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  1. Saturday, 22:15 CEST+1: Aerynth US: 8/150 players Aerynth EU: 19/150 players Aerynth BR: 1/150 players Must be fun to feel like "superior" wheat. Loneliness doesn´t seem to be a concern for nerds like you. ;-)
  2. It´s the way how tools degrade. As it´s implemented now, it´s just a time sink. What about making harvesting a real minigame. If you fail, your tool degrades. If you excell, you loot more and better stuff and save some time. Sure, it´s hard/impossible to find the sweet spot between "do braindead stuff for hours" and "concentrate on a challenging minigame for some poor resources for hours", but I never said it´s easy to be a good game designer in 2018. ;-) Just watch how different games tried to stay interesting for their communities between 1990 and 2018. In the beginning it was easy: There wasn´t much choice. Then we had a period with great games without real rewards. We played them, because they were fun. Later developers added rewards. That worked really well. When Blizzard added the achievement system to WoW, people did bullsh!t jobs for month just to complete the rewards (Over 9000! ^^). Now we have it in Steam games and any other game. Because it is so easy to replace the intrinsic motivation of good gameplay with the extrinsic motivation of a cheap reward system. See where I want to take you? Harvesting is boring? Cheap solution: Give better rewards. Real solution: Don´t implement a boring system.
  3. Campaigns are empty because there is absolutely nothing to do. No win condition, no reward for winning, no reward for the time spent in game, no reward for your contribution, no guilds or any other social tools ingame. Stagnation since 5.6.
  4. That´s what they told me some time ago. I still don´t like the idea to waste my time protecting a harvester. We all know that there won´t be an attack as long as he´s guarded. And I wouldn´t want to waste my guildmates´ time while I harvest, too. Yes, there should be different slots for combat- and harvesting-runes. Same for skills.
  5. That´s extrinsic motivation to find a guild. ^^
  6. Great duett starting at 10:32!
  7. Good point. But the map is still useful. New players don´t need a "where" unless they know about "what".
  8. Really? Looks like a tablet MMO for kids to me.
  9. My crystal ball says: 5.7.3, 5.7.4, 5.7.5, ..., 5.7.4711, ... ;-)
  10. It´s not only bad for new players. It´s bad for day one players and for the devs as well. Such a static skill system doesn´t allow balancing changes or additions. So what do they want to sell us after the final first release? Even if ACE gives us free reskill coupons with each balancing patch or expansion - do you really want to reclick a whole evening? Me not. A skill system should be modular in a way that you don´t have to reskill it all to fix a minor flaw. And it shouldn´t be necessary to skill useless stuff to get the skills you want. My suggestion: Let Crowfall be the longterm MOBA with eternal sidepath it is. It´s the only game in that niche and wouldn´t have to compete with major league MMOs like WoW/GW2/BDO/TESO. Do the timebased skillsystem per campaign and handle the eternal kingdom as an eternal campaign where new players get all the points up from day one.
  11. That´s just this one dude who got socialized by spiders or so. Ignore him and the forum is fine again.
  12. Hunger is the core concept of Crowfall. So it IS a survival game! I´d like to see it done as PUBG did it. One of the first campaigns had such a shrinking zone. And dropping weapons/armor btw. That eating thing is just annoying. Sure, there has to be some shadow to highlight the sun, but the pain should be connected to the reward. See surfing: paddle out against the waves for a great ride. Or mountain climbing: walk upwards for hours for a panoramic view. KTSFR? Don´t know that pattern, but sounds good! ;-) This isn´t a sandbox. A sandbox gives you nothing but the tools. A themepark comes with rulesets that limit the possibilities of the given tools. I´d say the dev tool to create worlds is the only sandbox here. Please not! It´s better to die and come back with a full chickenmeter than wasting food while harvesting.
  13. I did it and stopped logging in after that because there is nothing to do with that gear. We really need at least one game cycle. May it be some social stuff (guilds) or something for PvP. So far the passive skill system (I hate it) is the only thing bringing me back on a daily base.
  14. Thought so. Not the only time here... ;-)
  15. I learned in this forum that the forts aren´t important and that it´s enough to have a short timer for the castle in the middle. But I think you´re right. It´s good to have long lasting fights with early enemy detection. At the moment it´s not possible to react if you read the "Faction A attacks your base XYZ" if you´re not already there.
  16. Some of you may remember Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning (WAR). Sure, it was buggy as hell, but the devs did some things right. For example the Shaman´s Waaagh, which worked similar but a lot better than our Druids Essence stuff and... public groups: We had a special interface for that. One could add a group (raid size!) as a public group with a description. When you moved into a new zone you could see all public groups in that zone with names of all members and join the one with a fitting description or known fellows with a click. And leave it just as quickly if there was something better to do (or the group sucked ^^). I liked it! :-)
  17. General Worldwide Forum Rules 1. Don´t talk about religion and politics. 2. Don´t discuss with idiots. They drag you to their level and beat you with experience. 3. Don´t necro old threads! :-) Opinions and majorities may change. This isn´t the club of 20 hardcore D&D founders from three years ago anymore.
  18. Flies decide like that. APEs should know better. ^^
  19. Yes! And let us players install the rangers on top of these towers, where legendary R10 take more valuable mats than lower rangers.
  20. Merrex talks about equipment. Not inventory. And yes, it would be nice to have shared inventory and per vessel equipment. Why should my druid carry the weapons of all other vessels around until they need them again? But Merrex example with armor specialized on combat/harvesting/crafting is even better.
  21. Half of your passive skills address this. It will get better in a few weeks/months.
  22. There is so much running behind the scenes atm in Crowfall. Another example is the crafting where you need a spreadsheet to know what you have to combine for the desired result. Keeping things in the dark on purpose may sound "hardcore", but in fact it´s just bad design.
  23. One passive training per campaign. And to make it fair: Start it with campaign start and not when you enter the campaign. So you would have a different skillset for each campaign and everyone in the campaign has the same amount of skillpoints. The accumulation of points should be adjusted by campaign length: If hunger kills the campaign after 100 days, skillcap could be reached after 50 or 80 days. EK could count as a private campaign with a veeeeeeryyyyy slooooooowwwww accumulation and only the passive training of your active campaign is relevant.
  24. A 2nd/3rd/4th/... account solves this. No, it´s just more of the same of the same behind things you have to take even if you don´t want them. Those skills are hidden in the exploration tree. And even if I went that route, it wouldn´t save me from the grind. Those skills just make the grind more rewarding. And please don´t start trashtalking just because you suck at PvP.
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