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  1. Some of my better quality vessels appear as "[lvl][class]" in the list though they have a name: They should at least have the name the Necro gave them. Or even better: Let us edit it or give a tooltip, so we can see which of the three Duelists is which quality and has which profession. Some bought vessels have rather technical names for selling reasons. Some of them are even wrong. Who wants to have something like "PvP Str High-Elf" in his list when the vessel is in fact Dex, Human and used as crafter?
  2. That would be easy to implement and would work ok. Then it would be nice to have a button to preview the vendors and a filter for offered items on the "ALL EKs" window.
  3. Don´t think so. I had three accounts in this campaign while I only PvP with one. 66 % off. Others seem to have a hamster on every hill - with or without a guild tag.
  4. When you come from other MMOs, you think that your char will be your alter ego for a long time. That´s not the case in Crowfall. Your first white vessel is just meant to see the basics and get a first feel of the game. There is no real need to know what bonuses races or classes offer, because you can´t do sh*** with your first vessel anyways. When you reach the state where you need the best vessel for harvesting wood or crafting leather armor, it will take max 2 hours to find out which class/race combo is best for the job and to level it to 30. So, just roll what you like and enjoy! :-)
  5. 1. Those numbers are way off. 2. Please mark the alliances. I didn´t talk about specific numbers. It´s the general problem.
  6. It´s not theorycrafting that people tend to join the winning team. It´s a self fulfilling prophecy that this ends in a vicious circle if joining the winning team is the key to keep winning.
  7. @PopeUrban Winterblades took the advantage to be the first successful guild. With this system of numbers > all they will get even more winning team joiners to be even more successful until we´re all Winterblades and there is noone left to fight. Or ACE changes the system to the favor of smaller guilds. Then we will see drama in CF when half of the larger guilds players look for a new home to keep winning.
  8. There should be a place to zerg and places not to zerg in a campaign. It isn´t easy to manage a guild with 50+ ppl, so there has to be a good reward for it. In fact herding so many sheep felt like a 2nd job, so I respect every guild leader who expects to get a 80/60/20/... percent reward for 80/60/20/... percent effort. Zerging should be limited to certain POIs. Smaller guilds shouldn´t win the primary objective of a campaign, but they should see how they do in the points per member department. As it is, most guilds fight at POIs where they expect same sized or smaller guilds and wh
  9. Please remove the target limit from CC actions. When a blob is so huge, that it can´t even spread out anymore, it deserves to be hit, slowed, stunned, ... entirely. 2nd thought: We need more unlimited aoe dmg.
  10. Saturday, 22:15 CEST+1: Aerynth US: 8/150 players Aerynth EU: 19/150 players Aerynth BR: 1/150 players Must be fun to feel like "superior" wheat. Loneliness doesn´t seem to be a concern for nerds like you. ;-)
  11. It´s the way how tools degrade. As it´s implemented now, it´s just a time sink. What about making harvesting a real minigame. If you fail, your tool degrades. If you excell, you loot more and better stuff and save some time. Sure, it´s hard/impossible to find the sweet spot between "do braindead stuff for hours" and "concentrate on a challenging minigame for some poor resources for hours", but I never said it´s easy to be a good game designer in 2018. ;-) Just watch how different games tried to stay interesting for their communities between 1990 and 2018. In the beginning it was easy: The
  12. Campaigns are empty because there is absolutely nothing to do. No win condition, no reward for winning, no reward for the time spent in game, no reward for your contribution, no guilds or any other social tools ingame. Stagnation since 5.6.
  13. That´s what they told me some time ago. I still don´t like the idea to waste my time protecting a harvester. We all know that there won´t be an attack as long as he´s guarded. And I wouldn´t want to waste my guildmates´ time while I harvest, too. Yes, there should be different slots for combat- and harvesting-runes. Same for skills.
  14. That´s extrinsic motivation to find a guild. ^^
  15. Great duett starting at 10:32!
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