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  1. I'm ok with it being on vessels. I expected it. For what they showed us, it makes sense but i think i would have preferred them on the crow. We already have ways of customizing vessels with buffs and hindrances. I wish they left the disciples on the crow to give it a little more of an identity. Then don't farm for a month to make a bag... Don't use them if they take that long to get.
  2. Pvp players are pve players. Yes, this game should support different avenues of play and try to intertwine them. If you have followed this game at all, you should know that they are trying to do that. They are putting plenty of work into balancing the cost and rewards of different actions in the game. All equipment originates from the environment. People have to "pve" for it. I think this game should have rewarding pve and crafting content but I don't think it should try to cater to a crowd that wants nothing to do with pvp.
  3. In a guild or free for all setting yes but not in a setting that is supposed to be forcing teams. With no way to effectively remove spies i think it becomes an exploitation of mechanics.
  4. This. It's when a player is exploiting mechanics to cause others issue that i consider it truely griefing. An example in crowfall might be players in a faction-based campaign joining a faction to spy on it's players for another faction. Following around the members of their faction and relaying locations to members of another faction.
  5. Pretty sure classes are locked to certain weapon types/combinations. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a dual wielding class but not sure which one that will be. The duelist looks to be using a pistol and melee. i'm sure there will be others.
  6. I hope they move away from hard cc's. I don't think giving them a high cooldown or diminishing returns really fixes the problem. They are strong abilities and the game will still be played around them. They become "I Win" buttons. I'd prefer abilities that don't remove control of the player's character(or at least the feeling of control). Now that we have a more action based system it opens up the option for things that can effect your aiming. Blinds can cover your screen, allowing you to still control your character but you are literally blind. The voxel system also opens up options for d
  7. A big problem I see with your idea is how many resources would you have to give players to entertain them for the first month? If they gave you a small pack of resources then you would probably burn through it in a few days. Then what? you will start complaining for more resources. If they give you a decent amount of resources then people will buy extra accounts to exploit this. I don't think they should spoil anyone. Campaigns are where we get resources. We shouldn't cheapen campaigns because some people don't want to play the full game. It's like asking blizzard for the best gear becau
  8. There can still be a difference between 30 and 175 without it being so extreme that the 30 can't compete. They have also said that skills will level quicker in the beginning. The fact they have this means that they probably want the system to allow people to catch up while still rewarding players who played for longer. To me, you have a problem with your logic. You are saying that there is a problem with the leveling system because of the power a player receives(which you are clueless on). They can be gauged separately. if their is a problem with the difference between a new character
  9. We have no information on how skill level will effect the numbers so i don't know how you can say a new player will be powerless to a vet.
  10. tyrogon


    The point was stealth was still a thing in Darkfall and it had a third person camera (though it wasn't free moving). I don't agree that classes need hard counters but the issue of stealth is that it isn't just a combat thing. In your typical themepark MMO, it's fine. For the most part, it makes it easy to initiate a fight. open world fights don't matter. In battlegrounds, you will know if they are in the area. In this game, It would allow you to move resources without being seen. It's not just a combat advantage. Ganking someone also means they lose their inventory and at the very leas
  11. tyrogon


    When a skills only counter is to pick up a class/discipline then there is a problem. Stealth classes would have to suffer in other areas for them to be balanced. I hate to bring it up but people seem to think that this isn't a option. In darkfall, we didn't have any stealth abilities. We had no names over our heads and crouching would remove the sound of our foot steps. Stealth was still a thing and getting close to players before they noticed you was very possible. It was harder then pressing a button and walking straight at them but i found it more rewarding that way. It required you to
  12. tyrogon


    Maybe stealth can remove the name over someones head or it doesn't have to be there in the first place? Invisible stealth, the way it works in most MMOs, would be way too strong in the game. Being able to move resources with almost no risk would make it way to unbalanced. Not to mention how easy it would make jumping players and taking their stuff.
  13. Animation locking doesn't slow down combat. The recovery time from abilities can vary but animation locking, by it's self, doesn't slow down combat. It might restrict your movement but doesn't effect the pace.
  14. Maybe a little more fun to play but I wouldn't say harder. If anything they are the easiest to play because they usually have the tools to kite. They can kite melee and destroy there longer range counter parts once the get in range. It's easy to los and dodge long range attacks. Once you close the gap, they are easy to kill. Long range is isn't hard to deal with and it adds extra flavor to the battlefield. It would be pretty sad if all sieges were just mosh pits at wall choke points.
  15. But why you didn't like something is why it wasn't your gem. We don't know if you were just bad at it or you actually have a legitimate reason for not liking it. We all have reasons for why we like or dislike something. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out or we don't want to admit to it but there is a reason.
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