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  1. Half Elf Assassin gets trailblazer as a racial the buff and the buff stays active even while in stealth but does not do anything is this a Bug ? Should it be giving the movement bonus ? Should the Buff disappear when you go into stealth ? Note : I made up a Wood Elf Ranger and when I went into stealth the Trailmaster Buff went away. And came back as soon as I left stealth.
  2. Necro First Vessel !

    Yep can you say Over Powered ? You get a vessel that is better than any Armor, weapon or Jewelry anyone can craft and it has no durability so you get to keep it forever !!! Now all you need to do it level it up to reach the caps in each attribute.
  3. If you have a Skill Tree selected to train in and you are 99% done with that tree then when you come back to spend those points you end up with finishing the tree and any unused points become wasted as you can not spend them in anything because the tree is full why would the points not simply carry over into the next tree you wish the train in ? Is this a Bug or design flaw or was it planed to be like this? Seams like it would be a bug ! You would be paying more for VIP come back after a 2 week vacation and find out you can not spend all those points that you had accumulated because you filled the skill tree and were not around to switch to something else LOL.
  4. Question about stealth move speed

    Actually i made a half elf assassin with arcane archer Disp and while in stealth it shows the Trailblazer buff icon on. so the buff is on in stealth not sure if it is from the half elf racial or the arcane archer also not sure if it is having any effect on the movement speed
  5. mounts , waypoints , fast travel, something

    I would like to see a fast travel in EK's if I want to run for hours around you kingdom I can but If I just want to get in buy stuff from you and get out that would be nice also.
  6. Retain Tray Organization on Vessels

    I am sure they will fix this as it is a real problem for everyone to re-do all of their skills each time they want to use a vessel. I am guessing it is a problem for them because the server is not able to save information when you get your vessel set up and ready the way you want it. The thing I never understood is the crow is just a spirit it can not hold anything like items but yet all the items on all your vessels are shared as if the crow is keeping them when it goes into a new vessel it takes all the stuff in inventory with it to the next vessel. Kinda does not make sense.
  7. I guess the best way to look at it is kind of like during world war II sure there were Tank, Naval and Air conflicts but the main targets were railways, factories and supplies. Near the end of the war the Axis was unable to keep up the demand for the war machines and parts to repair them and fuel was always a major problem. When America entered the war with its untouchable war machine factories and supplies, it was only a matter of time before the war would end. So the crafters will be the factories and the harvesters will be the fuel and supplies. I imagine that many Campaigns will be lost due to one side guarding the harvest nodes 24 / 7 thus keeping the other sides from being able to re-stock their supplies. If you can stop the harvesters and crafters it will only be a matter of time before all of their armor and weapons have broken. They wanted a game that has limited storage space ( so one can not simply stock pile hundreds of sets of armor and weapons ). Very limited Resources with very slow re-spawn time to limit the amount of items that can be mass produced I can not even imagine the inventory space you would need to store the materials to mass produce 50 plate mail armor sets. If one side gets the upper hand and is able to protect their harvesters even for the first few weeks it could me a very quick win for that one side Thankfully there are 3 factions and maybe the 2 lesser factions will come to a uneasy alliance in order to topple the stronger side. The game is not even in alpha yet so we have lots of time while they fine tune things But I got a feeling they want it to take a long time. I am happy to finally see a game where armor and weapons do not drop off monsters. ( havent you ever wondered where that wandering bear kept that two handed sword he dropped when you killed him ?)
  8. Campaign win conditions

    Well I picked a faction that almost never takes anything so not sure what bonus it gives to your team other than a from what I hear crafting tables.
  9. Campaign win conditions

    I thought the Bar was a indication of who owns forts and keeps. I have seen it move back and forth all the time.
  10. Well it costs skill points if you want to harvest the good stuff or make the good stuff you can be good at everything I imagine eventually after a long time. But like I said why bother gathering it When You have to spend points into the harvest line and use higher quality tools to get the good stuff. It might be easier to just kill gatherers to get what you need instead that way you can allocate more points into crafting instead of harvesting. But hey like you said you can do both. I think it will be a different game when it launches though most likely there will not be enough resources to go around and those nodes take a long time to re-spawn at least in the initial launch.
  11. Who knows maybe Ganking harvesters will be a better way to get the materials that you need instead of having to go through the pains of making the tools and using points in skills. Just use all your points for crafting lines and get all your materials from others who are doing all the work.
  12. As far as i know it is the only Class that is restricted to one race Which is kinda Odd there needs to be diversity or else give each race its own special class that is locked to that race. This is out right discrimination against all of the other races !
  13. I know your movement is reduced while you stealth but does Trailblazer and Trailmaster work while in stealth ? I know the Buff is on while i am stealthed but it is it actually doing anything ?
  14. Ganking all over

    I am Guessing that the assassin or duelist will become the meta for harvesting. Not sure how hard it will be to get all of those Disciplines at the start of the game. I have already started to Theory craft my harvester with the assumption that I will have nothing to start with.
  15. Agent Provocateur Major discipline Lay Low skill - Take it easy tending to your wounds and recovering 13-15 + 56% Weapon Damage a second for 6 seconds while maintaining Stealth. Bug : If used it pops you out of stealth after about 3 seconds