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  1. What's the first major feature/content you were excited to add to a game? How did it go?
  2. This is very important. Too many interactions and too much required action makes long play sessions tiring. Wildstar combat was both too active and the telegraphs didn't feel much like the attacks. I think taking the movement from Wildstar and the combat from Terra might be a good call.
  3. I assumed there would be Minotaurs due to Shadowbane and the fact that we already have Centaurs. More -aurs!
  4. Niche isn't so much about how many people play a game but instead how it's made. A niche game has specific target goals that are known to focus the audience the game will appeal to. Games that aren't built as niche games try to add features to appeal to as many groups as possible. Non-niche games lack focus and this often leads to features that aren't well resolved. Eve is a niche game and it has one of the larger MMO playerbases.
  5. Stealth should primarily remove you from tracking/scouting features as well as possibly removing any UI that might appear near unstealthed characters. A normal character may have a name floating over their head, a stealth character won't. A normal character will show up when a player uses track and display how far/which direction they are from the tracker. A stealth player won't. Invisibility and Stealth are not the same thing.
  6. This is a lot like Travian. Travian is a browser based city building and warfare game. At the end of a server a powerful NPC faction appears. In order to win your server you need to capture a wonder from the NPC faction, hold it, and level it up. The NPC faction and other players will constantly attack the wonder while the holding guild and its allies keep sending supplies in. Possibly getting too many guild to kneel too early would leave you unable to defend against the NPC swarm and reduce your income. Or possibly getting kneels will give you the assistance you need to keep holdings agai
  7. I think this seems like a pretty reasonable assessment. The question is what the result of kneeling would be and how long that window will exist for. I like the idea of having a point in time to make a decision to leave the conflict through kneeling or to go all in and work for victory while risking loss. Getting a decent export from a kneel could be pretty valuable for future conflicts letting one guild stair step another that just got defeated.
  8. Was just feeling the desire to make that point again, Funpire.
  9. This game's looking great. In my experience MMOs are either innovative or good looking, not both. Also, that's how I like to see a broadsword wielded. Hopefully she uses a lot of momentum to switch between sword stances and attacks.
  10. They indicated that characters are persistent while worlds and campaigns are not. I would suspect you start without any gear but with any character driven perks, attributes, etc. you've built up. Vets will get a leg up on total noobs but I'm sure gear's going to be important. Attacking a noob in full plate using only your fists is likely a bad deal for anyone.
  11. This sounds great and really lines up with some ideas I've wanted to see in MMOs for a while.
  12. Then why did you say that city building wasn't considering implications? I didn't say that players needed complete freeform control just that city building and defensive design is important to a game about sieges. And yes, I see that you did suggest a compromise, somehow that was washed over by my desire to respond to the first statement. However, I was never thinking complete freeform city building so it's an odd conversation to be having.
  13. I don't think you're considering the possibilities. City building pieces can be designed to connect in certain ways and have certain restrictions that prevent cities from being non-sensicle piles of imperivious junk. There can also be limitations on building that make it more difficult and expensive to build structures that are more difficult to attack. Things aren't black and white, it's not either fully freeform minecraft or fully prefab. There are a variety of PvP games in a variety of genres that allow players to build bases that other players can attack. It's been done well before, I
  14. Good games are about more than just one thing. If this game is about sieges it should also allow for gameplay that relates to sieges between them. This is both smaller skirmish battles and building up your town defenses to better weather the next siege. Having a good defensive designer is useful in the same way as having players who are better organizers and tacticians for large battles. All of this comes together and makes a dynamic battle experience instead of repeated stale sieges on totall prefab structures.
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