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  1. I am always in-character whatever it'll be slaying my enemies or running away from them! I don't enjoy DM events when there is too much "imaginary" stuff like "Look at the tree!" there is no tree! "look at the apples!" there is no apples! "look at the invading enemies! What enemies?! I see NO ONE!"
  2. I also like roleplaying, I like to roleplay someone who sings "Nightmares for everyone!" with wide eyes and yellow-teeth and a twitching head, can I has access to your ripe server? The young ones bores me.
  3. As a roleplayer i don't see how this is going to add anything to the game.
  4. The guild is a mercenary! I will talk to my m8 and see if he can send you a pm as you're interested!
  5. Not really! If you play from an in-character perspective and kill your enemies then that is RP enough. If you expect to talk and have a discussion with everyone then absolutely but that's something that even goes for roleplayers, I'm not interested in talking but action! Screaming and howling with my enemies heads in my hands is roleplay for me! Also my characters will be fully detalied with personality and all that of course. I don't believe that talking is RP.
  6. Have fun with the city! I'm already in a guild that RP and PvP. I'll definitely come sometime to see if you guys have something that'll be of interest!
  7. You can roleplay simply by killing your enemies from an in-character perspective.
  8. Play the game from an in-character perspective. It is not so hard that people think it is.
  9. I'll answer you on that Soulein. Yes. I do like slaughter my enemies while screaming at them in-character. Prepare yourself for a PM mate.
  10. I think the classes are gender locked in some cases but not the gender itself, just not the class.
  11. It's really amusing to hear and read all the hardcore talk before a game's release and it does usually end a short time afterwards.
  12. I would love seeing Crowfall to steam because I have all/most of my games there and I do believe it would definitely help the game. It would help the game if it is any good though. I haven't seen much but slippery slope arguments on why Crowfall shouldn't be on steam. If you think the steam "community" is the problem then think for a moment. There's idiots and fools everywhere anyway.
  13. Definitely looking forward to the full announcement. I Think it does sound rather cool and awesome already by the little information we already have about the game.
  14. OOC: I would actually like to see something like this inside the game, something like a council (from an in-character perspective) but that is functional.
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