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  1. My friends have left the guild, while I'm at the hospital... I am devastated. I hope you guys are gonna do well. I can't stress how much I enjoyed good times with you. I still have the videos. It's just sad
  2. It's in better place than before. Unless your skills have been strained by playing Pit Fighter for too long.
  3. I really want the wall... but on the other hand... this thing has killed so many NASCAR drivers 😭
  4. I was thinking if Spirit stat is going to be of any use in crafting skills whatsoever? I'm maining a healer and only bonuses I'm getting are from races, while classes get them from their core stats, like Strength, Dexterity or Intellect, which kinda feels like I'm gimping myself a bit, by focusing strictly on support. Enchanting has been shelved, but actually felt like the one, that would get the most out of Spirit IMO. If we can't get a chance to increase crafting skill, then maybe at least gathering or Thrall Capturing for instance?
  5. Hands down, best value added I've ever seen. #PayToTesters
  6. I think Anthrage mentioned it in other threads and I agree with him on this. Towers should give Far Sight buff for players to actually utilize them properly. Maybe also contain trade chests, since they take forever to cap by roamers (let alone flipping from other faction). Otherwise they will be left out in campaigns IMO.
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