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  1. hmm, yes, you are correct. i am able to damage nodes i have no pips on.
  2. This feature has worked for me off and on. I'm not sure what the exact conditions are for when it works and when it doesn't, but it isn't 100%.
  3. Been a long time coming...

    In my opinion there are only 2 main reasons why population is low and the skill system or even silly minor bugs aren't among them. 1) Progress won't be saved. Lacks MMO's accumulation goal. (This is the main obstacle for traditional MMO players) 2) No way to win. Campaign victory conditions. (This is the main obstacle towards just having an active beta. Many people will play the same game over and over again even if there isn't a meta-system for progress. There will always be chess and bridge and so forth. The more classic MMO PVPers may still hold off for progress saving, but people who just want to play a game against other people are not to me underestimated) Once either of those are in place population will increase, and once both are in place it will be great. But realistically ACE knows this, and maybe they don't want to draw EVERYONE in right now. Self-starters who learn this game reading the FAQ and the forums and don't mind a few bugs or systems that change from patch to patch are one thing, but, as they say, first impressions are everything, and you don't want someone to hop in and write the game off entirely because of various trivial elements that really aren't anything more than placeholders.
  4. I am a huge fan of Raph Koster's design and his involvement here was the primary reason I became interested in the first place. His and Mark Rosewater's blogs are the only game design blogs I consistently read. However, I do think it's a mistake to assume that simply by forcing interdependency on the professions in this game will necessarily create an economy. I think that's putting the cart before the horse. Rather interdependency requires an economy to work, and whether this game will have one or not still remains to be seen. An economy has to center around *competition* not *cooperation*. Bear in mind all the people harvesting and crafting for their guilds exist outside the free market. Self-sufficient guilds usually operate like socialist communes or benevolent authoritarian states, but even if you did build one around a currency like participation points (like the kittens seem to be doing), your imposing an external structure from outside the game. Will this game be able to support a free market crafter or a free market harvester or free market bounty hunter / mercenary / escort / bodyguard; and should it? Another distinction is synchronous vs asynchronous interdependency. Obviously PvP has teams and team comps and the holy trinity of tank/dps/heals. You also have motherlodes which require 2+ people and there's even an element of synchronizing abilities/training/disciplines (at least in the early stages before people have trained in redundancy) to require some strategy and coordination in group composition. The game seems very geared towards this type of coordination, splitting raids into groups with roles and tasks, listening and following directions, trusting leadership, performing and "making plays" within assigned roles, etc. Indeed it seems likely this will be the determining factor in the large scale success of guilds and raids over twitchy skills and 1v1 performance. But this is completely different from ensuring your guild has each type of crafter and gatherer. Because, for the most part, if you have 9 craft accounts (1 for each crafting profession + an extra blacksmith so one can go armor one can go weapons) and 5 gatherer accounts, that start training on day 1, they aren't going to be noticeably different from one and another. Again, I think harvesting is better off than crafting. Motherlodes provide an (albeit small) coordination task and *IF* servers are properly populated (big IF), harvesting involves human interaction (gankers, enemy harvesting parties, friendly harvesting parties competing for same nodes). Also, I don't find harvesting any more or less boring than PVE in this or other MMOs -- just the same mindless rotations (but here with the added benefit of possible human interruption) -- so to me it just seems people's taste. Combat animations at mobs is somehow more exciting to them than swinging tool animations at resource nodes. Mechanically they strike me the same. But I really hate PVE too, so... Crafting, though, will it ever have human interaction? Will they add some meaningful way to distinguish one crafter from another? The itemization and gear choices are laughably generic, especially with Specialty Seals. Let's just call them "Crafter Armor" or "Leatherworker Rings". Since you have vendors, delivery/production time/responsiveness to tells and special orders is meaningless. Quality is RNG. The only difference between products will be price and why do crafters even want gold anyway? To buy mats? To craft more stuff for you? Is any *free market* crafter going to find that an interesting game??? A guild crafter at least wins with their guild and contributes to their dominance and victory. Are crafters really going to be satisfied building up their *instanced* EK as their reward? Or do they want to win relics and artifacts and campaigns? How is money going to help them there? Indeed this was my feedback two days after buying the game and reading through the FAQs/forums ( and indeed playing 10+ hours a day since then hasn't changed my mind at all. This game really isn't a gear grind (whatever people think) and aside from a few EKs with free market vendors (pretty much ignored by all the self-sufficient guilds) no one cares what their instanced EK that no one will ever visit looks like. The game has one role -- people who fight to control objectives and resources -- and also some tedious stuff you need to have enough people in your guild with multiple accounts to knock out at periodic stages. And there's nothing wrong with that, but that's not to create an interesting economy, and the crafting/harvesting tasks become tedious if they aren't interesting. Give crafters something actually interesting--like contracts or share holding or betting. What if guilds can have contracts with free market crafters, varying levels of exclusivity and delivery is handled automatically and asynchronously (making it more convenient than their own multiple accounts which may or may not be online when they need them). What if the crafters have an active task that isn't grinding and isn't standing still and is interactive? Like a news feed of contracts being made (both supply of resources from guilds to crafters and supply of equipment from crafters to guilds) and as system of investing and share holding in other crafters? What if crafting professions also came with the ability to "bet" on the guilds and factions in campaigns for a portion of a victory laurels? So many possibilites...
  5. I'd prefer just get that something to fight for. Campaign rewards, bonuses for owning forts/keeps, etc will solve this problem. It's funny people complain about grinding harvesting nodes and then they also complain when they can't. Now's a great time to explore or PvP, because the opportunity cost is lowest
  6. Drank Plentiful Resource Logging Potion. Fell tree. Stamina would not regen. Food meter only had one bone, but still ate until food meter full just in case. Still would not regen. Relogged. Stamina now recovering but Potion 30 minute buff gone. Potion effects shouldn't go away until duration (30 minutes), even if relog.
  7. Composite Recurve Bow has a slow for a "Hunger Shard" additive but neither the Banewood Hunger Shard nor the Sacrifice Shard will go in that slot. What is supposed to go there or is this a bug?
  8. Ah hah. I was wondering what those crows were always doing there. They are in character creation! I guess I'd just assumed balanced kept getting killed near Restokin's and AFKing in crow form. Nice find.
  9. Hardened Leather Square has three placeholders: recipe_slot_optional_04_display
  10. I've said the skill systems progress should be EITHER slower OR faster than the 3x speed which you advocated which isn't even the 1x speed of the current design. In other words I've supported the design OVER your suggested changes to the design. And you accuse me of wanting to make it an entirely different game.
  11. So "crafters" and "harvesters" can spend the first couple weeks PVEing mobs for gold? Just like you can spend two weeks doing quests in WoW so you can start using the Raid Finder. And just like all raiders love fetch quests, I'm sure people who see all the crafting and harvesting systems in this game advertised in the FAQs and videos are going to be thrilled to log in, set their skills, and grind mobs for two to four weeks before they can.
  12. I'm not talking about completing the skill trees. I'm talking about time gated recipes and time gated resources you can't get until you train the skill. Nothing else. The fact that everyone is 1% stronger than they were yesterday is whatever who cares. I don't care about *that* system because they're just numbers progressing (and at the same rate for everyone--you and your enemy!) That's just like all those Chinese "infinite" level P2W games, it doesn't fundamentally change anything.
  13. No, that's not what I'm asking. I've said before I want them to choose if they're a progression game or an end game--not have a month long tutorial. If you can do everything in game 2 that you can do in game 300, then why is game 1 any different? I'm not against progression, but if they want people to constantly be progressing into new tiers and unlocking things then they need to make it much slower (alternatively: reset it each game, or add new recipes and tiers each game, essentially the same thing)--because as it stands ONLY the first game will feel that way. When instead every game should. But if they want it to be about resource management and territorial control, then give everyone some amount of crafting and harvesting from the beginning, say approx one campaigns worth, so they at least have something to do besides waiting for their class to unlock. The idea that an MMO is a two to four week "intro", followed by the "real" game, may be accepted by the WoW fans, but it's not how it used to be, nor how it needs to be. Personally I find no merits in that model. I have enjoyed long grinds of 10+ hours a day for over a year to hit max level. I've enjoyed games where people have everything from the beginning. I've just never played a game with a 2-4 week "wait" to play the full game that I didn't want to skip the intro. We wait because we have to, not because we want to. Unless that wait is long enough -- years -- then it's not worthwhile to dig in deep in the various phases. The time and thought you've invested in a phase is meaningless once you're passed it. So even from the beginning, you only think and strategize about the end game, satisfied to "settle" for 70% or so in the interim phases, because they will be over by the time you would've spent the energy perfecting them anyway. But if the wait is long enough, people actually have to form new strats and builds at every stage of the game. So my point is both extremes work. It's the middle way that creates a forgettable tutorial experience you are eager to put behind you.