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  1. I have a lot more data, it just wasn't relevant for this conversation. You are right, if you tested blues and purples as well, you might notice a pattern in the modifiers (such as +1 for each quality stage). That said, +1 on 32.6 is a lot different than +1 on a 208.7 (e.g. I'm on my phone, not at my hidden numbers spreadshert) durability base hidden number. So +1 in all situations might be less likely than 5% (incidentally 1 is 5% of the base 20, though goes less evenly into 32.6). At any rate, the point of my post was not to provide my data, spreadsheets, or formula; just to infor
  2. The astute reader may observe: well, if the +% is applied to a Hidden Number (and not actually the base stats), then do sub-component stats only affect the base number, or do they affect the hidden number as well? I feel like I'm giving a lot of information away for free, but...yes, yes the hidden number is modified by the stats on the sub-components.
  3. There was a recent Q&A and a LOT of in-game chat misinformation that combine quality only affects available pips (it also affects assembly success rate, but that's before the combine exists). @thomasblairsaid something like "No, you're wrong it does" and then went on, but didn't explain how. Many people, especially @KrakkenSmacken, keep telling me not to invest any time reverse engineering the crafting system because "it's all going to change in 5.8" -- and that might be true, but I just wanted to say that a few simple tests will demonstrate that material quality does affect stats.
  4. Most of the nodes in the harvesting branches are fairly useless, but a few are really worth getting. That said, investing in combat is more worthwhile if you are trying to do everything on one character. I don't think the harvesting system is finished yet, so future updates may change things, but I also generally disagree with adding too much "power" to the skill tree. Since it is just gained passively, I'm ok with the benefits being really small. Is there equality between the harvesting/crafting/combat trees in terms of node impact towards those sphere's gameplay?--not even close. B
  5. Sample set too small. Also the skill increases in advanced trees are small. But if you harvest enough, it makes a difference--albeit not huge.
  6. I'd love to see this get 800k at release and the GROW from there. I hope the people who jump into early access and write it off will come back for launch...but first impressions are everything. A very sad part of this business model. And if the game is difficult for new players to come in late, even 800k is just going to drop and drop until it dies. The days when the server is populated is awesome. The days when it is dead suck. This isn't a themepark or single player game where other players don't matter. The enjoyment of the game is entirely dependent on people being in game and p
  7. Thanks for the correction. Thank you @Scree and sorry for missing the mention. Somehow I had the Stealthed blog associated with Malekai and I thought that was Anhrez. Anyways, thanks for all your hard work!
  8. I just wanted to give some public kudos to @Anthrage for answering so many new player questions over and over in game. To @Kraahk as well for always responding to new player questions on the forums and in game with grace and energy and love of the game. To @Scree @Anhrez and anyone involved with Malekai.org. Incredibly useful, but undoubtedly tedious to maintain with no db API hooks in the game yet. To @Jah for the campaign maps and to -W- (Winterblades) for maintaining the crafting combos spreadsheet. I'm sure I'm missing many people, but thank you all for your continuing contributions t
  9. Exactly. Agree 100%. Wish I didn't waste so many words trying to say the same thing. Well put.
  10. I want this game to have a healthy population. That is the single most important thing for its success. It is not a themepark or single-player game where it doesn't depend on other humans to be interesting or entertaining. This is shaping into a really interesting game. But you can't play it without people. People will quit. Real life will happen. You need to get new players into the game to replace them or it's just going to fall on its face.
  11. I know. Hilarious, right? If it's nothing, trivial, inconsequential like many claim, no harm in letting others have it. If it's not and actually matters--all the more reason. It's not like gear or runes or relics you can play the game and obtain, catching up with some friends, effort, and a few days off work. There is no way to obtain these things. They are not cosmetic, they are game balance impacting. Let new players buy them, just like you did. If you think they need to suffer for joining the game later than you...shouldn't it be the opposite? Shouldn't they be jealous
  12. People are playing EQ right now who weren't even born when it came out. Lazy, for sure.
  13. So instant access to a tree would fail to encourage new players to have to learn an uninteresting system. Sounds like a huge win! But, if you want to say, hey, they might make the skill system awesome and even in a way that new players aren't disadvantaged by it, then, sure, I'm on board. I'll believe it when I see it, but if ACE has some miracle design they won't push to test because it's a proprietary secret then...great. But until I see what that is, or have someone explain such a system, I've been solicited to give feedback.
  14. So why so desperate to keep it from new players? The only people who will think it's trivial are the people who are caught up and current on it.
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