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    asian langauges, building websites, and mmorpgs , golf
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    York PA
  1. upon installing 445.75 by the geforce experience then https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/350672/announcing-geforce-hotfix-driver-version-44578-rel/ and getting the 445.78 and installing this (CLEAN INSTALL NOT NEEDED) workd crowfalls works , just helping pppl out
  2. if you have the nvidia driver (GAME READY for Half life ALYX) version 445.75 that enabled DLSS 2.0 it may cause gpu issues and crashing with crowfall if you have issues just got back to the older doom game ready driver 442.74 version then crowfall should not crash from this issue this is a tip from my pov
  3. this is so sound , it is a good idea i like it
  4. hello i made a pdf calendar you may print i think it is only 6 pages ( but may use a lot of color ) just a warning lol it is simple if anybody likes this i can make a 2019 calendar around dec for 2019 jan starting ...... and do a full year, if you like the project you can see the project here at my site ..... https://crowfall-compendium.gq/pages/projects no need to register to download i made this from powerpoint if you like to make a powerpoint project, or any other project, have a enjoyable time , after going to that link please check the bottom of the link the
  5. i set up a hybrid social networking site that is secure and non owned but a big social networking site name that "ahem" shares and sells data wont mention its name here , but check out https://crowfall-compendium.gq yes the gq on end specifies a free domain name but i have paid ssl and hosting from cpanel and thought i would share my resources for a family-night of homelyness and the plethora of features and in about 20 different languages worldwide. and a plethora of features such as: 1. gaming and family photo albums 2. Friends chat if at work or on mobile with 2-w
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