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  1. Morning guildies! Looks like our game is going to happen.
  2. I love the bandit concept. Very cool work! Do you take commissions?
  3. Have to put my hat in there for the rule sets. I suck at PvP, so being able to get out of the Dregs once in a while and have some help would be ideal.
  4. He is not talking about me (my name is Blair). I did not spread the sickness throughout the ACE office.
  5. I agree that RNG should be removed from some pieces of the game. It just makes sense. However, not every farmer in the game should drop a pitch fork (I am jumping off the spider logic). There should be a small group of random possibilities there so that you may only have to kill 10 them to get what you want.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I thought it was a super neat idea for a stretch goal. It adds real value to the game.
  7. I have to believe that this will be the case as well.
  8. They need your money first. Momma said to never give away the alpha without proper payment!
  9. Here is the thread about it: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/2771-reminder-stream-on-twitch-at-2pm-central-crowfallgame/ You could check the channel to see if it is available on demand.
  10. I know that everyone is worried about their focus on the game, but coming from the crowdfunding world, a vast percentage of their time will (and should) be spent on the KS for the next month. Almost everyone I have ever spoken to that has run a successful KS or other crowdfunding campaign has stated that they just did not realize the amount of time required. I talked with Chris Taylor about it when the ran the Wildman campaign and he basically spent the entire time doing interviews and podcasts and marketing. It is essential. ACE is probably in for a long month and a Twitch "chat" could be well within the realm of marketing possibilities (and probably should be in today's world). What I have stated on other threads and continue to state, ACE is running one of the best campaigns (and easily the best MMO) I have ever seen. The amount of work that they did prior to making the Kickstarter and the amount of info provided has been well above and beyond what anyone else has done. CU did some with mailers and message boards. But to build a site, do a countdown timer, have a community of more than 10,000, provide daily updates, and even do a special week called Hunger Weeks speaks to the quality of what they are building here. Speaking directly in regards to the Kickstarter, they have done a plethora of interviews, sent out 4 updates (2 of them were quite large) and have answered tons and tons of questions here on the forums.
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