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  1. As population grows you won’t have to because it will be inefficient or just plain impossible for guilds of certain sizes to score with certain cards.
  2. Your guild capped a fort in an adventure zone that was centrally located and built it up specifically to make pack pig runs as short as possible to avoid pvp.
  3. Keep? Fort? It doesn’t matter if you own it some one else doesn’t.
  4. We do the same especially when it comes to the buildings because of the short campaign length.
  5. Not a whole lot of people seem to understand as population scales these cards are meant to lock guilds out from competing in them all so as to give advantages based on size. KGV is close to us in active players, or at least from what we can tell. Do you believe that if the population jumps from 100 to 2000 that a guild of 10-20 is going to be able to hold any size keep? If your answer is if that’s the max size of guilds. Then I’ll point out that at 20 people per guild and 2000 people that means that 100 guilds are competing for how many keeps again? 10, 20? If you answer is no then understand there will be cards that guilds won’t ever be able to score on.
  6. Well tell @cremdalacrem to get to it. our specific goal was to try and deny Dis points through the destruction of buildings.
  7. @SAM_BUKA JTodd has always been clear that these cards are intended to put down ward pressure on larger guilds as a way to combat uncle bob.
  8. Just a question because I know why CC agreed to siege Dis that last siege. Why did KGV? As far as we know you don’t have an official alliance with LoD just like we don’t. I have an idea as to why you did I’d just like to see if I’m right.
  9. I didn’t really think you did, but I don’t talk with any of you enough to know for sure. spaming that ice put a boat load of dps out quick. We may have only had 1 healer but damn. Your one of the few people that kept I near me as I moved.
  10. There isn’t any hard feelings or anything it was just a good strategy. We honestly didn’t expect to see anyone you caught us napping and I learned a bit about Frostweaver watching how you guys played them.
  11. It’s simply what was. If you got Spectre Legion to help you well played.
  12. ViskFLW ”If you join Purple Tsunami.....” Holy poorly made dergs I laughed so hard soda almost shot out of my nose. All I’m saying is it’s official now because it made the official Crowfall forums. @Dern @Ruq you’re welcome.
  13. Nothing to mix up @yianni just explaining to Hungry that there isn’t a grand alliance aligned against them, and the fact LoD and CC fight all the time in the campaign world should be proof enough. You’re name comes up a lot when we ask who’s attacking groups I’m not in.
  14. Also what alliance? The only active guild we have a standing alliance with is UxA. You guys were simply an opportunity that presented itself. I mean @yianni in particular loves mixing it up with us, but I’m not afraid to ask questions to answers I want to know, and I hope enough respect was gained in the faction campaigns that honest answers are given.
  15. Don’t know, all I know is all I had to do was ask. It was important for us to know who was involved as we have a few new guys that are shoot first kind of guys. I also tend to want a bit more information for us to work on, for instance I asked if this was a capture mission and who was taking the keep if it was.
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