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  1. Okay. Cheers folks.
  2. @PopeUrban Many thanks for the detailed response. Some very interesting background information and a very positive sounding plan for CF. That addresses and answers my question - thank you for your time.
  3. From a pragmatic point of view I get that completely. Choose where the fight takes place, when, yadda yadda. Very true. From my personal view of somebody playing a PvP game who wants to get involved in actual fighting, I'm not so sure. WAR was (IMO) very annoying in that folks only wanted to attack empty castles and fight NPCs. The opposing faction would then go and attack our empty forts...and while 'RvR' warfare was taking place...there wasn't much player versus player combat at alot of the time. And some guilds would organize to logon when other folks weren't around, so again, they were fighting NPC bots. So, I do get what you're saying...IRL it makes perfect sense...but in a game where one of the big draws is supposed to be fighting against humans I'm not so sure. EVE has stuff in place to prevent corps from taking out POE without the owning humans being able to react. I'm wondering if CF will feature something similar.
  4. Hello, I wondering if it's time to upgrade. Currently running: i5-4670K 8GB DDR3 AMD Radeon 7900 Corsair 650W PSU 256GB SSD (plus a 1TB HDD for storage) 24" Dell monitor running at 1920 x 1080 Games I play: Crowfall (obviously!) Planetside 2 Total Warhammer WoW (not terribly demanding I know) Camelot Unchained (playing in the Beta) My main thought is that CF and CU will have a lot of stuff going on at once during pitched battles kick off. Or do folks think it might be worth sticking it out for a while (particularly given GPU and RAM prices!)? I'm looking to spend maybe £900 to upgrade my kit. I'm based in the UK Thank you. Z
  5. Combat tree for lucky mcpunchface. Crafting tree for being the next 3M company (other megacorporations are available) But will there be a need for actual explorers or scouts in the world? I think that would be a neat role, pushing back the boundaries finding nodes for crafter/bodyguard teams but I think that other folks would quickly scout out the whole map so it wouldn't be casual friendly. What really is the exploration tree for? Thanknyou.
  6. So..and I am drunk so sorry..but I played Warhammer Age of Reckoning. Love WHFB so was very pleased to see a world PVP game based on the IP. I t never made it for a number of reasons I won't bother to go into here. One of the things that exasperated me were a the 'tactical ' raids against the enemy NPC king aka Raid Boss in the wee small hours. Also, that folks would avoid attacking occupied keeps and would rather attack undefended ones. Now I Get that IRL attacking the enemy where they are weakest is best etc but if you sign up to play a player versus player game...you should be fighting out folks. Will CF do avoid these.kinda of things do you think? Sorry PWI.
  7. Honey Badgers are aweso.r kick arse beasts. That said I like the inevitable nihilism of the Hunger. I love hat we can fight to slow but never win against it. PWI
  8. Hello. Only topic I found on this was from 2016. I am looking to upgrade my PC as it is getting a bit long in the tooth. In the 'Post your specs' thread I see a lot of folks are running on i7's. I assume that this is partly because folks are enthusiasts but it made me wonder if Crowfall will support hyperthreading? Basically wondering if the extra cost of an i7 would be worth it. Cheers.
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