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  1. This is kinda what I was thinking lets say you make 6 vessels ( 2 for crafting with specialized armor and items tailored just for this and 2 for PvP with combat type gear then 2 gatherers ) 4 pieces of armor 2 rings 1 amulet 1 cloak 2 weapons thats 10 special items per character 60 items in total I was thinking how it would be nice to not have to dig through tons of stuff to find that one set of gear for your Support healer or Melee fighter or Wood gatherer. wouldn't it be nice if it was already on the vessel you left it on. Maybe have a option so you can leave it on that vessel if you want or not. It would be up to you and your play style.
  2. I'm so Glad we all get to start over time to start feeling what the game will really be like.
  3. Ok Thanks so Much " Jah " so right under the Villein Major Discipline there is a empty space for one more Major Discipline. You can barley make it out but the grey shaded image is there.
  4. Ok i tried to fix it so anyone can view it. The forums will not let me paste a screen shot in so i do not know any other way to post a picture. Anyway you can see it when your in the vessel selection screen and you mouse over a vessel.
  5. I just noticed this. There seams to be a location for a 3rd major Discipline slot. 3rd major Discipline
  6. I was not suggesting that the armor and weapons would move to the new Vessel I was wondering why they can't just stay on that old vessel just like Disciplines do. I can see how someone would use the Vessels as Banks if the inventory items would stay on them. I guess I have just become used to every other game out there that allows for this and I really did not think it was a big problem. But if it is a game breaker then I guess you can't have that happen. I was thinking more along the lines that it would be much more logical and enjoyable for a player to simply jump into another vessel and run out to help take a keep instead of having to search for that characters armor / weapons / jewelry / cloaks / amulets / ect .... maybe it is designed it to be a hard to transition to new vessels.
  7. Why doesn't the armor weapons and gear stay on your vessel like your Disciplines ? And for that matter why doesn't the stuff in your inventory stay on the Vessel ? If you die to another player your inventory is loot-able but not items you had equipt. If that's true that means the crow spirit can not physically hold anything just the vessels. So when I die at the crypt by drinking the poison to inhabit another vessel why does the Gear and inventory carry over to the new vessel I am inhabiting ?
  8. Thanks for the Quick response I will get started right away.
  9. I wanted to make a web site to provide valuable info about the game for players but not sure if it is allowed.
  10. I have already decided It is going to be in my best interest to just gank people who gather stuff rather than gather myself. If I die I loose nothing but maybe some Durability if I win I might get 1-4 hours worth of gathered goodies that I can Use, Trade or Sell to others for what I need. Gathering takes way to much effort and you need to craft good tools and use up valuable points to increase your gathering success and if your going hard core gathering then you sacrifice a lot of combat ability. If the Gatherers have guards I will just wait from a distance in stealth and then make my move when the group gets attacked. I will put all my points into combat and crafting and nothing into gathering. Even with no points in gathering you can still gather materials even with the most basic tools. And if the guild I am in wants me to craft something they will just have to cough up some materials to help make it I do not think that's to much to ask. I feel for the gatherers I really do they will become the main target for any roaming pvp group or worse yet stealth groups. I can't help but wonder though if many will simply give up after loosing all of their hard earned materials and spending all day trying to gather and having nothing to show for it. But who knows the game has a long way to go and anything can change between now and then. Maybe they will have a certain number of slots in their inventory that can not be looted I guess that might help them. And this is just my own opinion : Gathering has zero fun involved in it. Killing people is going to be fun and maybe crafting cool stuff is going to be fun. Capturing areas and winning sounds like it might be fun. Some other people might love to gather materials and I am hoping and praying they do
  11. Sorry for Ranting and I did go to the Suggestion section on the forums to add a Suggestion about it.
  12. Yah you did good but how many spirit bank transactions did you use up to make it ? Im having a hard time proving that 20-30 items later you will have used up all your points no one is able to understand this.
  13. If that is the case then why not have another bank separate just for EK's ? Call it the "EK bank" . Spirit Bank to store all your stuff you want to transfer to the next campaign and EK bank to move stuff back and forth to EK's to sell products on the Vendors. They went through all that trouble to let us use and develop EK's and put vendors in there they need a better method of letting us transfer goods to vendors to sell to players instead of burning all our transactions and then at the end of the campaign we got nothing left.
  14. I never could figure out what the reasoning was by putting limitations on spirit banks but im sure they have a good reason. Right now Ek's are severely hamstrung by Spirit banks and the small number of transactions. If you made 100 items to sell on your vendors in the EK you might need to wait months for the campaign to end before you get more translations seams kinda silly for people to sell stuff on vendors in EK's. How about you get spirit bank transactions based on the values of your Ek so if someone spends lots of time and energy making large plots and keeps they get a Spirit bank increase based on the over all value of their personal EK ??? what do you think about that idea ? It would help to add some value to making plots and EK items and also make it more viable for people to actually use the EK to buy and sell items with vendors which is what they were intended for. people who want to set up shops and merchants would need to work hard on their EK.
  15. I agree it takes to long to get back to where you were at, Gear wise. If you have a full set of epic gear armor / weapons / jewelry /ect.... and get killed a few times from lag monster then your gear breaks over time. You are going to spend the next few weeks gathering the epic mats to try and RNG ( cross your fingers and pray ) your crafting skills to replace all that stuff you lost. Kinda reminds me of EvE online you spend months making that ship and then play 10 mins of pvp and lose it now you have to spend months making another one. Your going to spend a few hours of fun playing PvP against other factions fighting for forts and such and then spend 10 days gathering materials trading goods and services to try and maybe replace the stuff you lost. Sure you can put together a cheap craptastic set of gear to run back out there but the better the gear the longer it will take to replace it and that will scale exponentially The quality of the gear should increase the durability based on how hard it is to get the parts to make it so for example if it took 100 epic stone / wood / ore / leather to replace your gear and the chance to get a epic material was 10% then maybe the epic equipment should have 70-90% more durability than a white piece of gear ? If it has only a 20-30 % durability increase no one is ever going to use that epic gear. I know the next reply will always be " but your in a guild and you will have crafter slaves in the guild who will supply you with endless amounts of gear because they love crafting and love making gear for you so you can go out and have fun pvping non stop while they spend days out there hacking away on resource nodes and fighting off enemy gank squads trying to kill them." That is the theory but what kind of ratio pvpers to slaves ( err I mean crafters ) will you need to keep the guild constantly supplied ? 50 / 50 ? As far as the time it takes to craft it seams like a total waste of points to dump skill points into speeding up crafting times i would rather save those points and spend them on something more tangible. The difference between me spending 1 min to make something and 2 min to make something is just not a big deal. So as far as I can tell spending points on speeding up your crafting speed is a total waste of points. I would love to see skilled crafters who spent a lot of points use less resource for products maybe because a skilled crafter would have less waste material left over after the product was made or less errors right now RNG plays to big a part in making something good because no mater how skilled you are at the end of the day RNG is what determines success.
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