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  1. I love finding unique ways people find to use skills... I hope they leave this in =P
  2. The worst game that I supported before release that did a 180 to cater to the mass and grab that cash was Mechwarrior online. At first their vision was a 3025 area battle tech like game and as soon as they collected the money from us that like that style they switched to clan area of course. They they changed thing to make it more fast pace and like a shooter... and so on. Here at crowfall I have seen ArtCraft listen to the fans, but give the game they have promised (so far) so I still have confidence in them after being burnt in the past.
  3. Even though I have the Amber backer... I so think I want to wear the top hat badge... Can we change the Amber and higher to a Fez hat badge so I can stop wanting the Top Hat?
  4. I agree, most companies seem to rush "early access" to steam to gain financing... Crowfall doesn't need that. Steam release however can be a positive for the game.
  5. Couple new podcast up, thanks to all that came out to watch us this week. Also Max updated our social media contacts on our website this week.
  6. I am for areas in the game that can spur up conflict and small scale battles. This sounds like such an area. Better group up and protect that loot boys... The wolves are always watching.
  7. We are very excited at Legion of Myth to be able to integrate Crowfall as a big part of our Live event each week. Max and I both played Shadowbane, and found many things about the game enjoyable and support the vision of the devs for this game. As you can tell by the video the host are passionate about the game and enjoy talking about it as well as other gaming or like genre topics. We are just getting started, but hopefully any who choose to listen found the talk and content enjoyable.
  8. Can't wait to be on the site bright and early in the morning waiting to get a pack! Oh and all the information... that to.
  9. And I have found my class/race... who needs stealth when I can burrow!
  10. First, I love the Elken Stalker story... he was a hunter, but in the end his prey got him. Its great to see a hero fail for a change. Next Voxels... Your sure take the wind out of EQN sails, honestly I think that feature really was the only thing it had going for it aside from EQ lore (which they were reinviting anyway). I also loved that you even stated you can in fact dig under walls... well that brings a different angle to a siege. Does the rodent/badger looking race get a bonus to digging?
  11. They haven't said anything about if they will lock certain regions into their own localized servers.
  12. Two things they have said about this... "We will license some of the overseas rights for Crowfall. We're going to try and keep control of the English-speaking territories." "10. Does this apply to the game world-wide? or just North America? These answers are for North America only. Other territories will have likely different pricing methods. Details related to other markets will be released at a later time." So seems like NA is there first priority, but they are open to selling rights to other non-English speaking countries. SO servers in Europe seem likely for both English and Non-English speakers if the revenue is there.
  13. Liliandra


    Someone already posted the halberd, but also this one (while not a spear type, still odd)
  14. That's an interesting thought, I like it. Honestly I think more can also be gained by another range class being revealed.
  15. It limited the amount of crafting and gathering one could do, but that in itself didn't destroy Archeage. What did make it bad was the fact non-sub players only gained that labor online at a slower rate. This caused all sorts of afk/ idling problems at times when the servers had queues. Also since that labor system was so important that one could see it as a pay to win tactic in some ways.
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