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  1. Permission to place deed?

    Thanks! Also the pedestal is back. You’ve been a real big help!
  2. Permission to place deed?

    Ok trying that now. Do you know where the client logs are?
  3. Permission to place deed?

    Also lol, I literally just broke my statue.
  4. Permission to place deed?

    I just found out about that bug. The developers said that to fix it one has the send support their customer log.
  5. PS I can move where the pedestal was except for under the statue, but under the fire is fine. More video and pics taken. PPS Where do I find my customer logs?
  6. So I moved the starting parcel in my EK. It rebooted as I hit submit. The floor of the temple disappeared (the statue and fire are still there. I also took fall damage and started moveing around the map in the falling animation. I guess I found the end of the floor and now I’m standing next to still invisible platform. I have pictures and video of what happened, but I don’t know got to send them to you guys on my phone.
  7. Permission to place deed?

    So I currently have the Shire parcel, the Woodland Grove parcel, the woodland creek parcel, and the Woodland Hills parcel. I also have the temple parcel. I’m trying to put down my lodge throne room. I think I can put it in the shire but I need to find some flat ground.
  8. Permission to place deed?

    Thanks for replying. I’m in my EK and I’ve went and tried it in other parcels. There is one that the buildings work in, but the others say I have no tokens. How do I get tokens?
  9. I’ve been trying to place down structures in my ek. However when I right click them it says I don’t have permission to build on this parcel of land. Anyone know what to do?
  10. Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    Thank you guys so much! This is awesome, and something that I’m going to be using very often.
  11. Everhoid here!

    I am from NA. I haven’t played any MMOs since a five minute stint on my brothers runescape account while he was mia, but I have been watching mmo streams for a while. I found Crowfall on Patreon way back, had zero money to pledge for it unfortunately, but I took note of it. It popped back up on my feed through some gaming articles. My plan for Crowfall is to find a friendly laid back guild , build a kingdom, make some friends, etc.
  12. Everhoid here!

  13. Are you guys looking for only experienced players, or are you open to welcoming newbies? Some multi game guilds seem to want only legendary players from other games, or wants drones. This guild seems to be an open, friendly environment.
  14. Everhoid here!

    So, let’s get the basics out of the way. I’m Everhoid, this is the first MMORPG I’ve played (though I’m familiar with the mechanics of a couple), and I’ve been really excited about Crowfall since it was announced. Any advice or tips or even just some friendly conversation is welcome. I look forward to playing with you guys.