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  1. On top of that, it's also required by Korean law for Korean-made MMOs to have similar systems (Like "Stamina" in Elsword which limits the number of dungeons you can run in a day) in order to keep players from starving themselves to death and whatnot because they refuse to quit playing the game. On another note, while I can see the argument that such systems are "realistic," since obviously people can't swing a pickaxe or what have you for hours on end without breaking a sweat, it really just seems like an unnecessary system IMHO. We won't need it to bottleneck the flow of resources. Re
  2. I would just like to point out that this topic has two and a half pages of amazing discussion, yet only one vote in the entire poll. That said, I would love to see a lot of the various warfare techniques such as phalanxes and shield walls becoming common practice in Crowfall, though I dunno how exactly people are going to be able to raise their shields above each others' heads. I'm also curious as to what kind of impact support and mage classes with have on the battlefield. I'm really excited to see some of the new battlefield tactics that come into play that weren't developed in histo
  3. The grind's really not bad at all right now. My friends and I are seven levels over-leveled for the area we're in because of the month long double XP event currently running. That said, I can still quite easily say the gunner class is the worst thing that could have happened to the game. Its toolbox is essentially unlimited and its damage is through the roof. It's entirely self-sufficient and has no real weaknesses whatsoever. On top of the things I listed in my previous post, I've also discovered it has AoE CC abilities as well as the ability to spawn a minion that not only adds to
  4. I pick door number 3. Leave FF on, and when someone starts attacking his teammates, the rest of the team proceeds to kill him and camp his spawn point over and over again until he leaves.
  5. No. EKs have a multitude of uses and actually provide small, but tangible benefits to the players inside of campaigns. EKs can be used as trading hubs, as well as sites for hosting tournaments and other various things that players come up with. Relics & Trophies stored in houses & keeps in EKs also provide small stat bonuses to players inside of Campaigns. Plus you have to have somewhere to store your resources between campaigns. Also, the above post. Pretty much that.
  6. A couple friends of mine and I started playing a couple days ago. We're about level 23-ish, though we're in Lake of Tears as opposed to Mount Tyrannus. I'm playing a Lancer currently, and though it was a bit difficult to get the hang of, I've gotten quite good at using it. I am severely displeased by the sheer power of the Gunner class though. Rediculous mobility, heavy armor, large AoE attacks, and enough damage to immediately lop off half of a tanky Lancer's health in one hit, all in one character. While I really don't expect to beat one with my fat, immobile ass, I'm having trouble eve
  7. Sounds like a waste of resources IMO. Cool for Roleplay, sure, but hardly necessary or impactful in any way. Maybe have some options for age and scars at character creation, or perhaps some cosmetics you can purchase, but having an entire system devoted to adding scars and age to your character is pointless and excessive.
  8. Really makes me wish I had been born about a decade earlier. I didn't really get into Shadowbane until late in its life cycle, but I still really enjoyed playing it, even carrying over into SBEmu when it opened up and became more playable. Now it's onto MagicBane because, in the immortal words of Ralcor, MELEE SYYYYYYYYNC!!!
  9. I gotta agree with Gonzo here. The most important question to ask about any proposed combat system is "how well will it work in large GvG scale combat?" I feel like with this kind of combat system, it would come down to a matter of scale. Not scale of the player base, but scale of the stats system, such as how much health do players have, how much damage to players do per swing, and things like that. Like with just about any combat system you can propose, it'll obviously favor whoever has the higher number of players. But the level of impact that number of players will have can be ton
  10. Does it matter who I am? I know it doesn't matter who you are, contrary to what you may think. The fact that you feel the need to cite how long you've been on the Shadowbane scene is simply testament to your egotism. And I'd say "you're welcome" for wasting your time, but clearly your time isn't all that important to you since the only one who wasted it was yourself by writing the post to begin with, not to mention you only added that last part just for the sake of making yourself sound like you're actually important. It's 11:00 at night, so no, I don't. I could say the same once aga
  11. Do you... really have nothing better to do with your time than write essay after essay as if people actually take what you say seriously? Like, holy poorly made socks, nobody cares. Stop flooding the topic with your off-topic hogwash. You wanna have a damn flame war, do it over PMs. You're just making yourself and WM look like a pack of crybabies who can't handle it whenever someone even so much as whispers a slightly negative thing about you.
  12. Who cares? Q.Q moar people. That's what I say.
  13. Solution to a nonexistent problem, not to mention a waste of time and resources to code. The risk is a part of the game. Gotta live with it.
  14. Pen and paper. That's all the honor system you need.
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