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  1. If any Europeans want to suffer on a 300ms+ connection to the OCE server, be my guest. I'll take that free loot any day 😘
  2. The strategies ACE use to deliver their game are entirely up to them. They have creative control of our experience, as they should. Whether or not low-pop servers are a good idea is certainly debatable. Although, I feel like a few of you have allowed this to distract you from the issue. So lets just take a moment to look at how we got here. Maybe this will help us all understand why this issue has dominated. It is not a simple case of toddler jealousy, or your typical give us servers rant from any other MMO forum. 1. Devs commented on several reviews and interviews stating that there would be BR/OCE servers at launch. Great! BR/OCE players start jumping on board. 2. Players pay for the game expecting their regions will be serviced. Regions are supported for the tutorial. More excitement is starting to build up as we recommend the game to our friends. 3. Campaigns begin to launch without BR/OCE servers. Those of us running guilds tell our groups that hey, maybe it's just a covid or logistics issue. It's fine. Lets just give ACE a bit of time. We can still set ourselves up for a strong start! 4. A few more days go by. Frustration is growing; but most of us are understanding that it can't be easy launching in Sydney right now. 5. Poorly considered comments start to come out from ACE. Our region will not be supported further unless a bunch of unspecified quotas are met. There is no measurable effort or commitment by ACE to support us meeting these quotas. We realise there are several better-resourced MMOs planning to expand in our region in the near future. Maybe ACE got scared; maybe they've already given up on us? 6. ACE apologises and opens up about building our regional populations, that low-pop campaigns are a bad experience, and suggests that advertising will happen soon. However, they don't seem to understand that playing 200ms+ against sub-50ms opponents is a bad experience anyway, even if the game is designed to hide latency. We struggle to see how this experience will lead to player retention. We ask ourselves again, are they really as committed as they say? 7. The BR/OCE communities start to realise that because we've waited so long (in good faith), we're now ineligible for refunds. Several forum topics and guild chats start to describe that their refund requests have been refused due to time played, or outright ignored. Conversations on discord start to build up: were we scammed? Does this breach our local consumer protection laws? No personal hate is intended by this comment. This is why I've chosen to refer to the devs as ACE. This critique is of the perceived company values, not the individual people. Hopefully this will lead to some internal reflection at ACE regarding their future marketing and PR. This is my final comment on the issue. ACE have made their decisions and despite by criticisms, I am wishing this game, it's devs, and the player-base a happy and healthy future. Time to see where it all ends up.
  3. To my BR/OCE babes, I'm not sure what we actually expected from ACE in response to our concerns. They would have had a server road map months in advance (at least). It would have been acceptable if they had just been honest about it from the get-go. However, it's clear they chose to exploit our good faith to drive initial sales of the game. It was predatory behavior at best. These follow up comments from the devs only serve to confirm a pattern that already existed. To put it in perspective: You know you have a PR problem when you manage to convince a pocket of your player base that Amazon (gods forbid) will be the more trustworthy alternative... 😐
  4. Gluttony has temporarily closed recruitment due to ArtCraft's decision to withhold Australian Servers until our population reaches an unspecified number. I will not comment on that decision here. ArtCraft are free to manage their game however they see fit. However, the large majority of our membership have decided that Crowfall simply isn't worth the time investment until it is confirmed that the Oceanic region will be fully supported. That being said, we hope the situation changes and wish you all the very best of luck playing and developing this game.
  5. I did express my support for BR servers in the first post I made to this thread, but I will admit my choice of words in the second post wasn't the best. My apologies if you felt excluded by my second post. We're all neglected, server-less buddies here 😅
  6. In fairness, as far as we know, they just haven't opened a campaign for OCE yet. They didn't have a campaign for US West either, although one went up soon after EU and NA-East without notice. The concerning thing here is the lack of communication with OCE players in particular. Oceanic communities have been guaranteed extensive support by competing MMOs over the next year and beyond. I sincerely hope ACE don't miss their window of opportunity to capitalize on our largely neglected community before someone else does. I think most of us in this thread can agree; Crowfall is a gem of a game even with all of the temporary rough edges and UI issues. But at the end of the day, we can only support Crowfall if ACE gives us the opportunity. Servers, communication, and advertisement in our region to grow awareness. That's what we're asking for here.
  7. Preferential treatment of time zones is one thing. Being locked into 220+ms for everything except God's Reach? Game-breaking. Here's hoping ACE put out clarification for OCE/BR campaigns.
  8. Welcome fellow Glutton! Recruiting Status: Closed We are an Oceanic Guild dedicated to the cheeky bantz. Our aim is to return to the early days of MMO guild culture focused on community and shared growth. Gluttony fills the middle ground between hardcore and casual play. We encourage players to explore classes that they enjoy before worrying about the meta. You won't ever be forced to min/max or play a class you don't enjoy. However, we will support you in creating viable builds for your own enjoyment. We welcome all play styles, time investments, and levels of experience. Every new member is an investment that we want to see grow. What do we provide? A new guild with opportunities for leadership progression. A supportive, community focused guild. Freedom to play the class and build of your choice. Scheduled Guild events [PVP & Economy] A variety of experience levels from Early backers to Post Launch players. A fresh discord community that you can help define. A guild-focused Eternal Kingdom. What are we looking for? Anyone and everyone from the Oceanic Region Participation in guild events Casuals and Sweats Patience and respect, especially in the early months. Active participation in our discord (voice or text chat, whatever floats your boat) Supportive attitudes and commitment to our community guidelines We hope to see you at launch!
  9. Don't worry mate, we're here! Lets hope the OCE server makes a return appearance at launch 😍
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