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  1. im not going to make anything. im going to wait till my blacksmith tree is complete and my exploration tree in mining is adequate. just a matter of preference and enjoyment for me anything common imo is a waste of time. i thoroughly enjoy the game more when my skill tree is complete and not prior to it.
  2. eh even if i could i wouldn't . i would not waste hard earn resources without specialization points in black smithing, i'd simply stock pile everything into my bank until i had a decent amount of experimentation points or toss the mats to someone else
  3. oh realllyyyyy ... doesn't seem that way "recipes unlocked" looking at it right now >.> idk man, maybe im just super salty cause its the 3rd wipe and im sick of waiting for the skill tree to finish wasn't too bad the first go around, there was enough new things to keep me satisfied to a certain point.... now its just too bloody painful im sure it will be fine on launch, id just like to see some spice to it >.>
  4. stalls, crafting blacksmithing. even with vip it takes a couple weeks to complete paths.. maybe longer. and thats just opening by giving everyone a single path it would support the "not grinding " and " needing others" and reduce the ridiculously long period of waiting to start doing anything. *shrugs just food for thought
  5. meh alright. i'll go with it. good chat. i do enjoy the game, i just hate waiting. honestly id like to see everyone get one tree of their choosing up to a certain point. i think it would be a good edition and mitigate the long waiting period for stalls and certain things to come about.
  6. cool i can see a passive skill tree for crafting and exploration with that type of argument. combat tree though? since everyone would have the same advantage at when maxed out its only purpose is to put new people at disadvantage. I don't like it. others don't like it. there's some truth to what your saying .... i think There is a BETTER way to do it. oh and i could care less about the trophies , its more of a case and point that my topics are relevant for those "troll " attackers.
  7. real professional, i offer constructive feedback, avoid the insults and stick with the topic I even have a trophy for the most liked content SLOW CLAP FOR ME BRO, so how about you get your thumb out of your ass and look at the issue, we are "all" trying to make the game better.
  8. well some truth to what you say, i just don't think it should be impossible to catch up though i shouldn't be limited based on my passive ticker.
  9. everything takes proportionately longer. so i do not get the exact same out of my time. plus this passive skill system puts new people at a huge disadvantage -facts opinions- its basic and i think it could be done better
  10. i was legit, feeling addicted. when i started 5.8. as soon as i realized it was the same skill tree system... it turned me off and i decided to play something else. I LOVE the progress the developers have made. i'm just throwing words and poking around to see if anyone has any better ideas than this passive skill system that multiple people have discussed as being mediocre at best on the forums or.. are the devs really happy with what they have in place?
  11. jesus christ im saying that it's not worth my time. i have better things to do. my times worth more than yours so im more disgruntled off than you obviously i'll skip the insults. i played all through 5.6 i played when i had 0 skills all the way to max. when i had 0 skills trained the game had correlation of being less fun. when it was maxed i had a correlation of more fun. im saying i won't play unless im maxed out. its not worth my time. good old justicar. love your help.
  12. im not trolling. id say a vast majority of the players don't like the skill tree system. the unique customization of talent for individual characters > yes thats good. time cookies-> not good. How about we don't knock off Eve's skill tree system IT'S boring... really boring. i believe. I BELIEVE you guys can do much much better than this. My expectations for this game are really high. i'd hate to be disappointed.
  13. The passive skill tree farming. aka known as eve online the thing that will be maxed out in 4 years but i lost interest in on day one.
  14. hey guys the beandip is back with a brand new edition i thought 5.6 was complete garbage...skipped 5.7 cause it was too similar... so here i am at 5.8 im like cool, talents trees- doing something right im like cool, smoother combat- doing something right im like cool, starter zone- dope dope. im like cool time cookies skill farming- dope, ill be back in 2 weeks when its maxed out. Hey no one likes time cookies? can we PLEASE stop making this so bloody painful? shoot some hate at me? but come on... no one wants to meet a cookie and eat it a week later. Want to blow up general chat on the server ? just start talking about the skill tree, see how many people hate it. so i can't talk a bunch of poop on the game without offering a better idea. so.. how about.. just get rid of the skill tree completely and give everyone 1 branch... or.. maybe .5 .5 branch? give people some options? maybe progress the skill tree with leveling up? idk bro's help me out here.
  15. i could go for this and i think this could set crowfall apart from the generic mmo. i think it would still be beneficial to have an competitive combat feature even if its a completely separate entity from the main game. i.e. the best thing about final fantasy 8? it wasn't the rpg ... it was that fancy card game that had limitless strategies...... The game inside the game was better than the game itself.. .the best games in my opinion are the ones that have games inside the games. generally speaking.. i feel like a lot of frustration comes from where backers feel like the game is being pushed toward mining sim and none of the said alternatives. (actions speak greater than words ^^) We are patient, but we will complain till we are happy : D i do commend the hard work of developers though, it is apparent. <3
  16. your right, im not playing the current version at all. cause it has the same mechanics as 5.6. ace can keep adding new content, but if the core mechanics don't change might as well "insert kill yourself idiom here'.... albeit they did improve the durability feature (a little) and other various game ui improvements (graphics which i don't care about) for example. Arenas in WoW. stupid simple. extremely fun and competitive with simple player interaction, the game could have taken out all content BUT that and it would have STILL been a fun game. (and no, i don't want another wow game. i want crowfall to exceed my expectations, which by the way are high) but have you ever seen southparks episode where they farm boars to level 100 ? yea. lol im not doing that. a fun game > remove grinding to a minimum (remove time wasters) our time is valuable> increase interaction of players> raise level of competitiveness and strategy> // various game improvements over time after successful game loop established. my favorite quote Myth " no one enjoy Time Wall cookies on their passive skill tree to unlock new in-game content or feel in-game progression. Harvesting & Crafting like most mmo`s should be an after thought - the main core game play is actually PvP, and when it start to be a strategy to avoid pvp due to resource cost on items and amount of hours harvesting rare maths it`s beyond repair at that point hence the low activity on this forum and in-game. "
  17. this is where you're wrong. the core facet of the game can change with simple parameters. sandbox games can be VERY enjoyable. i think ace is being incredibly stubborn with their rigid format. i don't need a complete game, i just need one single game loop that ENCOURAGES player interaction. make it basic, make it fun. easy day. " I'm pretty sure mass production/thralls will alienate all the problems about getting stuffed and such since you will be able to buy the stuff instead of going farming yourself." yo bro? how long will it take my passive skill tree to get that? half a year? wake up dude. i refuse to waste my time farming knot wood and crap resources when i know that 5 months down the line with a full exploration tree that i can do that work in 1 hour vice 5 days.(exaggerated but not really) THE GAME HAS TO WORK DAY ONE . it will flop so hard.. if you make people wait. a lot of really good posts. hitting nails hard.
  18. how about start everyone of with one fully specialized branch i.e blacksmithing with one exploration. then do a completely different system i.e wows talent tree.... mages could be frost / fire/ lightning warriors. defense attack mitigation... you know solve the nub / skill problem all in one fell swoop
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ just throwing this out there as an idea ... but why not give everyone... one specialization. fully maxed out righttttt off the bat. i.e (im a blacksmithing dude. with.... mining as my gathering trait with.. lets say with plate specialization and one handed weapon COOL! .) THEN completely change the skill tree... to... something maybe similar to wow talent tree? gaining one talent per level to level 30---.. (then you guys could fill your pockets with money with expansions to level 40 ... 50 and 60?) ....... ---for a further unique specialization of the character being able to spend gold to re do the talent tree as that person sees fit. assasins... could have a poisson tree? mages... could be... ice.. fire .. or lightning? warriors ... defense... offense... mitigation and crowd control? or... maybe a mix ... of 1 or the other.. cause you know.. I like to THEORY CRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FUN can i theory craft with the current skill tree.... AHHAHAHAHHA . no. i can wait a year till its all done. you get where im going? just throwing a bone of an idea... you know.. something that may be better than what we have right now. its not like people pay me for my expert opinion in the real world. ( they do) oh... and the current skill tree... is garbage. just saying. theres better ways to do it. my way is NOT the only way... but come on..... THERE is some truth to what im saying. you know... with this idea nubs wouldn't hate their first 2 months playing? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW a shock wow... i just solved.. beginer experience of being super bad ... ... i probably solved like 4 or 5 problems with one post..... maybe i should get paid to post oh.. and if you think im a egotistical prick! i am! cause you know what... IM USUALLY RIGHT!!!!!
  20. i actually tried this about a month ago when i was still a little more green. super negative gaming exerpience id farm up some gold buy some gear, go out and farm some more gold -> get ganked, die -> lose gold and durability res => ganked and killed on beach head. etc. etc. all in all the progress was laughable . the experience was infuriating. but you know, i waited a couple weeks before i logged back in with a fuller tech tree.... farmed some materials. Waited another week . ... you know... you get where im going with this? finally... once i had a fulled speced blacksmithing tree.... "ableit a month after the fact" the game actually.... started to be a little fun. just... a little but im curious... ive heard that we are going at 10x the rate.... ? so... ill come back and play the game in a year when it comes out after my tech tree is somewhat finished? or will everyone already have quit? and yes i get the guild thing is a thing. but still.... come on.
  21. not really sure what your going for bro. you see ... i agree with this,, you would need body guards.... but... guard duty... is really... really bad game play. im not in the navy anymore and im not standing any more duty . im also not trying to put myself to sleep playing snorefall watching someone else hit rocks while no one comes to pvp cause im guarding . lots of really good posts. hopefully 5.7 pushes the game to more player interaction and toward a more pvp friendly game loop. (guard duty is less player interaction, just saying)
  22. i believe this is hitting the nail on the head. we should be working backwards from everything is super easy and fun. instead we are working from everything takes forever and is not fun.
  23. mostly looking to see if the game pushes to more of a mining sim , or more towards pvps hoping that it goes towards pvp. overall i think the game is fun in certain areas, has addictive components but it also has high deterrents i.e. inventory loss, durability reduction, long walking towards corpse, long gathering and crafting times for temporary equipment. all these things make me want to run away, and not pvp. things that would help that may help crow death speed > i believe this is already being corrected maybe to a 40% inventory loss? maybe make a new rune for miner spec to reduce it ? increase weapon and armor durability ? not saying that these components should be removed, just saying they should be mitigated. long term hopes i believe factories will help this out when game comes out, but... we'll see. i get the game is pre alpha, but i would like to see the testing base increase, i like the idea of test servers where things only take 1 ore to make i want to increase player interaction. i.e pre appha rune recipes ^ short term hopes medium term hopes- WAY more ways to kill people with the environment.. like.. i can't kill a cleric as a knight? THATS GARBAGE , ill hook you stun you and knock your ass into a pit of acid. super long term hopes - epic pvp battles group objectives, competitive gaming, addicting game loop . smooooooooth combat. IT is of my personal opinion that mining should be secondary to objectives and pvp, but thats just me. (having people guard while gathering sounds like boring gameplay ^_^) As it is a testing phase... maybe test out a small map of capture the flag? Rare resource reward for winning, common resource for losing. 1 ore to make new gear. that would be some fun . King of the hill? rare resource for winning/holding while inside it?, also higher tier resources at the hill, low resource cost to make gear, also sounds like fun? incorporate that 40% inventory loss ... so time spent gathering at hill doesnt' seem wasted .. yet still killing someone gives rewards.... low equipiment durabilty loss... so i dont' feel like my time at hill is wasted on deaths? Lets make the game fun while we test it, <<<<< the more people that play more ideas we can get better the game will be for the future. i think some of these ideas in this forum would be healthy addition to the game until more patches come out. possibly also reduce crafting timer for this server if possible and do a smaller map
  24. i think he means where the entire inventory / spirit bank auto stacks
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