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  1. im not going to make anything. im going to wait till my blacksmith tree is complete and my exploration tree in mining is adequate. just a matter of preference and enjoyment for me anything common imo is a waste of time. i thoroughly enjoy the game more when my skill tree is complete and not prior to it.
  2. eh even if i could i wouldn't . i would not waste hard earn resources without specialization points in black smithing, i'd simply stock pile everything into my bank until i had a decent amount of experimentation points or toss the mats to someone else
  3. oh realllyyyyy ... doesn't seem that way "recipes unlocked" looking at it right now >.> idk man, maybe im just super salty cause its the 3rd wipe and im sick of waiting for the skill tree to finish wasn't too bad the first go around, there was enough new things to keep me satisfied to a certain point.... now its just too bloody painful im sure it will be fine on launch, id just like to see some spice to it >.>
  4. stalls, crafting blacksmithing. even with vip it takes a couple weeks to complete paths.. maybe longer. and thats just opening by giving everyone a single path it would support the "not grinding " and " needing others" and reduce the ridiculously long period of waiting to start doing anything. *shrugs just food for thought
  5. meh alright. i'll go with it. good chat. i do enjoy the game, i just hate waiting. honestly id like to see everyone get one tree of their choosing up to a certain point. i think it would be a good edition and mitigate the long waiting period for stalls and certain things to come about.
  6. cool i can see a passive skill tree for crafting and exploration with that type of argument. combat tree though? since everyone would have the same advantage at when maxed out its only purpose is to put new people at disadvantage. I don't like it. others don't like it. there's some truth to what your saying .... i think There is a BETTER way to do it. oh and i could care less about the trophies , its more of a case and point that my topics are relevant for those "troll " attackers.
  7. real professional, i offer constructive feedback, avoid the insults and stick with the topic I even have a trophy for the most liked content SLOW CLAP FOR ME BRO, so how about you get your thumb out of your ass and look at the issue, we are "all" trying to make the game better.
  8. well some truth to what you say, i just don't think it should be impossible to catch up though i shouldn't be limited based on my passive ticker.
  9. everything takes proportionately longer. so i do not get the exact same out of my time. plus this passive skill system puts new people at a huge disadvantage -facts opinions- its basic and i think it could be done better
  10. i was legit, feeling addicted. when i started 5.8. as soon as i realized it was the same skill tree system... it turned me off and i decided to play something else. I LOVE the progress the developers have made. i'm just throwing words and poking around to see if anyone has any better ideas than this passive skill system that multiple people have discussed as being mediocre at best on the forums or.. are the devs really happy with what they have in place?
  11. jesus christ im saying that it's not worth my time. i have better things to do. my times worth more than yours so im more disgruntled off than you obviously i'll skip the insults. i played all through 5.6 i played when i had 0 skills all the way to max. when i had 0 skills trained the game had correlation of being less fun. when it was maxed i had a correlation of more fun. im saying i won't play unless im maxed out. its not worth my time. good old justicar. love your help.
  12. im not trolling. id say a vast majority of the players don't like the skill tree system. the unique customization of talent for individual characters > yes thats good. time cookies-> not good. How about we don't knock off Eve's skill tree system IT'S boring... really boring. i believe. I BELIEVE you guys can do much much better than this. My expectations for this game are really high. i'd hate to be disappointed.
  13. The passive skill tree farming. aka known as eve online the thing that will be maxed out in 4 years but i lost interest in on day one.
  14. hey guys the beandip is back with a brand new edition i thought 5.6 was complete garbage...skipped 5.7 cause it was too similar... so here i am at 5.8 im like cool, talents trees- doing something right im like cool, smoother combat- doing something right im like cool, starter zone- dope dope. im like cool time cookies skill farming- dope, ill be back in 2 weeks when its maxed out. Hey no one likes time cookies? can we PLEASE stop making this so bloody painful? shoot some hate at me? but come on... no one wants to meet a cookie and eat it a we
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