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  1. The next downside. If I shape my skills for race A/class A/craft A, why do I have to be locked on that for a new vessel? It doesn´t make sense.
  2. That´s where socialism died. Why should I play at all if there is no reward and time solves it all and gives everyone the same?
  3. That´s how it is atm and it will need more than fine tuning to be entertaining.
  4. Wasting time and worthless mats until you have that high quality discipline is not really a good gameloop. Yes, we need some darkness to value the light, but boring on creation and boring on usage doesn´t make a game fun. It would be a better loop if it was harder to make the best version and that would decay during usage. Going from harvesting to fighting to harvesting to fighting to harvesting and changing the disciplines each time? I stopped doing this during the first week.
  5. Great. Free resources, but not enough skill points to craft something with it. I logged in to see the new map - that´s it. I really hope ACE gets an idea how to keep us interested. At the moment the alpha (live and test) is a bit more interesting than my work in progress at work.
  6. I´m sorry to hear that it was "bullsht grinding" for you. For me it was fun and the start of lots of 1 vs 1, x vs x or guild vs guild PvP encounters. Black Desert did almost everything right until they simplified the class mechanics over months in the live environment. ACE should have a look at that game, but I guess it´s not possible to compete with BDO´s budget.
  7. Yes, disciplines are nice, but I hope they change that system slightly. Disciplines should be complex recipes from poor to legendary quality and once learned it should be possible to switch them without destruction. It´s a neccesary waste of time to craft a discipline right now and I wouldn´t switch if crafting a discipline needed more time or resources.
  8. Level doesn´t mean that much in Black Desert Online. Gear is more important and you can get it however you prefer to play the game. Crafting, trading, grinding, fishing, hunting sea monsters, let your workers do it - it´s up to you. But do nothing and you´ll get what you deserve: nothing*. * Not true. Even if you don´t do anything the game will support you not to fall behind. Work and you will be rewarded. Enlist first shouldn´t benefit you for all times.
  9. True. And... In most trees I´d have all I want at approx 25 %, but I´m forced to skill so much trash to get to the next good skill. It´s bad to have good skills and fillers scattered around the place. Why do we have to skill the same thing in three different trees several times? We need four points to get to the next skill, but five for the last skill in a tree. Some classes/races have cool skills worth the five points in the second to last column. Some have crap there. So my suggestion: Roll the position and tree shape for all skills completely random for each char. ^^ I also dislike the crafting and harvesting skills in the racial tree, but perhaps it´s cool to pick a race as a compromise (racial, class, crafting-/harvesting-bonuses) for others. Don´t know, people are different. Time is change, but time is a narrowing road of no return in Crowfall.
  10. We all just have one voice. But maybe yours is more important.
  11. Let´s talk again when I kill your newbie friends semi-afk. Why should one have to be far better to compensate an unfair advantage? It´s unfair to start a campaign with BIS equip from the last campaign and it´s unfair to start it with 100000000000000 skillpoints spent. And for what? It´s absolutely not necessary and deosn´t help to be proud of that gifted victory. Look how Diablo 3 does its seasons. That´s the way to do campaigns. BTW, that rune and skill system isn´t that bad either. Offers great variety with just some clicks. Not 100000000 clicks for a "carved in stone"-build.
  12. You´re wrong. This game is designed to feed some mouths and pay the bills. And if a one skill system will feed more mouths than another, they will switch. It´s pre-alpha. There is no feature freeze in pre -alpha.
  13. How often would you box with the champion when he´s better than you and you and him have the same gain guaranteed? I would want to box in a seperated league or be able to train harder.
  14. That and the changing worlds are the best parts of Crowfall. But each campaign should have a shorter starting phase and start with equal chances for everyone. I don't want to be unbeatable just because I started on day one. For beginners it´s not cool to wait a week until they can craft something useful. And it´s certainly not cool that they will never be able to catch up. We had this in the first expansion of WoW where content was heavily gated. New players couldn´t catch up and old guilds couldn´t fill their ranks. Some guilds carried their new players, but many just broke apart. I don´t want to turn Crowfall into the carebear game WoW became, but there need to be some catch up mechanics. A new players must be able to reach the level of veterans if he tries hard enough. Have a look at Black Desert Online to see how it´s done right.
  15. BTT: We need something to fight for. To demonstrate the current state of the game, the tutorial vids and a three minutes flythrough of the 5.7 campaign would be enough. ACE, keep us interested or someone else will.
  16. @Mummelpuffin The game isn't done and a lot of things will change, but some implementations let me think that some older devs from ACE want to do the game they couldn´t do when they were young. But things have changed. What´s been cool ten years ago, might not entertain the audience in 2018+.
  17. A: Talent points shouldn't be time based. Most of the time I log in, spend points on my skills and logout again. It would be nice if skills could be earned by playing. B: The skill trees are such a mess. I really don't see a need to skill "same irrelevant crap" ten times in six different trees. C: Skills should be meaningful and choice should matter. D: Skills shouldn't be irreversible. Let us reskill bad decisions and give back 25 % of the skillpoints or so. Especially in the TEST environment the skills feel like a burden. We have all the mats and can't do anything with them for the first week.
  18. I hope there will be differently styled campaign running at the same time. Some with all seasons and a hard winter for the squirrels amongst us and some campaigns whith a focus on fighting, where gathering and crafting isn't that important.
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