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  1. Hey all, Looking for a guild to call my future home as we inch closer to the full release of Crowfall. I live in the US and currently reside in the Eastern time zone. I am finishing up my undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky, and am starting law school this Fall so I'm hoping to find a community I can spend and enjoy my down time with when I'm not hitting the books. I'm a relaxed gamer, and just enjoy the draw and scope of MMO's and Crowfall's mission if you will has interested me for quite some time. I've played on a few test campaigns so far and enjoy what I have got to play thus far. I've been playing MMO's all my life from Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars 1 & 2, WoW, Warhammer Online, D&D, the list goes on. I have never really been a PvP player, but that is what interests me about Crowfall specifically and I think it will be cool to switch my style up a little bit. I'd be glad to answer any follow up questions through personal messages. See ya on the battlefield, Dalaca
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