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  1. Sounds good @Hyriol thanks for the reply. Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was limited to 1 post during the first 24 hours lol. Will the economy be safe against goldfarmers and markets for rl money outisde the game?
  2. Hello all. I just learned about this game and what I read about it looks very promising. As an old Shadowbane player the core concept of the game sounds amazing. However, I have some concerns. -Grind: I absolutely despise grinding and artificial time sinks. Performing tedious tasks in order to get anything done is against my idea of fun. Is there much of it in Crowfall? When PvEing I'd like to do some engaging activities instead of mindless farming. -Combat log: What's the company policy on combat logging? I come from a game that does absolutely nothing about combat logging and pisses me off greatly. -Setting: One of the things I loved about SB was it's setting. As soon as you left noob island you realized you were in a brutal world just by looking around. Also it had a very developed lore behind it. For what I can see Crowfall setting is a bit "childish" in design for a game based on people killing other people and razing cities to the ground. I know gameplay comes first, but playing in a beliavable world adds a lot to the experience. Also, the huge rodent character class... ewwww. Is Crowfall lore going to be expanded? I can't find much info on the forums, just a little bit of background about the gods and that's it. -Servers: Will the game run on dedicated servers? Also I'd like to know if there will be region servers with timezones? While I like to play with people from around the globe, I'd like to stay away from those who shall not be named. It's fun at the beggining, but we all know how it ended in SB. I think that's all. I know I want to buy it, convince me to do so!
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