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  1. All i got out of this ( alt F4 ) saves time and lets you wait for your guild to have more members on.
  2. I believe someone else asked the question as well. Calling it "exiting out of deco mode?" It for sure is an ugly issue that everything highlights in your EK after placing it. Wish there was a way to mouse over everything after placing wiht out it suddenly beaming highlighter yellow. Its very distracting and honestly i feel would detract from possible RL money sales of EK deco because you don't get to enjoy the way the item is suppose to look.
  3. So the campaign is over. Was kinda bummed that there was no data for healing or ressing. Perhaps Make trackers for support/healing?
  4. I know on main screen says a player driven economy. Vendors are in i have noticed, but how does one make a trade route and what does it do? Is it more for faction, or the guild, or for your own profits?
  5. So im dumb and was trying to figure out the EK world. Placed my manor on a shire parcel but then lifted the shire parcel. Now i cant find my manor did i basically just instant delete it?
  6. wondering if i have the 50 dollar package can i up it to the 200 dollar would it only cost 150?
  7. Hey all, want to play all healers. Have a druid, have a cleric, about to make a frostweaver. What else is there?
  8. Since the battles are ground battles, it would be nice to have a player become/take control of a crow (living) not a spirit. The crow could look down over the field and that player could tell his faction/guild the movement of enemy troops, numbers, direction of movements, over all strategic intelligence. Opposing faction players or guilds could spot the crow and be able to shoot down. Figured it would fit very well with lore/look of game. Would also add quite a bit more strategy and cleaner attacks and disengagements. Would also most likely speed up pace of game as now you have a mo
  9. Is there a chance to put some sort of marker on map to keep you somewhat set on where you want to go. I feel i end up looking at the map at least a half dozen times do to getting turned around after a fight or a quick change in call from the group/faction/guild. the ability to place markers "waypoints" would be great.
  10. I would think so as it is very competitive much like this game. It involves taking people out of the game. Only one person can win. They have a ladder system and ranking. It was also a game bleeding players due to toxicity until games like CoD warzone, apex, and fortnite hit the scene. and yes i do know arma 3 was the original but does not help in this context. PUBG at release was a very fun BG game, it sored in popularity and had a great player base. Then slowly the population turned, should i use the term (sweaty) it was no longer a have fun with friends game. It was try hard win a
  11. I played/tested back in 2018 and game was very rough. The game has made leaps and bounds and is actually coming along quite well. Seems to have very solid patches and updates and im actually quite happy with the feel and look of game. However the player base is just nasty/rude and seems to have a hierarchy going on that does not want to see player growth. The amount of verbal vitriol i have heard in just 48 hours makes me dread actual possibility downing a player and have them rip me apart or lose to a player and have them rip me apart. I know this anger is misplaced passion for a
  12. Factions seem to become unbalanced so had a few ideas on balancing options 1.) Radius buffs and debuffs If highest faction storm a castle/fort/camp they get a DEBUFF based off over all points in campaign. (-%5-25 health,damage,healing) middle faction no effects if lowest faction storm a castle/fort/camp they get a BUFF based off overall points in campaign. (+%5-25 health,damage,healing) 2.) rare cometic drops Highest faction in points will have a .001% chance of a rare cosmetic skin for a specific piece of armor/weapon when armor/weapon breaks you will rece
  13. Got the answer i will need a parcel but depending on size of parcel i can fit other houses. Also guild house has room for work benchs and vendors i have been told
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