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  1. Agree. We we have an EK with all those pretty buildings but no way to store goods.
  2. What race and profession is Scarlet?
  3. Funny story. We were only able to field a small group last night for the siege. All but 2 of us were forced to leave the zone, but when we attempted to come back we were loaded into que. zone was player capped with only 2 people that we can definitely say were Chaos.
  4. It’s the continuum fallacy Ghandi. If you argue what the “exact” numbers are you take the spot light away from what the real issue is. Which is a “winning” faction will draw more players and guilds to it until it breaks the game. superior number has a much greater benefit than simply the amount of players you can field for a siege. No one seems to want to address that.
  5. Trust me Shino the game isn’t solo friendly. In order to be effective solo you would need more than just 2 accounts at the very least until you start hitting the caps on your passive skills. Even then you’re going to have spend massive amounts of time harvesting to get the best materials.
  6. That’s my issue with it too.
  7. No one is over looking the ability to harvest in safety. I’m disagreeing with you attempting to equate the out comes of new players doing it as opposed to veteran players. In order to saturate the market to the point we should worry about it the harvesting needs to be so efficient that large stacks are collected quickly. New accounts just aren’t capable of that. Not only that it makes no sense for veteran players to concentrate on nodes solely for dust. Again that’s not an efficient way to harvest. Why on earth if you’re harvesting to help support your guild is a veteran player concentrating on nodes that drop majority dust and commons when they should be focused on nodes that have a better chance to drop uncommons, rares, epics, or even legendaries and of course said dust. It’s simply an inefficient use of time. Combine that with harvesting mother loads which give you resources that not even high level single nodes will drop and it’s worse. What most people are worried about is a macro or bot that would allow a veteran account to harvest 24 hours a day. A second account with a macro to farm gold was fairly common in Shadowbane. That was the issue with the EKs. They were the perfect environment for a veteran player to harvest with a bot or macro. Not only are they safe but the player can restrict access meaning it’s impossible for another player to know and report the account.
  8. Again as stated if it’s possible the level cap would be account wide. In other words if your account has a restricted level character on it it doesn’t matter if you create a level 1 alt you would still be denied access to the training zones. As for the second account argument. I’m just not worried about the number of people that would go to the trouble to create a second account. It’s interesting though to see where these arguments fall. I mean no one seemed to care about how the recent change in the harvesting disciplines allowed for a person to pick both combat and harvesting runes. Which with a second account could cause the low level gear market to be saturated with items as I no longer need to choose between combat, crafting, or harvesting. now as far as your assertions you don’t need stacks of dust or embers to learn the game. You’re right but those things can help those players attain better gear. Not to mention “new” players won’t have the passive training or disciplines to collect those stacks of dust and embers.
  9. You’re right but it was close. i think that’s a good compromise considering it removes the complaint of reward with out risk. New players can farm embers and dust unaccosted with out anyone worrying about a glut because their passives won’t be trained enough to gather the vast sums people are worried about. While limiting vet accounts to the siege areas of GR which while their passives allow for gathering a larger number of resources they will have to worry about PvP
  10. I want General chat back if for no other reason than the absolutely epic @ZYBAK and @Endless rants that ensued after a ganking. In all seriousness though faction chats are dead compared to General. Some of the conversations in General are why I switched factions from Balance to Order.
  11. Here’s the thing no one is taking into account. It was stated they wished to have a starter area like Shadowbane which was colloquially refered to as “Newbie Island”. I know it was a long time ago but how many of you old timers remember Newbie Island? How many remember that Newbie Island had a level limit set at 20, which when you reached it moved you to the deep end of the pool? what if the fix was that simple. Add a level cap so that if your account has a character of a certain level you can’t access the training zones? Meaning veteran accounts would be limited to the siege zones which are pvp enabled.
  12. I have found a guild, thanks all. With the addition of war tribes and the slow removal of craftable items for testing convenience it’s time to find a guild. Guild Criteria Region: NA (CST) Atmosphere: Friendly. Casual/Hardcore: hate to say it but casual. I’m on a lot but play is dictated by real life. I do what I can to help while I can. Size: Any really as long as the guild is welcoming and friendly. Playstyle: I am in testing right now and have numerous characters but my character of choice is alpha warrior champion. I love being in the chaos of close quarter combat. I also have leaned heavily on harvesting, although being solo up until now I haven’t had much experience gathering from mother loads. Commitment: Right now Crowfall is it. I’ve grown bored with the other MMOs. Miscellaneous: probably most important I’m looking for a guild active in testing. I’ve played a lot of MMOs but the one that intrigued me the most was Shadowbane in which your guild could put its own indelible mark on the game world. With Dregs I see that potential again with Crowfall. in the end I’ve never been the greatest PvPer but I’m willing to play my part in the guild to elevate it to the highest position possible.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks and the work you put in was appreciated. There was some good info in there from mobs dropping loot, to my favorite, war bands.
  14. It took me a bit to understand what you were saying, mostly because I think I was reading into it. but yes I think you understand what I was saying. The materials themselves have their own characteristics not determined by the craftsman. This is why you see as human society developed it moved to different materials for crafting weapons and tools. So it’s logical to believe that if a basic widget is being created with no modifiers being added by the craftsman the better materials should give you a better result. Think of it in theses terms. Uncommon, epic, and legendary materials have fewer impurities or irregularities.
  15. It should absolutely make them better than what the noob craftsman could make with lessor materials. Look at it like this you have iron and you have steel (an iron alloy) if the same craftsman is competent working with both metals and in sword crafting because of the natural characteristics of the metals the steel sword will be better.
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