in the right direction by giving them loot chests, but they need to affect the outcome of the game. Have the points earned by owning the asset work towards a pool that increases the defenses of your keeps. At different tiers, you could have the buffs give you access to more wards, increase the health of walls and buildings, increase the power of the guards, etc. Have these assets freeze in the zone when a siege starts, so that attackers are required to "prep" for the siege by trying to take forts and outposts ahead of time. Rationale - Owning an asset should mean something and the owners should have ownership over their land. Give them a reason to keep the forts in their zone or to fend off people trying to take outposts. Conclusion: The original vision has gone completely off the rails this past year, because loud voices want to turn this game into a MOBA that they can pop into any time and be just as competitive as the people that spent the last year working towards something. That is NOT what an MMORPG is. This is NOT an MMORPG Thronewar anymore, and if we don't start to right the ship, people's interest will quickly wane after launch, just as so many MOBAs and "MMOs" before it. (P.S. This is not an exhaustive list of what needs to be changed. The point of this post was to bring to light the dangerous path we are on if we continue going down this road.)
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