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  1. Agreed, but we haven't seen the 3-faction ruleset since dregs was launched. Where are we at with this ACE? Is it going to be ready for live?
  2. @ACE What are your launch plans? I know we might be a little far out for a complete answer, but we all know the usual woes that happen when a game launches, no matter what kind of preparation we have. My suggestion: Have a CLEARLY DEFINED TO THE COMMUNITY launch plan so we know exactly what to expect, and what could be a variable during the launch window. Launch the game with God's Reach/Infected only. Start with X number of God's Reach servers and be ready to launch more to accommodate the population. We should not have to deal with server queues on Day 1 because of
  3. After 5+ years of testing the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta milestones of Crowfall, we are taking the knowledge and amazing playerbase into the launch of Crowfall! Winterblades will be at full force to launch, and we can't wait to see what this throne-war MMO brings!
  4. Go under your Account Profile and Click on Rewards. Is the Physical Collecter's Edition there? If so, maybe it needs to be unbundled? Edit: Worst case, email support
  5. I believe it's only active on the account that has the collector's edition on it. I had to look at one of my alt accounts to find it.
  6. McTan really hits the nail on the head here. You've had multiple guild leaders create posts like this that try to convince the development team that they're going in the wrong direction. This is not the Crowfall we kickstarted, this is not the Crowfall my guild has spent the last 5 years+ testing, and I truly believe if it continues in this direction, it's DoA. Instead of trying to cater to the masses, can you please pay attention to the people that are playing and testing the game for you? I enjoyed Crowfall much more when we actually had to go out into the world and do stuff.
  7. I'm going to steal @yoink 's idea here because I think it's a possible solution to the no-fighting problem. 12 Teams start Spring) Groups can capture forts, gear up, etc. At the end of spring, the God Statue Respawns go away Summer) By the end of summer, if you don't own a fort (8 forts), you are eliminated. This would make people fight over the forts. The respawn timer when you die should be increased so if you own a fort you can't just immediately respawn there after dying. At the end of summer, the fort respawns go away. Fall) By the end of fall, if you don't own a
  8. Can we confirm if this is a "equipables only" campaign or not?
  9. This post has reached 200 replies, which means there's a lot to talk about here, but I hope we all agree that something needs to happen. The specifics can be argued over, but the current systems are NOT making Crowfall fun. Since this post, 6.51 has moved to the live environment, and many more issues were introduced that just make the game less fun, while none of the actually issues brought up in the original post were addressed.
  10. I like this suggestion for repurposing wartribe gear and utilizing those stats that can't be crafted.
  11. Crowfall is quickly moving away from an RPG, from an MMO, and from a throne war simulator and morphing into a MOBA (yes, even the "MMO" side of it). I'm going to start by highlighting how this occurring, why this is a problem, and then how it can be fixed. I make this post as a strong urge to reconsider some of the game direction philosophies and mechanics changes that have happened over the past many months. Crowfall is no longer an RPG: There is no progression. The "Easy come easy go" mantra that has ruined the game has made the crafting system near worthless, and 100% not worth
  12. Since we like to throw numbers around, incoming 50vs125 (zone capped).
  13. Not a bad idea. Also gives the defenders a reward for winning the defense. So it's a double hit that 1) you have to pony up some cash to siege someone and 2) your enemy could potentially get that pot of gold
  14. There's only so many people to fight in the world of Crowfall over the past 5 years. Hopefully with the introduction of HungerDome 2.0, we'll see a flood of new people interested in the game.
  15. The two largest player coalitions in Crowfall, Dissentient (SUN) and Death (MOON), forge a battlefield alliance to capture Bron Castle held by Winterblades (EARTH) led forces. Over a 150 players are involved in the siege against the heavily outnumbered defenders. Dissentient (and their sub-guilds HAX, YBR, Acolytes, Bear) anchored and coordinated the fighting with Death (and their subguilds and allies UDL, SIN, MWH, TB, Corvus) to utilize the significant construction defects in the new Castle parcel walls left in the design plans by ACE Construction. The three small breaches created a dif
  16. Aerynth Traders is now available!!! Aerynth Traders has come to life again. This is a community run vendor town, where crafters and harvesters from across the player community come together to sell their wares. Aerynth Traders is a one-stop-shop and will continue to expand to meet the needs of the community. We already have 15+ vendors, and members from 4 guilds participating! Want to be a part of Aerynth Traders? The process is simple: Reach out to either myself or @jah for availability. Let us know what you're interested in selling on your vendor. We want to make sure
  17. Oh the political intrigue! Sounds like all of that is working as intended. Decisions must be made when it comes to offense and defense!
  18. It's sad to see any group leave the game, because without people to fight, there wouldn't be a game. That being said, Sugoi has been non-existent in this game for close to 3 years and probably should have pulled the plug a long time ago so it's few active members could find homes. The leadership is particularly weak, and hasn't shown they have the gumption for a PVP sandbox like this. Maybe it works better on other platforms, but the "elite top player" mentality where everything gets funneled to your top team and the grunts are left in the dust is a leadership style that demeans it's player
  19. I agree, it's been great to see a bunch of different entities roaming around. Can't wait to see how everything plays out next dregs campaign.
  20. Is this DIS's official stance on all the help they've received from Hungry and crew?
  21. We've certainly had our ups and downs, but I for one will certainly miss you and your antics. We'll be sure to send you next year's shirt, too! Hope to keep in touch, and truly, thank you for the fish *wink*
  22. True! We had 4-5 previous clammers join us as well. I think Angelmar's point was that you had an influx of veterans join you that could provide knowledge and get you up to the speed on this game that doesn't explain anything.
  23. This was a pivotal campaign for many guilds. We saw new entities form up, new alliances being created, and the old guard be challenged. Good things ahead in the world of Crowfall.
  24. This is a really disappointing loss to our community and the gap you leave will be massive. We're all disappointed in where Dregs has gone, but hopefully ACE is able to turn it around to return it to the type of game we have invested so much time, money, and effort in to.
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