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  1. If you’re still looking Corvus Citadel is recruiting on Chaos/Moon. Contact Duffy for more info and Discord.
  2. Galvia is is right what about your formula encourages me as a cleric to pvp. Hell im screwed just by participating in sieges and fort fights.
  3. Jah these 2 two sentences are not questions. “A legit order group wasn't going to magically appear at the end of the trial.” “The scoreboard clearly indicated that they didn't exist.” It wasn’t that you didn’t “choose to argue semantics”, you literally offered proof to support what he said.
  4. Yes by accepting the premise set forth, and then offering evidence to support it. No no one forced you to validate oneply’s premise you chose to do that on your own. It would have been just as easy to ask “if you believe that what do you believe the probability is? In typical jah fashion though you had to get the passive aggressive dig in.
  5. Wait, is that Ble? So this means you lied and you do have time?
  6. I don’t have to defend gracen. He isn’t my responsibility, and yes I did call out your complaint because if you didn’t care about the legitimacy of the tactic there was no reason to respond to Oneply.
  7. Yes he did jah and you accepted his statement as true and accurate and based your rebuttal on it. As a matter of fact in your rebuttal you never indicated anything other than you agreed with oneply’s assessment of illegitimacy. In fact you doubled down on it by saying “the score board clearly indicated they didn’t exist”, then pasting a screen cap of the score board. Now that you’ve been called out on your complaining. Complete with quote to show it your reply is “not me, it was oneply.
  8. You should come to a siege some time Whisky. There’s no drama like siege drama.
  9. Yet it seemed I was worth your time when you started the thread. whats the matter Ble? Are you one of those guys that talks trash but can’t handle it when it’s shoveled right back at you? Poor little elf, on the bright side I heard Keebler needs elves.
  10. “A legit order group wasn't going to magically appear at the end of the trial. The scoreboard clearly indicated that they didn't exist. So what "more likely outcome" are you talking about?“ you didn’t? If a legit Order group didn’t exist in your opinion then that can only mean the ones that did exist were illegitimate. Yet they were acting in a way legit Order groups would act, the points they accumulated went towards Orders tally. They weren’t actually doing anything forbidden. By game mechanics they were in fact “legit” Order groups.
  11. It’s hypocritical to complain about uXa “exploring” game mechanics by creating order accounts when you create chaos accounts to spy for siege.
  12. You gave an honest answer in which you attempted to to spin it so you didn’t look hypocritical.
  13. The whole first paragraph is irrelevant as original intent has no bearing on current action. As for not using the alts earlier in the campaign that again is irrelevant as in previous campaigns sockpuppet was a main stay in Chaos keeps. as for your alt spies that’s exactly how I feel too which is why I feel no empathy when you whine about what uXa did.
  14. Really? This Bzra? ”HoA stragglers offered Bzra assistance of a full meta group. Nuk was part of that effort but he committed too early. The only thing he did was hunt and kill Kitem.“ after all the praise you’ve given to HaX? It was their guild leader that accused you?
  15. That’s nice so let’s see that’s 5 pay to win accounts, but that really doesn’t matter as the 3 Jah claimed have been used.
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