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  1. 1. In my opinion beeswax, blood and bone should be removed from Basic Exploration and be moved into Reaping. Since the Dev's have made getting gems and minerals such an essential and specialized part of the game, the beeswax for siege engines, blood for jewel crafting and bones needed to make the gem/mineral potions should require a specialist to gather. Many might say 3.5% isn't something worth changing but I disagree since those who go into Reaping only get 2.5% (6% total) more chance then your average, non-specialized gatherer. Beeswax, blood and bone should at least be a 10% drop rate cons
  2. Yes but factories have yet to be announced. And remember, we are on x3 speed so getting to said Specialization will take a very on time.
  3. I already notified Jackal that they still drop Strong hide.
  4. Armor crafting - Now that I am finally crafting needed armor via leather working on a slightly more demanding scale, I am beginning to understand why may several blacksmiths find making armor to be extremely tedious. Making the 9 armor layers takes up almost half the entire crafting process. 9 layers, 9 square/scales/plates, treated leather/steel and the 4 armor pieces themselves. I would say reduce the number of optional layers to 6. Blacksmithing - Break up Blacksmithing into armorsmith and weaponsmith professions… moving on. Blood and Bone - Increase the drop rate in Reaping. 7.5
  5. Okay, first off, I know everyone is tired about me b****ing about hides so for the love of God, put EVERY hide ingame! I have been asking for a source of soft hides since prior to 5.6.... yes 5.6! New animal came to 5.7... the elk drops strong hides. Big let down. New animal in 5.8... the Auroch… strong hides... what the bloody hell?! Where is the bear the devs showed off in a public broadcast and yet nowhere to be seen? As of now there are Elk/Auroch - strong hide. Spider - durable, Cat/Wolf - flexible and Pig - tough. At this point make cats or wolf drop soft as a temporary measure and quit
  6. Yes but that still only glorifies combat oriented player.
  7. Ever since Leader Scoreboards were announced, it has bothered me about how they might work. Combat LSB would be easy. Top number of player kills, captured camps/forts/castles, faction killing ect. How might gathering LSB work assuming there will be one? Would gatherers be judged based on looted green quality items or higher since common quality can be bought via gold? Regardless of how numbers/points that are given to gatherers, a LSB for them would only put a HUGE target on their back for loot hunting assassins... not looking forward to that to be honest... moving on. Next, how might cr
  8. If the basic modifiers are screwed up, it will carry into advanced crafting eventually... besides stop ruining my attempts to weasel into the test lol
  9. Considering how you guys royally screwed over leather working in 5.7... 'cough' … You should give me access to the alpha 1 test to ensure someone oversees the crafting changes in that profession. Everyone already knows how I pride myself on leather crafting despite how gimped and useless it was after its mysterious nerf that I have yet to be given a valid reason for such a huge hit to it's modifiers … … … just kidding... no seriously, fix that in 5.8.
  10. Here are a few suggestions the Dev's should at least discuss in the interest of fairness and equal opportunity. Many will not like the first topic but here goes. Suggestion 1: Split Blacksmithing into 2 separate professions or sub classes - Armor smiths and Weapon smiths. Its a bit unfair how Blacksmiths hold the ability to do so much right now. They craft the only armor players want at this time, chainmail and plate. Need I mention they make the majority of weapons not including what Wood workers make as well? Simply put, they are the unchallenged demigods of current Crowfall crafting commun
  11. Since the recent final damage and healing modifiers were nerfed to Hell, is there a future in leather working beyond making components for other professions? It worries me that leather armor resistances are laughable to say the least and now no one will even consider it because 2.5% damage/heal modifier can't out weigh the bonus hit points and damage mitigations that mail and plate receive when crafted right. My LW now only makes padded leather and stitched leather now with the occasional bow string, bow grip and enarmes. It would be nice if lw could get access to capes or inventory bags to ac
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