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  1. Winning shouldn´t give an advantage in the following campaigns. Perhaps a title, some cosmetics or something for the EK?
  2. I think we value something higher if we worked hard and "earned" it. But there is a difference between doing a great job building a masterpiece and being stuck behind a time gate with a braindead zombie task. We don´t want "instant gratification". We just want to spend our time on something meaningful. Compare this to RL hobbies: There is a spot for your favorite hobby right behind your house and an equally good spot on the other side of the city. Which spot would you pick? Noone would pick the traveltime to feel the happyness ramp up. On the other hand: We tend to choose the easy way which might let us miss some opportunities. So it´s the job of a game designer to find the right proportion of pain and gain. And make the painful part enjoyable. Remember, it´s still a game. In a virtual environment we could get everything as instant gratification like WoW does it. Every step to make it harder feels like an act of sadism at first. If it´s done well, we might hate it in the beginning but love it after completing the task. This isn´t new, btw. 5000 years ago some egypts built the entrances of their pyramids several hundred meters away from the real entrance. Just to give the visitors time to raise tension. BTT: It needs to be done in an interesting way. And some things that worked on us for our first epic or legendary items in other games might bore us to death now. For example: I play GW2 at the moment and build some high end gear. The method doesn´t differ much from my first legendaries I got in WoW 10+ years ago, which was very exiting. In fact so exiting that I still love to remember those moments. But now It bores me to death. Times have changes, players have changed and developers have to adapt.
  3. I'm not so sure if they know the characteristics of their targeted audience. This game is really slow paced and all that preparation needs far more patience than most younger people have. So it´s not really for the young ones. But most older people have to fulfill obligations of a family life. It's pre alpha - they will find a balance. :-)
  4. There should be a time for solo and a time for group play. Not everyone can/wants to dedicate whole evenings to a game. Even after work most of us have things to do. Sometimes it just takes seconds, sometimes it takes an hour or the rest of the evening. A lot of that has to be done, but it is on a free schedule. In Black Desert Online (BDO) you can PvP all the time. It doesn´t matter if you miss a fight. There will be a lot more during the evening. If you have to go afk, you can always start to process something, which is almost as good as actually playing that game. In Crowfall you can play actively or... log off, because being online while cooking, eating or doing other stuff just depletes your hunger meter. Because the ratio between gathering, crafting and PvP is so far off, it would be nice if the PvP could be on a set schedule. BRB, my cat just found the mouse behind a cupboard he lost interest in yesterday... Hope you get my point now. ^^
  5. There should be a penalty for failing in PvP, but more than 5 mins corpse run is too much. Remember: It's 2 mins in Handball and Icehockey - where your penalty don't directly leads to other penalties (eleminations) for your team.
  6. Problems with water? Seal the boundaries with this stuff and the rivers will stay flooded forever!
  7. I can ask, but noone ever responds, because guilds don't need any assistance and the playership here in EU is ... limited. You could offer the winner a reward. A temporary buff, some ore or something for the EK.
  8. Those toast messages (alerts?) are nice, but there should be additional messages in the system chat. And they come too late. When I read "We are attacking something on the other side of the world", there's not enough time to bank my stuff and be there in time. That's why I would like to see notifications for events like "Battle for Keep XYZ in 30 minutes, be ready!"
  9. "Guidance" offers a lot of interpretations. I don't want more regulation or mentoring. I'd like to see some channeling and steering to fulfill concerted actions. Crowfall isn't done yet, but it's absolutely playable in its current state. No need to stay away anymore. :-) When I first logged in in January, it felt like a scam. I'm really glad to see these changes and I appreciate the development speed, ty ACE!
  10. In this campaign the stuff isn't lost. You can access (withdraw, not put) it from the 2nd bank chest in the starting area. And yes, don't use the Spirit Bank to store loot you want to use in the same campaign. The extract limit of 75 is just enough to take out everything you need to gear up at the beginning of a new campaign.
  11. Krakken, I don't know exactly what you are talking about. My point is that I play this game for a week, tides changed from Chaos to Order several times - so there seems to be some PvP here, but I haven't been part of it a single time. So it would be cool to get random system calls like "Battle for Black Mire" in 30 minutes!" or at fixed hours. At the moment attacks on keeps happen as ambushes. A small group is enough to take an empty fortress. There is no need for these small groups to look for help in the faction chat. That's the passive view. The active view would be to become a part of the system and join a guild. Maybe I'll do this when a guild system is implemented, though it stresses me to listen and speak english the whole evening. I really think the game would benefit if it had some incentives for community inclusion. This should lead to "Make friends with everyone, then join your favorite guild" instead of "Join a guild and never get to see anyone else again".
  12. It's great to have so much security here, but it would be cool if we could accept the token for a day, a week or a month (personal preference).
  13. A lot of ppl is 30 in EU? https://imgur.com/a/65XJS0J
  14. Some may think, this is the ultimate hardcore oldskool way of true PvP, but it has some downsides: - When I leave my secure home, I choose if I want to find some PvP (didn't work so far) or if I want to farm. That means I leave home with either an empty inventory or with two tools and return to base to exchange my loot vs two new tools. This is nasty, especially if my faction doesn't own a keep near a T4+ ressource. Travel takes so much time that it's better to stay at home and type some suggestions. ^^ - Farming and crafting is boring enough when you have to do it once. I'm not sure how many times I will regrind and recraft the stuff that has been taken unfairly from me. - It's plain and simple unsatisfying to get wrecked by groups of high level players and/or assassins. It's just not fun. Look at the beaches and ask the AFKers why they don't leave their safe zone. Aks them before they don't login anymore.
  15. Please add a strong guidance to your game. We need better system calls and incentives. Otherwise nothing will happen here.
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