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  1. Chat: Can only see [Global] and [Me] chat the rest dispensary on relog from the skill tree, respawn on death(yes I fall a lot) and sometimes when the game crash Floating trees: Beachhead has a few floating trees Messages: can we get messages to leave for a person on their next log in? Mini-map: difficult to find party members and opening the big map on a different screen is a bit tedious (anyway the map can be shareable to other members?)
  2. Mourning EU 5.6.2 Campaign Sacrifice fire: Can access it in EK and Campaign but after i sacrificed items in the campaign I have to ALT+F4 cause everything freeze Slate: Jumping over small slates bumps me backwards to a different angle, its like some have an invisible wall. The Big slate near the river where we PvE in the starting zone gives 1000 damage when you jump from it? twice Mountains: Is it normal to be able to run/scale over them, there are big holes and E on that too and an few trade chests. Crow: The crow makes footstep sounds Teleport[e]: The icon is not on the ribbon like the rest. Also can teleport before the timer expires. Mining ore: The crit that appears is difficult to hit. I had more success hovering over the dot than I had clicking it, is there a delay with the clicks?
  3. Home screen: Videos tab on the home screen should maybe be called tutorials, or a sub menu with other videos like game-play, trailers fan-made episodes? Skill trees: Response time is very slow, maybe a dot which you click and it maxi it till there instead of having to click x times? Beautiful artwork ;P just annoying with the delay. Items: [Spider Meat] common has a helmet in the detail and a crow icon. Banks: Can we get a quick stack button and or a quality drop stack?
  4. PRE-ALPHA-LIVE/5.6.1-14658.54D555DD 6/4/2018 3:30PM Disciplines: Want to see info before assembling, cause cannot go back without losing mats, also Mayor Disciplines cannot slot [Sharpshooter] can also not remove stones/disciplines. Logging: Some trees re-spawn so fast my axe break and tree stays on +-66% damage XP: Im new so gathering doesn't fill up the XP bar? is it only for PvP Running+Inv: Cannot access the inventory with "i" while I run with "w", so have to stop every time i want to check the bag. Chests: There are a [local bank], [Bank Recovery Service], and [Spirit Bank] should I only use the spirit bank? maybe a tip bubble?