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  1. Probably nothing. I got 5 guys to be paid supporters and we are all very disappointed at this farm sim. I aired my grievances on the forums in a constructive way, but was basically shot down by fanboys. Well now here we are, those fanboys are also complaining. Currently playing Mordhau then will probably move on to something like Elder Scrolls VI. What a shame, they should have built the spiritual successor to Shadowbane but they pretended to do that while actually building a theme park WoW clone and on top of that a theme park WoW engine clone for other companies to license and make their own theme park WoW clones. Artcraft is playing a game called Unity, and giving us the lackluster results. I wonder if they fixed the bug where Druid orbs can't be cast on platforms? Sorry to be harsh, this game needs a fire lit under its ass.
  2. When you can simply ask guild for everything you need to "build" and "customize" a character, you're just throwing on a role like a coat in the closet. This is why I'm not entirely privy to having all of the customization based around items and farming them. Pure item based character progression is unintuitive and lazy. Slowly cranking up a dial on some numbers to generate a new tier of "skill" and a new tier of "content" is not my idea of fun. WoW did that and it was lame. Even Diablo had more creative ideas than just slapping CON/INT/DEX on some gear and bumping the numbers up every time they want "progression". What I propose is they should have an achievement system and talent tree that resets each campaign: capture a fort = gain 2 talent points (repeat) destroy a tree = gain 4 talent points (repeat) harvest 10 mother loads = gain 2 talent points (one time) defeat 5 players from an enemy faction = gain 3 talent points (one time) defeat 10 players from an enemy faction = gain 5 talent points (one time) defeat 50 mobs = gain 3 talent points (one time) maintain a 3:1 kill/death ratio during one whole season = gain 5 talent points (repeat per season) Then you could have a tree to select talents from, sacrificing choices along the way to customize your build. This would add an extra layer of counter-balance which players could theorycraft and design crazy builds with. You could think of it as an extended MOBA mechanic where instead of gaining skills quickly by getting experience, you gain them more slowly by accomplishing set goals. The talents would reset each campaign much like a MOBA does each battleground. What this does is incentivize players to go participate in pvp more while making themselves vulnerable to other players also trying to obtain said achievements. It breaks the hard line between harvesters, crafters and pvpers. That rock-paper-scissors mechanic will get boring and something like this could fix it by mixing up the stew and creating set goals for players, guilds and entire factions. That way you get to keep the passive skill training as a separate account-wide perk system, but you also get the benefit of training for specialization and making sacrifices to maximize certain other abilities on a per-campaign basis.
  3. That sounds a bit like "when it's done". They're also building an MMO platform to license out at the same time as this... No doubt, the passive skill tree is lackluster and linear so I bet they will change it somehow.
  4. I do think that's a start, but it's also a very good example of just how linear things are. So if I want to be a healer druid I choose staff. If I want to be a dps druid I choose sickles. Snore...the choice is so brain dead simple and all it does is glue you to the role of healer or dps even further. So while it seems like a specialization, it's more of a limitation. What about a bow or 2h axe druid with lightning based weapon powers? No mam, you get a Staff or Sickle. Those are your options as druid. Why must everything be tied together in these arbitrary ways that limit character building? I don't like how almost everything is tied to items. That's basically what the issue boils down to. New players open up this elaborate looking tree and because they've "seen a skill tree or two in their time" they get all hopeful about the choices and theorycrafting they'll get to do on this screen, only to be bludgeoned back down to reality because it's not meant for that. It suggests something isn't right and needs a bit of tweaking by the devs.
  5. Let's be honest, some are vouching for this passive skill system simply because they are the pay-2-win type. They will buy 2+ accounts when game launches to ensure they stay ahead in multiple professions OR they are hustlers and buy 10 accounts and sell them pre-aged from day 1 for a profit. I'd imagine EVE players were doing that... I just checked and there are numerous EVE accounts being sold online for $100+ Guess what the first attribute for sale is? Number of skill points. So here's your awesome "passive skill system" on full display boys!
  6. You're right. The passive skill system is incredibly linear and just plain boring!!! It feels like you don't even get to build a character, you just choose one and then "level it up" by spending points you earn over time (often while not even playing) on mostly the same kind of "spec" that everyone else will also be choosing. In the end, this feels more like a participation system that gets you to log in every so often and click some doohickeys / watch some numbers go up so that you feel like you're making progress in some weird roundabout way. But it is a far cry from character building like what we had in Shadowbane. There was a discussion about it here:
  7. Your chumbait's in the wrong string, bromego!
  8. It sounds like a great idea and I can definitely get behind that, but it all depends on the execution and if that means sacrificing experience bars for a lackluster skill progression, well then I'd rather be eating rat stew. We're tip-toeing the line between an MMO with slower progression + persistent world, and a MOBA with quicker progression + temporary world. I don't doubt that a game somewhere in-between those genres would be awesome, but Crowfall is taking a stab in the dark being one of the first studios to try it out on this level (not to mention the hybrid RTS factor too), so I think it's vital to be constructive in this phase about any aspect which may feel boring or unintuitive. It's very easy for an established studio to regurgitate ideas/genres from the game industry and see gains, but doing something entirely new with a new studio is difficult and it comes with the risk that what they're making is not a proven formula, so they have next to no idea how it will be perceived by the mass gaming community unless more people are offering their feedback. Good to hear the arrow crafting thing is temporary...or supplemental...or whatever. Hopefully!
  9. It sounds like you're talking about Crowfall but using the word "mobs" instead of "trees". Because that sounds like Crowfall's 1-20 leveling model as it currently stands: chop hundreds if not thousands of trees to craft arrows to level up (got the carpal tunnel to prove it). How is that more fun than actually using my characters skills (attacking/defending) against some practice content (PvE) so that I gain mechanical skill/knowledge of my character while leveling at the same time? Some of this will change, obviously they are going to add more stuff. I'm just not of the belief that certain game mechanics are set in stone and others are not. Anything can be made "a little better" and the question is only how far will they take it (the skill system). I'm hoping they take it further because it's a bore right now and yes that's my opinion. Discussing bugs is not much of a thing. You report them and done. Like what I did here: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/21949-562-live-feedback-and-bug-reports-for-7518/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-399064
  10. Three years might sound like a lot, but exposure and acceptance by a large player base (beta) is what really matters for the long term success and this hasn't been done yet. You are a tester which means you are a small slice, a mere handful, of players who are going to have opinions and spread the word about this game. Are you certain all these potential customers are going to welcome an Eve-like skill system in a heavy character build / reroll oriented "somewhat successor to SB" type of game? I'm not so certain myself. I don't really have to speak for anyone else, since they will keep leaving their comments here in this forum. And if it's enough of an issue, ACE will fine tune it to suit everyone better. That's how development on a large project like this becomes successful. I may be late to the party but I'm a member of this party whether you like it or not
  11. This thread is about the perceived shortcomings of the passive skill system, linearity in character design, etc. From a new player's experience nonetheless. That is the topic and we are here talking constructively about it. I assure you these perspectives are important to the dev team. If you don't enjoy a constructive discussion about this then might I ask you to go find another thread, instead of you telling me to go find a different game?
  12. I already paid for the game dude. Because I believe in the dev team and the vision. Look maybe it's hard to understand, but we're in a testing phase and it's THE time to voice opinions/concerns/ideas about the game. Nothing is totally set in stone, even if they say it is. If they need to change something they will. If it is because it turns out not so many people enjoy their skill system, then they will change it. I'm not sitting here saying "get rid of the skill system or I quit"...I'm saying it's not fun how it is (and people do agree with that). Your lie down and roll over attitude ("this is what the game is so take it or leave it") serves no purpose really. I'm here to offer constructive criticism where I see fit.
  13. No poorly made socks sherlock. I was giving an example to PunkMaster how SB had a system already in place which handled progression in a way that he (and others) were suggesting should be possible in CF. If you thought I was literally explaining how crafting works in SB then you assumed wrong. I was applying the idea of crafting to that system and suggesting how it could work.
  14. Shadowbane had it down pretty good. You'd start Humans with say 30% blacksmithing and Elken with 0% blacksmithing. So as Elken you'd have to put 30 or so training points into your blacksmithing just to reach the ability of a Human. That's a 30 point advantage the Human now has over you which could be put to use elsewhere, but you agreed to take the handicap because you wanted to be a top tier blacksmith. Another thing they could do in Shadowbane is start Human and Elken both at 17% and then say that 1 training point = 2% for Human and 1 training point = 1% for Elken. So you have to spend twice the training points as Elken to stay on par with the Human in blacksmithing. It was a fair and balanced system.
  15. Right on....I'm trying to like it for sure. I think we only have a few of the pieces to play with at the moment so it definitely has a lot of room to grow still.
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