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  1. I haven't gone back yet but just for anyone that may like to know about it. Gemstone IV now has a free account. http://www.play.net/gs4/
  2. It has nothing to do with being logged off. You gain skills as you play and offline. You are better off playing more because you will get more skilled at the game.
  3. I am still in beta three. No Change here and I have not made a pledge either.
  4. Initially it was looking to be more Wildstar like but they last said it would be more Tera like with less animation locks. Or at least that is what they are shooting on.
  5. I need to hear more on EKs and crafting. Mostly the crafting.
  6. Just also wanted to remind folks that we don't know what rules they will be in the Dregs. They have stated that different worlds in it will have different rules. So you may be able to bring resources and gear into some of them.
  7. I need to start in on the Clone Wars, I saw the initial release in the theaters but didn't keep up on the show. I am however watching Rebels. I can't wait for the new movies!
  8. Guinecean Harvester Stoneforge Armorsmith I am torn on Druid and Ranger for my actual combat action.
  9. I certainly hope that it would or at least state what the goals from paypal funding will do. Or if they did keep it separate, instead of adding it to the KS goals maybe they say that for every 250k in paypal means we can do the added worlds or something along those lines.
  10. Each stretch goal is hiring more people. They are just saying the plan with those workers will be. It was also stated that after the second stretch goal was met they would be doing the next stretch goals to finish the other rings after Dregs. I am not sure why you felt mislead though. I do think they should have made the Dregs ruleset a bit more obvious but they are giving you their game vision with nothing just made up for the heck of it. Also it was stated that in the Dregs would be different worlds with different rulesets and not just the one ruleset they have shown in a picture. I will also add in that I have not made a pledge as of yet because I still know very little on the EKs and crafting. So I am not trying to fanboy them for sure but I do believe they have been pretty transparent on what they are doing overall.
  11. ACE is the one stating you can have a pure crafter character and that crafting is a big chunk of the game. If everyone here wanted to only do PvP then they wouldn't be making crafting a big part of the game.
  12. Looks to be about 5 million. http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/
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