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  1. Continued Feedback: Crafting has no interaction. Nor is it interesting. Easily solvable static puzzle. It can be fun because it is the gacha model (feed the machine over and over to get the toy you want), but this is a visceral, gambling type of fun, different from interesting interaction and competition. Once factories come at least it will take less time, but it will be just as uninteresting. Forcing crafters into campaigns for keep buffs or because of import/export restrictions would at least make it as interesting as harvesting. Adding a system to bet on campaign outcome, or bid on guild contracts, or invest in or against other crafters/shops could make it interactive. -- The most interesting thing about harvesting is that it may be contested. You may be attacked, or you might run into someone else and attack them. For this to work it is critical the population vs map size is carefully considered. More specifically for testing we should have only one campaign, and get pack pigs ASAP to replace exports with contested objectives. Hopefully factories and large structure decomposition into materials will decrease the amount that needs to be done. I'd much rather the "little" harvesting that needs to be done be hotly contested, than a lot of low risk harvesting like we have now.
  2. PSA: combine quality DOES affect stats

    I have a lot more data, it just wasn't relevant for this conversation. You are right, if you tested blues and purples as well, you might notice a pattern in the modifiers (such as +1 for each quality stage). That said, +1 on 32.6 is a lot different than +1 on a 208.7 (e.g. I'm on my phone, not at my hidden numbers spreadshert) durability base hidden number. So +1 in all situations might be less likely than 5% (incidentally 1 is 5% of the base 20, though goes less evenly into 32.6). At any rate, the point of my post was not to provide my data, spreadsheets, or formula; just to inform that a commonly accepted idea regarding mat rarity's effect on stats was incorrect. I encourage everyone to confirm on their own.
  3. PSA: combine quality DOES affect stats

    The astute reader may observe: well, if the +% is applied to a Hidden Number (and not actually the base stats), then do sub-component stats only affect the base number, or do they affect the hidden number as well? I feel like I'm giving a lot of information away for free, but...yes, yes the hidden number is modified by the stats on the sub-components.
  4. There was a recent Q&A and a LOT of in-game chat misinformation that combine quality only affects available pips (it also affects assembly success rate, but that's before the combine exists). @thomasblairsaid something like "No, you're wrong it does" and then went on, but didn't explain how. Many people, especially @KrakkenSmacken, keep telling me not to invest any time reverse engineering the crafting system because "it's all going to change in 5.8" -- and that might be true, but I just wanted to say that a few simple tests will demonstrate that material quality does affect stats. Your first clue should be the +% that shows up on the right side during experimentation. Maybe you mostly ignore this, but anyone with a basic understanding of arithmetic has probably looked at it and said: "In what world is 20 plus 42.28% equal to 33.783?!?!?!"--I know I have! Well, that's because it lies. Or what I've heard affectionately referred to as "Blair math". The formula isn't Base Stat * 1.4228, the formula is actually Base Stat + Hidden Number * .4228. This is why a low Base Stat like 6.5 on rune tools can jump into the 80s when experimented on but you can add 60% to a base intellect 60 vessel and only get 10 points. And the important thing for this discussion, is that hidden number is DIFFERENT depending on the quality of the gear you are experimenting on. For example the Hidden Number for adding health to metal plates in white is 32.6 (why??? only @thomasblair knows), but the Hidden Number for adding health to metal plates in green is 33.6. So while it's true the Base Number is still 20, whether you use white mats or green, whereas +42.28% may equal 33.783 in white, it'll get you 34.206 in green.
  5. i would like to see quest

    please no quests. i hate quests. don't tell me what to do with my game time.
  6. Most of the nodes in the harvesting branches are fairly useless, but a few are really worth getting. That said, investing in combat is more worthwhile if you are trying to do everything on one character. I don't think the harvesting system is finished yet, so future updates may change things, but I also generally disagree with adding too much "power" to the skill tree. Since it is just gained passively, I'm ok with the benefits being really small. Is there equality between the harvesting/crafting/combat trees in terms of node impact towards those sphere's gameplay?--not even close. But that seems to be a different topic. I'd rather them nerf the more impactful trees than buff the minimal ones (just me personally).
  7. Sample set too small. Also the skill increases in advanced trees are small. But if you harvest enough, it makes a difference--albeit not huge.
  8. And just posted forum announcement too for tomorrow. Looks like they are coming down a day earlier than anticipated.
  9. JSON Error

    A capture can also show if you are trying to access the wrong uri, for example you have a cached or corrupt serial number being used in the open socket call. If that were the issue, and not caused by an interim web cache between you and ACE servers with outdated responses, then simply deleting all local files and redownloading the client would resolve that issue.
  10. JSON Error

    Doing a quick pcap, I can see that the remote json metafile is hosted on: resolved as: which returns checksums and filenames for your directory to help get your local directory to match the correct server directory and you can play the game: ..."files":[{"name":"locales/en-US.pak","size":26643,"pad":2029,"mtime":1508434054,"attr":0},{"name":"avcodec-54.dll","size":1400846,"pad":4082,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"avformat-54.dll","size":222734,"pad":2546,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"avutil-51.dll","size":151054,"pad":498,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"breakpad.dll","size":97600,"pad":704,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"cef.pak","size":2474239,"pad":3841,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"cef_100_percent.pak","size":299362,"pad":3742,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"cef_200_percent.pak","size":395372,"pad":1940,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"cef_extensions.pak","size":4096442,"pad":3654,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"CFLiveLauncher.exe","size":3205256,"pad":1912,"mtime":1518729461,"attr":0},{"name":"d3dcompiler_43.dll","size":2106216,"pad":3224,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"d3dcompiler_47.dll","size":3466856,"pad":2456,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"devtools_resources.pak","size":4578714,"pad":614,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"icudtl.dat","size":10206624,"pad":608,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"libcef.dll","size":47517184,"pad":512,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"libEGL.dll","size":74752,"pad":3072,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"libGLESv2.dll","size":1576960,"pad":0,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0},{"name":"locale.pak","size":26643,"pad":2029,"mtime":1518729427,"attr":0}, (Edit: it's base64 encoded, but after you decode it you can see it in plain text like I posted above) the information is transferred over http, so ssl is not an issue from a network layer sense, however, the json itself is signed via JWS x5c: 0E0-ZJVN;u0 *H 0}10 UGB10UGreater Manchester10USalford10U COMODO CA Limited1#0!UCOMODO RSA Code Signing CA0 170504000000Z 190504235959Z010 UUS10U7870110UTexas10 UAustin10U Suite 31310U 815A Brazos St10U ArtCraft Entertainment10UArtCraft Entertainment0"0 *H 0 {kFWqMcA'^N3r|aXxTV}{ ;"%w|)}.a]{i]}~PF1RKRag169$EsYls6hFOO?HmLkR`D"F;MzIe4f_#-lOO>[`qpo7 6)N<Ai>wX 8uw00U#0)`MjKI0Ud4 c[ jgFc$0U0U00U%0 +0 `HB0FU ?0=0;+10+0)+<0:08642>+02$+0http://ocsp.comodoca.com0 *H Z.xb;5bCdCbx'Fa5CHIb[ [b"m"UE0ETo N@+9nIvW4h2%$XTkpM\M&S(WkH6IQ|:[~-6L}"2M,#XdgeZT $*o[<i%e(@ 8 You should confirm you can reach the above host via hostname and ip, and if that all checks out, take a packet capture while logging into the live launcher and verify the signature and json file you receive. That error is in retrieving (network) or validating (the JWS signature) or reading the json (corruption) and the problem should be clear from a wireshark capture.
  11. JSON Error

    I tried to duplicate by setting up an untrusted resigning proxy, but there is javscript that you won't be able to get past on, so you wouldn't have even been able to download the client. Did you download the patcher from the website on the same computer and from the same ISP/internet connection? With no issues? Or did you have to manually trust the cert? (Did you look at the signer when you did?)
  12. JSON Error

    Most problems should have been resolved by your VPN test, but maybe the VPN you used was a split tunnel or didn't tunnel DNS, etc. You might want to remove your proxy, if any, in internet options. Also, try switching your DNS to Google DNS. A packet capture is really the only thing that will give you concrete info, people can only speculate here.
  13. JSON Error

    I'm surprised VPN didn't work, usually that would get around your country's firewall (China, Israel, etc)... Error could be do to retrieval (network connectivity) or security (your client isn't able to verify the server's certificate or you don't have the proper root certificate). Your best bet to identify the problem would be to take a packet capture while attempting to update the client and see if you have timeouts or if you have client resets on the SSL handshake and then send that information to support. There's no reason to suspect that error has anything to actually do with JSON itself.