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  1. Not necessarily. It just depends on what reagents are used to craft the item. Let's say the crafter uses an alloy compared to basic metal, it would make sense the alloy would be better than the basic metal in it's stats, including decay. To be able to make that alloy however, they player would need to get the rare reagents found in the higher risk campaigns. It's still the risk v. reward plan. You also need to keep in mind the devs probably won't make this gear so much better that it'll be a game changer, slow decay or not.
  2. I never suggested this. I would imagine if someone was crafting out of a material that decayed slower, it would have better stats across the board since it was made of a higher grade material.. Also, I had already acknowledged this.
  3. I know the devs may not have this worked out yet, but how will item decay work? I know one factor will be the rule sets with 30% item decay on death and such, and I imagine there will also be a use factor, but else will determine how quickly an item decays? Will the crafting materials determine how much an item can decay before breaking? What about disciplines and artifacts? Could a thrall be binded into to it to slow decay?
  4. I see no problem with naming without any costs to it. It helps players feel a little more unique, especially if they are into roleplay. With item decay, I see no reason why there should be an extra cost to naming an item other than a crafter charging a customer more for that feature.
  5. I think expansions are fine. An expansion for Crowfall could include new rule sets, archetypes, wildlife, crafting recipes, maps, disciplines, and promotion classes.There are plenty of ways they could expand game play that would be more than a simple "money grab."
  6. Not sure if this was always there, but popped into the store and in the Keeps & Strongholds section, it says this in the description, "Rivers, forests and mountains! Villages, keeps and castles!" Looks like the answer was in plain sight.
  7. Snatched up another Keep and Fort since store credit is finally up Sorry (not really) for bothering about that on here and Twitter for the last week or two.
  8. Oh babymetal. How uncomfortable you make us all
  9. Yes, but lets say I just want the mountains and no citadel. I could just leave the citadel in ruins, but I assume a mountain citadel isn't going to be cheap in store or in resources, so why buy that when I could just have a mountain range parcel? The question is will those be a type or resource parcel?
  10. I can't remember where but I believe Todd said it was an interesting idea, but not high on the list of things they wanted to implement in game.
  11. I wasn't asking about the tax free parcels. In the Q&A for June, Todd discussed the use of the tax free farmland. My question was about landscaping the kingdom.
  12. I had figured as much, Todd isn't shy of saying "We don't know," but I was hoping they had at least considered this enough to say they would like to have that feature and would look into it.
  13. When purchasing parcels from the store or creating them from in-game resources, will there be some sort of an option to have specific features such as mountain ranges, forests, lakes, etc. In the EK FAQ it says this, But that's not very specific. I know one type of these parcels are the tax free parcels we got from KS, but what about geological features? Will these be available to craft/purchase? Or could there be an option to terraform our "wild" cells for those features just for looks with no building purposes?
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