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  1. Just wanted to say thanks and the work you put in was appreciated. There was some good info in there from mobs dropping loot, to my favorite, war bands.
  2. It took me a bit to understand what you were saying, mostly because I think I was reading into it. but yes I think you understand what I was saying. The materials themselves have their own characteristics not determined by the craftsman. This is why you see as human society developed it moved to different materials for crafting weapons and tools. So it’s logical to believe that if a basic widget is being created with no modifiers being added by the craftsman the better materials should give you a better result. Think of it in theses terms. Uncommon, epic, and legendary materials have fewer impurities or irregularities.
  3. It should absolutely make them better than what the noob craftsman could make with lessor materials. Look at it like this you have iron and you have steel (an iron alloy) if the same craftsman is competent working with both metals and in sword crafting because of the natural characteristics of the metals the steel sword will be better.
  4. VaMei that’s not the scenario being put forth. Lets just say for arguments sake a person has the crafting tree maxed out. Your saying that that person should be getting the same base line stats from common mats than uncommon? It’s only natural to believe that uncommon or greater mats would give better base line stats.
  5. The reason to do that with druids was because prior to 5.8 people had a very difficult time understanding how druids were designed to work.
  6. Here are the issues I noticed. i created a Minotaur champion which I leveled to 30 with out spending talent points as I went now I can’t train into a promotion, any promotion class even though I meet the prerequisites. i noticed that when harvesting a resource you can have it targeted but no hit will register.
  7. It did but that’s not my argument. my argument is people left Shadowbane to play WoW because it simply offered more. As much as the hardcore pvp crowd wants to think they make up a majority of the player base they simply don’t. They are going to have to make concessions so the game will appeal to the widest player base possible. If they don’t Crowfall will fall into the unsuccessful MMO category. its really just this simple. There would still be official UBISoft SB servers if the hardcore pvp bunch was a big enough group that their subscription money warranted it. Instead the SB crowed was relegated to emulators.
  8. Just 2 years later in Q1 2005, 2 months after actual launch WoW had 1.5 million subscriptions and there are those that estimate that it’s competition lost roughly 33% of their subs to it. meaning if we accept your number of 800,000 that means in 2005 roughly 264,000 people left Shadowbane for WoW. And for anyone that continued their sub like I did that number continued to grow until the servers were shut down on Shadowbane. your numbers are compiled from a time when there was very little competition.
  9. Also Gator of course losing forts feels meh is because at this point you can’t lose all your crafting tables. pre 5.7 losing your fort was crippling.
  10. From my perspective your acknowledgment that farming was done with a macro is more an indictment of it than a positive. In SB the integral mission of farming was subbed out to an account linked to a macro. one of the reasons SB failed was its PvP heavy side didn’t appeal to a wide enough people. widen your perspective a bit though. If you construct your guild with crafters and gatherers along with papers you won’t need mines. Your crafters and gatherers will be your mine.
  11. I feel I should bring this up. First and foremost the thing that made Shadowbane different and appealing wasn’t the promise of an open world gank fest. The appeal was the ability of guilds (friends) to put an indelible mark on the game world, and if you had beef with another guild the ability to take it away (siege warfare). This was the true end game and as @mandalore pointed out required people that farmed gold off high level mobs because the cities and vendors required a constant flow of gold. That being said Shadowbane was a victim of being to good at what it did, and with no reset mechanic created a scenario where after one guild had “crushed” its major competition it could rule with an iron fist and not have to worry about repercussions. It would be interesting thoughif they could implement ai raids on assets by the more humanoid type mobs planned. It would add an interesting game play aspect.
  12. @mandalore I remember those gold grinds that guilds holding towns would do is how they would power level new recruits. a Druid is headed out to AOE farm? Group with him and soak up xp. You wouldn’t get gold but you were power leveled to max level.
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