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  1. Class act. Look forward to fighting you guys in the future.
  2. Great job Order. Seriously, you guys are showing a lot more class. Keep up the good fights. I think Order has found its grounded guild in Infernal.
  3. Yes, there is advantage to those who have played longer, are more established, have put in the time and effort to learn the game, harvest, and craft, and and have more experience. I 100% agree there has to be room for new players to come in and at least compete. Some of those systems aren't implemented yet, but ultimately this is a guild vs guild game. You need to get with a guild of more experienced players so that you can contribute and acquire a blue/purple vessel and the most advanced gear. When there are wipes, everyone's gear and training resets to zero, so there are limited opportunities for new players to catch up. But there definitely needs to be additional systems in place so that new players can be brought onto equal footing. As I've said before, this isn't Overwatch where you can just jump in and be max level. This is an MMO.
  4. I must say, kudos to Order for putting up a great fight at their own keep. Much respect to Infernal. I wasn't there until the very end, but they actually showed some gumption, tactics, and strategy to hold on to their keep as long as they could. I think if they had another group or two to go around and hit the banetrees they might have been able to pull off the defense before the balance reinforcements arrived. It was a pretty exciting round of sieges.
  5. A new era is upon us. The server performance has dramatically increased and we made it through a capped out siege of 100 people in zone. The following shows the efforts of the Winterblades (totaling 37 on the field) vs. the Chaos Legions (totaling 63 on the field). There's been a lot of huffing and puffing going around, but the numbers simply do not lie. This was probably the most fun we've had at a siege (other than one field clearing crash). Good fights all around, and we'll see you on the battlefield.
  6. Welcome back everyone!!! We relaunched Aerynth Traders over this past weekend and we're off to a roaring start. For those of you who are new to the game, Aerynth Traders is a community eternal kingdom sponsored by Winterblades. We have set up our own vendors of gear to give you a jump start into the game for PVE and PVP alike. We've recently added a jewelry vendor and harvesting armor to give you a leg up on the competition! But there's more! In addition to our own vendors, we encourage other players and guilds to set up vendors in the town. We don't charge anything, we just expect that the vendors are kept open so that people can buy your goods! If you're interested, please send me a message here or on discord. Please join the Aerynth Traders Discord to interact directly with our vendors. Some of them even do special orders! https://discord.gg/wTM4XfZ
  7. I prefer to the keep the wipes to a minimum. Only wipe when you HAVE to wipe. Yes, this is just a testing environment, but by not wiping you give a reason for us to play more now. If we know that we'll be able to keep gear/vessels/resources for the first sanctioned campaign, its going to cause more people to play now in order to prep for it. The original post seems to imply that organized guilds and preparation is some how an unfair advantage. Like VaMei said, new players will always be at a disadvantage to established players. That's how games work. This isn't Overwatch.
  8. I'll keep saying this, but being a "zerg" is more a mentality than being about pure numbers. Zerg mentality is when all you care about is recruiting as many people as possible to throw at your enemy and hope for the best. Its about ensuring that you always have superior numbers because that's what you think you need to win. Not pointing fingers, but there certainly have been many guilds that played Shadowbane, Darkfall, and now Crowfall that have that mentality. Its a mentality of Quantity over Quality. The opposing viewpoint values quality over quantity, and prefers to fight against the "zerg" nations. They believe that beating another force with superior numbers is a feat and should be celebrating. Its similar to conservatives vs. liberals. Either side isn't necessarily wrong in their beliefs, but they do each fight for what they believe in, and they both want to win. All of that aside, unfortunately Crowfall has been identified as favoring the side with more numbers. When you're in the middle of a lagfest, the side with more people has a greater chance of spamming enough powers to do damage to the enemy. The game does seem very numbers sensitive (at the moment at least). I don't think we've seen a true "zerg" guild in game yet, and once we do (and we all know its going to happen), it'll hopefully shake up the political landscape. I will say, I am VERY happy to see new guilds pop up throughout all factions, because we need a more lot more than 3 guilds to make this game successful. (Just to clarify in case anyone is confused on my position, Winterblades has always been supportive of smaller tighter-knit groups of people who take on the more "zerg-like" structured guilds. Its been a passionate mission through Shadowbane & Darkfall.)
  9. Yeah, we played the original Shadowbane for quite a while. Deception, Corruption, Vindication, Wrath, and others. We remember fighting Dreadlords for sure.
  10. Our crew is amped up and ready to go! Winterblades will be playing Balance for 5.8 live. Can't wait for some good fights!
  11. Brightdance put together an incredible compilation of fights from yesterday. These are fights taking place on Test server on the latest 5.8 build! Enjoy!
  12. This is an easy fix. Just give druids life tray at lvl 1 so new players don't go WTF is this crap.
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