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  1. Define balanced? The galstor fights last night were 40-45 balance vs 55-60 chaos (Zone was capped). The Chaos Keep was 10 balance vs 35-ish chaos. I wasn't going to say it, but the failure here was on Chaos leadership. They did a last minute offensive and didn't leave the proper personnel at their home keep to defend it properly from 10 people. The larger chaos force that went on offense did manage to get a wall down by hitting the town from two angles (good move) but only made one breach (bad move) and weren't able to push into the city. Everything else aside, chaos got completely strategized and outplayed last night. But that's the luxury we have of sieges every night. Your leaders will learn from their mistakes and try a different approach next time. Now that balance has to be spread out over 3 zones, its going to really tough to hold all three, so chaos should come away tonight with a victory at at least one keep.
  2. Great fights last night in Galstor. Props to Chaos for going on the offensive and attacking what seemed like the weaker balance force (numbers wise). It was really close there at the end with the Tree of Life falling as the last Bane tree fell. Another race to the finish! As for the chaos home keep...
  3. Chaos has routinely matched or exceeded Balance's numbers around siege time this entire campaign. I don't see the reason to call for a faction cap. In fact, it would be great for more guilds to go Chaos and double their numbers.
  4. A wipe is necessary soon, but we should probably wait until a wipe is warranted. IE, HP changes to armor, etc. Is that in 5.8.5? (haven't been to test yet). Last time a wipe was in question Jtodd's comments were that they would wipe only when needed by a major change in tech, and that sounds like a reasonable policy to have. The +20 damage weapons held by some minor guilds aren't going to change the game. Wiping gear/items doesn't fix anything about gear disparity and with the current passive skill system, new players will ALWAYS be behind unless they build in some sort of catch up mechanic. Wipe when we you need to because of technical issues, and my guess is that would be soon based on some upcoming changes
  5. I've had more of an issue with FPS in the tree room than anything else. Having 80-100 people in a small space is a bit of a slide show. However, there is something epic about being able to make a final stand on the top of the keep and defend against an overwhelming force. Whether we like it or not, physics is a part of this game and it allows for various strategies that can benefit the smaller, better positioned forces. As I've said before, this isn't Overwatch where everyone is on the same playing field. Leadership, positioning, game knowledge, preparation (harvesting/crafting), experimentation, and skill should all factor into who wins a fight.
  6. Didn't think we'd see a 3 cap this campaign with all of the activity we've had from all 3 factions, but it was an awesome achievement. Good job everyone!
  7. At the very least this thread brought out in clear daylight the issues with the current point system, and there are small changes that can be made (whatever they are) to better the gameplay experience of the testers, new and old. That can be agreed upon. Hopefully ACE takes the time to digest the content of this thread and makes some changes for next CW.
  8. Yup, like I said this is a bandaid for a quick fix (after this campaign is over) until they actually put in the work needed to the system.
  9. I am (and I think we all are) fine with doing this stuff for next campaign
  10. Absolutely. Changes need to be made, and the point of this post is that there are some quick and easy fixes they can implement to bandaid the problem until they get the real fixes in.
  11. @ACE There are SIMPLE fixes you can do today to improve your player experience and still get all of the testing data you need. Please reply here with a +1 to sign the petition! 1) Put any kind of TIMER on the capture of forts (6 hrs, 12 hrs, anything!) 2) Increase siege timers to every 3 days (72 hours) 3) Make outposts useless again. Remove the points attained from them (for now). We know all of the stuff above works, so let's put it on hold until other systems are in that improve the points mechanics. THANK YOU!
  12. Even in Shadowbane you didn't have sieges every night. Spending 2-3 hours every night based around the siege window is grueling (and this is coming from the no-lifers!). Since the campaigns are longer, let's PLEASE make siege windows every 72 hours and put time constraints or windows of opportunities on forts.
  13. First night of the new campaign world!
  14. damebix

    Zone Caps

    Losing any players from the game is unfortunate, but absolutely a inevitable product of this style of game design/testing. Don't blame the people that are taking the time to min/max the situation, work through the ridiculous inventory management, and develop systems for crafting and gear distribution that work in this currently incomplete design. We hate it, too, but we're willing to do what we have to do to make the best of the situation. As for the "huge backlash," most of the people in this thread complaining are from uXa, who have been playing this game almost as long as -W-. They simply do not want to put in the work to get Chaos geared and organized. Instead, they decided to run to the forums to complain nonstop for 3 weeks straight. We've made our choice and they've made their choice. We prefer winning on the battlefield.
  15. damebix

    Zone Caps

    FYI: You can craft in the keep, forts, and in ALL EKs that EVERYONE has access to. Hell, even EKs like Aerynth Traders are open to the public 24/7 that have all of the crafting benching available. These are the things you learn by playing the game.
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