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    asian languages, building websites, and mmorpgs , golf
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  1. @jubileet fair enough i should not have gotten that word in there , i will fix it
  2. what does that even mean on the topic of conversation , @Mookzen
  3. As i am in EU Vodinay and currently first on the leaderboard for moon: wiley17402 as rewards were cut , i almost dont even care anymore 10 fold , cut 25k to 2.5 k where you can grind that in 5 mins in gods reach < makes the individual reward, meaningless as an art+craft support'er i dont know why they would do this, shadow / dregs / anything , i dont know if i will play campigns, anymore if this happens again < risk is not worth the reward currently i can stay safe in gods reach, and make that i with out losing anything, fyi dont nerf gods reach , or no one willl play , if something is too low, dont lower the rest for equality , dont drag the higher to the lower , make shadow individual rewards worth-while and make guild rewards -individual , not just claimable by a guild master , who distributes and just peons get nothing , not saying this for my guild leader he is very fair LOL
  4. thanks for that scan i didnt think of posting anything , tho i know any link that can be clicked / copy and pasted , is "as is" the website i built used a script , (Social Engine 5.4.1) it is a propriatary software for social networks, and the photos in the zip file on one drive , are just taken this morning , from me on the test server, but thanks for posting the proper av scan and such for the website , I am sorry when i posted this morning i didnt think about that ! i want the community as safe as the next party ,
  5. as this may be popular information , i included the photos on my dropbox zipped https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkyPAJT0rdLygaZxDkJgYhtLjhH4vA?e=KlLyiT the files are in total about 26 megabytes from the crafting and crafting belt photos of the 7.0 test server i took this morning common to legendary and uncommon belts to legendary
  6. i built a website for the guild Lunar Dragons , most of the stuff here is not public, but this project i set up is public check this photo out at the site https://lunardragons.com/ it has images of all crafting disciplines from common to legendary it also has images of all crafting belts from uncommon to legendary
  7. if you replace a common with another common (with better stats) you lose the current experience gained, a guild mate tested this !
  8. For Best Results when Experimenting on a crafted gear what do you choose: and possibly why play it safe? play risk and reward? or peddle to the metal ? highest risk i find i got stats higher when being more consistent not too risky, i try to only go above when it is "colored yellow in the experimentation stats" but normally stick to keeping my experimentation stats to be higher than the final experimentation difficulty , let me know what you choose and why , based on your average crafting! thanks for reading and feed back is greatly appreciated wiley17402 in game WileyDan#9061 in discord
  9. thrid time it , it is a charm
  10. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). the grind and crafting aspect .... i am a craft addict: there is always something to do the ability to move servers to meet time demands and friends on other realms the victory card system, the structure is in-depth and not vague Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? non popup windows when you get a whsiper or tell ) chat in a sense is very clunky if you do not know the keybinds to move between them when in battle , ( ie crtl tab) or my keybind the tilde ( ~ ) Eternal kingdoms and build mode is a downfall, the entire higlight all and everything is a mess, would like a shift + T or Shift + B for highlighing in build mode setting , so we can run around with out stuff highlighted , would like an event system : played made events , Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive, and please don't list something you've already listed. It takes time for bugs to go through the internal process and get fixed. when the game reloads the terrain ~ you may get ported after moving away from the sector / spot you just refreshed at , then , it will put you back there like that spot refreshed was your " bind place" throne in ek is when placed and looked at like in a sitting positon , it will place itself backwards , when backwards it will place propperly If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. how did you come up with crow and crow fall ? the name , it could have been the same if it as penguin / melt lol (i doubut it : I tried: LOL ) I love crowfall i wanna thank the team and community of crowfall for being there for me : the game has stopped me from gambling and losing tons of money monthly since july 6 2021, and for this i am happy , thanks for being there for me wiley17402
  11. I started a crowfall community website if you like it let me know (i will take msgs in discord or game ) come visit my site at : https://crowfall.gamingcommunity.life/ sign up and join the events , trades, and meet other friends of crowfall this site is in english buy default but has at the "Footer" (bottom of the site ) 19 other langauges what can you do on my site ? upload photos of your game (albums) write a backstory or other game info : (Blogs) there is a text chat if you are not in discord (say you maybe at work ) anybody signed up can set up a poll , and ask gaming realted questions, get results of the votes set up guild events, (pvp and non pvp) on the site set up groups such as these examples but not limited to (crafting, gathering, playing, friendly) groups also can put in videos espically for crowfall / guilds promotions , events , and such other things not only that but meet others and add as friends and get a 2-way friendship (this protects from spam)
  12. thanks for the info very helpful !
  13. upon installing 445.75 by the geforce experience then https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/350672/announcing-geforce-hotfix-driver-version-44578-rel/ and getting the 445.78 and installing this (CLEAN INSTALL NOT NEEDED) workd crowfalls works , just helping pppl out
  14. if you have the nvidia driver (GAME READY for Half life ALYX) version 445.75 that enabled DLSS 2.0 it may cause gpu issues and crashing with crowfall if you have issues just got back to the older doom game ready driver 442.74 version then crowfall should not crash from this issue this is a tip from my pov
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