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  1. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.500 I like that you still try. HD was the coolest thing in CW. It´s nice to see it return, though I think that you killed the blob campaign gameplay with that. Dodge pip visualization Stacking bleeds There is a roadmap WATER!!!! 🙂 Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The roadmap is disappointing. "Short/mid term" means "done with configs", "long term" stands for "pure marketing" and should be less concrete. More an abstract idea to show us your greater vision. We don´t need concrete ideas for DREGS if HD kills it. There is nothing on the roadmap that has to be coded. It seems as if you wanted to go live with a bit of polish for the existing systems and configs. That´s not enough. We need systems against world domination and so much more. A feedback thread isn´t a proper replacement for the suggestions forum, because it limits the thinkable room to your stuff. What 3 features excite you about our last Live Stream? I´m not so excited anymore, sorry. What are you not happy about with our last Live Stream? As always: There is a huge difference between JTC´s visions and reception and my reception of CW. I updated my client and logged in - seems the community has a different view on "It´s the best CW we ever had", too. There were 10 players on live, 2 on test and HD was down. Please get in touch with your community and stop living in a dream. Feedback for Tiggs on how I can help you or the community more, or things you'd like to see happening from me? Tiggs, you do a solid job, but it´s hard to communicate when there´s noone left to talk to. I recently found the Universim Discord. They have an awesome interaction with their community. But there´s more than communication involved. Their devs deliver => they talk it through => their devs deliver based on the feedback => ... . They do it at a very high speed with very good results and everyone is a part of the development cycle. Here at CW the development is a bit on the slow side, so there isn´t much we need to talk about. I first played CW when it did not even have textures, some years ago. It looks better now, but the gameplay did a tango two steps in this, one step in that direction. In a circle. One example: Replacing a bad passive system with something even worse is nothing I want to talk about for more than some posts. Ok, let me take this as an example for bad communication. The community wasn´t satisfied with the passive system since the beginning. There are 1000 threads how much and why it sucks and how to replace it with something useful. ACE ignored a major part of the playerbase for years in this regard. Then, instead of "You´re right, it sucks. What do you think about 1000 disciplines and a system that kills all smaller guilds instead?" JTC says "We didn´t like it either" and just shoved something even worse down our throats. Why should we still try to contribute if you ignore us.
  2. That´s how I read quest dialogs. Does anyone actually read this? learn everything about infected in 40s - YouTube
  3. It still feels wrong. Take a look at this video. You can set speed to slomo under "settings" (cogwheel icon) in YT. Watch the cast bar, not the numbers. The UI seems to be one GDC behind:
  4. Need more bling bling, pls! 🙂
  5. They can break things from one patch to another - why shouldn´t they be able to refix some new bugs just as fast? Can you feel the rhythm? It´s binary tango! 🙂
  6. Those who post dramatic "I´m done!" are not even 1 percent of those ACE couldn´t reach and hold. And probably this 1 percent would have stayed if the NPE wasn´t that bad off topic. The NPE is like "come, I take you by the hand and guide you in 45 minutes footstep by footstep half way through a lvl 30 PvE world where other players aren´t important at all". Nothing of the NPE represents the endgame (which is everything but the first two hours or less if you sacrifice) of Crowfall. In fact it´s more so the opposite of Crowfall. There is no hand holding at all after lvl 30, so the NPE should be a bit more demanding. And it should be centered around how to group up for certain objectives like defending or attacking a keep, caravan or harvester.
  7. I don´t care what they fix first as long as they fix all of it. A roadmap would be nice. Wait - they could fix stability first. Game runs like **** since the last two patches.
  8. It works fine on FF for me, but it doesn´t load on Chrome *ehhm* at work, because our firewall blocks the ad-stuff.
  9. That doesn´t surprise me at all. Your eyes seem to be on SheriiN 99 % of the time. 😉
  10. The good thing about PvP is that it never gets stale, because every situation is different and every opponent behaves differently. All it needs is an environment that lets you decide how to use it to your advantage.
  11. It´s nice to have some semi-afk activities. Farming wolves for several hours for 20 bones is underwhelming. Add a way to change one blue bone into x white bones and I will gladly farm my bones in campaigns.
  12. 1. Use "Weapon Finesse" minor disc. It saves a good amount of Essence. 2. Skill into "Ritual Sacrifice". 3. Take Stormcaller as your promotion class if you don´t have enough sacrifice mats for lvl 17-30 or someone to level you.
  13. Yes, it´s far from perfect and calling it a Beta didn´t help either. For most customers "Beta" means "release soon", but this won´t happen in this state. In most companies "Beta" means crunch times until release and I wouldn´t want to work for ACE for the next year. But still, I didn´t have that much community work since vanilla WoW when our whole guild built the Thunderfury swords for our tanks and the whole server opened the gates to ahn'qiraj. I enjoy this "everyone for all, all for one" musketeer attitude in our guild a lot. It´s great to see a game going this route in a time where all other games appease individualists. Especially in a time of individualism.
  14. @sxsilver Crowfall can be a great experience for you. If you survive the horrible new player experience, accept something completely new, forget all other games you ever played and find a good guild. After playing Crowfall for a while I understood some things that made absolutely no sense to me in the beginning. I still believe that it´s a bad decision to start polishing the game from the end, because that way most new players will never reach the polished part. Give it a chance and you will see that Crowfall is far more than a PvP or whatever game. It´s a community project with a PvP aspect.
  15. There wouldn´t be an AMD Ryzen 3950x powered hamster on every hill if stealth wasn´t park & forget. I don´t care so much about chars that are played as stealth classes. I care more about map control with a click every 10 minutes.
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