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  1. 1. In my opinion beeswax, blood and bone should be removed from Basic Exploration and be moved into Reaping. Since the Dev's have made getting gems and minerals such an essential and specialized part of the game, the beeswax for siege engines, blood for jewel crafting and bones needed to make the gem/mineral potions should require a specialist to gather. Many might say 3.5% isn't something worth changing but I disagree since those who go into Reaping only get 2.5% (6% total) more chance then your average, non-specialized gatherer. Beeswax, blood and bone should at least be a 10% drop rate considering gem have a 15% drop rate and minerals have a 30% drop rate when maxed out plus whatever g/m potions give. Hell, they even made Cutting Grit a 15% drop rate from its previous 5%. 2. Due to the recent hardcore nerf to beneficial harvest, there should be a concern about how it really hurts skinners far more the other gathering professions. Ore, stone and wood specialists have it easy with being able to proc their buff off slag, cobblestone and knotwood then hit a cluster of up to 6 ore/stone veins and nearby trees that are literally mere yards apart. They don't need to waste time killing anything. Even with the beneficial harvest lifetime: animal skill in the carnivore specialization tree maxed out, my beneficial harvest buff last 36 seconds. That is not enough time to proc the buff, kill a level 7 boar and skin it with a -20 knife. If you're thinking... "Then use better weapons, tools and gathering armor." ...you're missing the point. The only other way to modify the timer is to waste time going through the logging branch of Reaping to get the mastery which adds 0.15, I have no really idea how much extra time it will add until I get there which I have to waste over a week of precious passive training time on logging skills that I will rarely use just to get to the mastery skill. Since there are little to no elk or auroch above rank 5 except very rare 1 or 2 groups, farming green strong hide to make a green beneficial harvest suit is a waste of hours upon hours of my time. 3. If I were to rewicker the talent trees, it would be this: Exploration: I would remove the blood, bone and beeswax nodes. Then change Survival Proficiency and Gathering Proficiency both to give 0.025% to beneficial harvest chance: all. This makes them even. Reaping: Make blood and bone 2% per pip and remove plethora of meat: animal. Skinners already get a wonderful amount of meat within a 20 minute harvesting period in Spring and Summer, so this skill option is utterly useless. Instead, replace it with beneficial harvest lifetime to offset the time it takes to kill an animal and skin it with a decent knife. I would say do the same for logging but getting dust in 5.8 is beyond necessity so leave it as it is. I would change the first heartwood skill to beeswax with 2% per pip and the second heartwood to give 2% per pip. Thus giving blood, bone, beeswax and heartwood at total of 10% drop rates when all is said and done. Side Note: I would also change the stats on harvesting armor from beneficial harvest chance/power to beneficial harvest chance/lifetime.
  2. Yes but factories have yet to be announced. And remember, we are on x3 speed so getting to said Specialization will take a very on time.
  3. I already notified Jackal that they still drop Strong hide.
  4. Armor crafting - Now that I am finally crafting needed armor via leather working on a slightly more demanding scale, I am beginning to understand why may several blacksmiths find making armor to be extremely tedious. Making the 9 armor layers takes up almost half the entire crafting process. 9 layers, 9 square/scales/plates, treated leather/steel and the 4 armor pieces themselves. I would say reduce the number of optional layers to 6. Blacksmithing - Break up Blacksmithing into armorsmith and weaponsmith professions… moving on. Blood and Bone - Increase the drop rate in Reaping. 7.5% is way to low considering mineral/gem chance caps at 30%/15%. No one can argue that skinning is a solo-able venture because of how often one is ganked due to the recent influx of new and veteran players and faster travel via mounts. Skinning vs Ore/Stone - Skinning animals needs to give more hides per mob. Mothernodes give wonderful amounts of multi-color ore and stone. Before you argue MNs take multiple people, skinning can be multiple people and the results STILL don't compare. Also, you have to kill a mob before skinning it, you don't have to fight MNs. Soft Hides - Put them in the game already. I have been asking for a harvestable source since prior to 5.6... quit trolling me already. Slow your role on advanced features until the basics are said and done! … or make uncommon through legendary available for very cheap prices on vendors. The dev's owe that to any dedicated Leather worker.
  5. Okay, first off, I know everyone is tired about me b****ing about hides so for the love of God, put EVERY hide ingame! I have been asking for a source of soft hides since prior to 5.6.... yes 5.6! New animal came to 5.7... the elk drops strong hides. Big let down. New animal in 5.8... the Auroch… strong hides... what the bloody hell?! Where is the bear the devs showed off in a public broadcast and yet nowhere to be seen? As of now there are Elk/Auroch - strong hide. Spider - durable, Cat/Wolf - flexible and Pig - tough. At this point make cats or wolf drop soft as a temporary measure and quit gimping LW! They're introducing all these new advanced features but they still have yet to finish BASIC materials! Get. It. Done. Already!
  6. Yes but that still only glorifies combat oriented player.
  7. Ever since Leader Scoreboards were announced, it has bothered me about how they might work. Combat LSB would be easy. Top number of player kills, captured camps/forts/castles, faction killing ect. How might gathering LSB work assuming there will be one? Would gatherers be judged based on looted green quality items or higher since common quality can be bought via gold? Regardless of how numbers/points that are given to gatherers, a LSB for them would only put a HUGE target on their back for loot hunting assassins... not looking forward to that to be honest... moving on. Next, how might crafting LSB work? Since little can be done to separate one crafter from another thanks to the passive skill training, how will crafters make a name for themselves assuming they aren't already known for a specific profession? Will LSB be based on experimentation RNG roles {quality over quantity} or be based on who is cranking out the most pieces of armor, tools, pots or weapons regardless of stats {quantity over quality}? Blacksmithing and Runecrafting will be especially competitive since almost everyone has a blacksmith and/or Runecrafter account somewhere. Will the LSBs be subject to editing so that one person cant dominate more then one aspect of the LSBs assuming they have no life {no offense to anyone}? More questions then answers... What do you think Crowfall community?
  8. If the basic modifiers are screwed up, it will carry into advanced crafting eventually... besides stop ruining my attempts to weasel into the test lol
  9. Considering how you guys royally screwed over leather working in 5.7... 'cough' … You should give me access to the alpha 1 test to ensure someone oversees the crafting changes in that profession. Everyone already knows how I pride myself on leather crafting despite how gimped and useless it was after its mysterious nerf that I have yet to be given a valid reason for such a huge hit to it's modifiers … … … just kidding... no seriously, fix that in 5.8.
  10. Here are a few suggestions the Dev's should at least discuss in the interest of fairness and equal opportunity. Many will not like the first topic but here goes. Suggestion 1: Split Blacksmithing into 2 separate professions or sub classes - Armor smiths and Weapon smiths. Its a bit unfair how Blacksmiths hold the ability to do so much right now. They craft the only armor players want at this time, chainmail and plate. Need I mention they make the majority of weapons not including what Wood workers make as well? Simply put, they are the unchallenged demigods of current Crowfall crafting community. Break their dominance! Suggestion 2: Since the Dev's butchered leather armor's damage/healing modifiers, we Leather workers are stuck making components and nothing more. There is NO market for leather since the armor stats are crap, plus capes and bags haven't been introduced. Even the non-existent 'law of equivalent exchange' should have been applied. "To obtain, something of equal value must be lost." (FMA/FMAB) They took something away and gave nothing back which destroyed the entire profession. I pride myself on being one of the top 5 loyal Leathers workers. I aim to be the best but I cant do anything except crank out 14 experiment point components... how utterly unfulfilling! Either give leather crafting bonuses, perhaps add a +1 to dash counters, give back the modifiers that were nerfed... do something! Suggestion 3: I know this is something I have constantly hinted and flat out asked the Dev's for, give Skinners access to creatures/mobs that will drop common to legendary soft hides. To be honest, if Skinners had access to soft hides, my second suggestion 'might' not be a big issue at all. Soft hides would at least enable Leather workers to focus or even specialize in making high quality crafting armor. Example: A friend of mine was jealous that I was rolling better stats on leather armors for crafting. Recently she crafted a blue chest piece which blow away all my bragging rights because it was made from higher quality materials and great rolls... I think a small part of my love for the game died thanks to limitations the Dev's are ignoring. For the sake of my sanity, make the bears omnivores that drop soft hides! {Might be able to dismiss this suggestion due to mention new mob in 5.8 but not yet confirmed by an ingame ACE as of 10/4/18} Suggestion 4: If people have complained about the difficulty in getting cutting grit, that should entitle Reaping Specialist harvesters to get added chance for blood and bones to drop. It should be their unique contribution to the crafting world. Since mothernodes are unique to excavation and requires skill, tools and potions; bone could/should be removed from crafting basics and be accessed only in the Reaping skill tree just like heart wood. In my opinion, Plethora of Meat: Animal could be removed. Any dedicated harvester will get a ridiculous amount of meat in Spring and Summer. {Seriously, I don't have those two meat skills and I still gathered enough meat to fill an entire crypt. I next loaded up my friends and when they said no more, I must have sacrificed 13-16 or more full stacks for experience just so if I was jumped while harvesting, the ganker wouldn't get a sweet score by looting all the excess meat. I had no spare banking space} Yes, I can guess these are very profession specific suggestions so let me be the first to say they may be one sided. I only have two accounts and haven't tried others because Leather working, Leadership and Skinning is where my passion for this game rest. I also have done my research on the majority of the other crafting profession but lack first hand knowledge. Luckily, my friends and fellow crafters helped me understand how they work. I welcome anyone's opinions or criticism. If you think I'm wrong, state your opinion and change my mind!
  11. Since the recent final damage and healing modifiers were nerfed to Hell, is there a future in leather working beyond making components for other professions? It worries me that leather armor resistances are laughable to say the least and now no one will even consider it because 2.5% damage/heal modifier can't out weigh the bonus hit points and damage mitigations that mail and plate receive when crafted right. My LW now only makes padded leather and stitched leather now with the occasional bow string, bow grip and enarmes. It would be nice if lw could get access to capes or inventory bags to actually have a way to make gold coins. Why not repurpose it to give extra added bonuses to crafting and gathering beyond specialty seals? At least make it useful in some fashion since they nerfed it so horrifically.
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