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  1. This passive stuff doesn´t work for me at all. I always intend to time my next login for when the 250.000 points are full, but then I forget about this game and miss several months. Not really. This game lost me three times because of this so far. And a PvP title better should offer some instant gratification, because noone likes to be stomped for long, just because he´s new. If you want to have an advantage for older players, implement a league system where everyone can battle on his level.
  2. Fine, trade that CC-resistance on your 2nd account and win campaigns with that.
  3. What would it adjust that way? Please excuse that I left room for misinterpretetions. The bonus should be handed only to the losing faction.
  4. Dude, you should know that you made a good deal when you got half of what the salesman promised.
  5. This is 2019. tl/dr. short version, pls.
  6. Once my boss came into the office and announced proudly that he sold $%&/&%. He looked at our stunned faces and asked: Can we do this? @PopeUrban It´s the job of a salesman to tell stories! ^^ Let´s judge them by what we got 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, now... Then take into account that the polish takes 80 percent of the time. Now we estimate where we will be in 2025. If CF runs on 2nd gen quantum processors. 😜
  7. It doesn´t even work with two factions. I´ve seen enough 10 minute games where crappy ppl left the losing team to join the winning side. And I´ve seen the same "wintraders" (what do they trade, bad karma and self-neglection for a win?!) in WoW, where they abandoned their guilds to get carried on the other side with an unbalance of 10:1. I suggest an adjudgement (more dmg, more CC-resistance) for the next campaign which only works for those who stick to their faction.
  8. We just need a lvl 1 campaign instead of God´s Reach.
  9. Those stairs are cool! With 64x anti aliasing it would be a slope. 😉
  10. It would be a reason to fight or do something in the campaign if the passive skill tree would be substituted for points earned in that campaign for that vessel. WinWinWin! That way we would get rid of this awful "wait a long time until you can do something useful with ONE vessel" and replace it with "work while you play for the vessel you actually play with".
  11. There´s a +5 harvesting bonus active for CW. This is a nice way to give us R10 loot for R5 effort, but R5 is still a bit high for my fresh lvl 20 char. I´ll still have to find some R8 - 5 = R3 nodes. Those R 10 beasts are really fearsome! This campaign is dangerous af even without enemy players. ^^
  12. My opinion is based on my open world PvP experiences in the first decade of WoW, BDO and GW2, to name some of the worst and best examples. Open PvP in WoW was horrible, because none of the quests involved PvP and it only slowed down your progress if someone, who didn´t get anything for harrassing you, came your way. Usually everyone thought that way, so it was common to quest side by side with the enemy. This trusty situation made ganking even easier. PvP in BDO is great, because you come to that spot for a reason: You both want to grind there and it´s too small for both of you. If you see red at your spot, you know you have to fight. PvP (RvR) in GW2 is fun as well, because you meet to... PvP. @Jah I doubt that most ppl will be equally the sheep and the hunter. See a siege as a menu. Everyone knows that we need to eat at the end of the day, but still it´s the same few people who bring the food, cook and serve it day by day. When the masses show up, they mourn that there would be a bigger and better meal if we were specialized in bringing and cooking. Just like they are specialized in farming the sheep. In this implementation of a sheep and hunter game only the social people pay the bill. What a nice reward for doing extra hours for the team. If you want to have a working sheep and hunter game, make it turn based as on the schoolyard. You think those hunters would protect the sheep? Think twice. Why would they do that. They had to fight other hunters instead of easy prey and most of them doesn´t realize the importance of farming and crafting anyways. We all lose the siege? Doesn´t matter for them, they had their fun. And it is clearly not their fault. They won every battle.
  13. Yes, ganking ppl and choosing when to fight and when not is for cowards. That´s not PvP.
  14. At least in PvE loot could pop out of killed emenies, picking it up while you run over it. I hate those mushrooms even more. Instead of getting them when I touch them, I have to press F and they ALWAYS!!! drop behind me, so I ALWAYS have to do the loot tango of two steps back and one step up. What a waste of time. As if this game wasn´t slow enough already.
  15. Loot per player would be nice. In a group with friends you can always share loot later, but it´s a waste of time to play with foreigners.
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