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  1. Menu/Lobby issues: (1) When searching through the EK list, if I click on an EK, the pop-up covers the scroll bar; (2) the message for the EK stays on the pop-up (in this case "get off my lawn" for srathor's ek) and then transfers to the pop-up on the campaign list if I switch lists. PS, it's no wonder I can't scratch my ass in this game without getting rolled when people are posting the stats of their vessels (they're light years beyond mine)... Presuming of course that I don't suck at most all aspects of the game... a presumption that I would likely lose.
  2. Not to sound like a broken record, but we don't know yet. As best I can tell, crowfall is ahead in development, so you're ultimately trying to compare the hopes and dreams of one title with the actual performance of another. Optimization is one of the latter things to develop, so how much optimization potential is left, we are not aware. There have been some material improvements in 5.8, the full extent of which are presently unknown. At the moment, a 50 player battle isn't completely out of the question.... however, I won't hold my breath for crowfall (or any other major, new mmorpg) hitting the 300 mark. I don't think the developers of crowfall have ever really specified these targets, but I would be shocked if the game can hit 300 players in a single locale @ 45 FPS minimum with current average hardware at 1080 or greater resolution. In fact, a substantial portion of the new content has been directed away from the large single battle scenario, e.g. outposts, camps, campaign islands, separation of beachhead from campaign proper, distributed resources/POI, etc. This suggests to me that they have a good idea of what potential yields are available from optimization. What the final numbers end up being is anyone's guess, but if I had to bet on the over/under of 300, I'll take the under. However, 300 users in a single battle is not something that this game needs to live up to in order for all aspects of the developers' (and I think the vast majority of the player base's) vision.
  3. How well would this Run CF?

    First, the game is not released yet. I'm not sure when or if it will be released, but it could be a year or more away. As a result, my suggestion is to wait to make your purchase until release due to the general depreciation of computer hardware and other unknowns presently with the game. In short, you may be able to get a much better system for the same amount of money in a year. Alternatively, you may be able to save up some more money over the next year and get something that will be more future proof. Second, there is no benchmark and there is no general consensus regarding performance on any particular systems, e.g. there is no consensus as to whether the game runs better on AMD or Nvidia GPUs, AMD or Intel CPUs, what level of VRAM, how many cores/threads are optimal, etc. Further, game software optimization is not yet complete. As a result, you're buying in the dark if you try to jump in now. Third, you build your system around the resolution and performance you want. What resolution do you want? Based on those specs, 1440 is out of the question. Frankly, 1080 is almost certainly unlikely as well. At some point you have to throw your hands up and admit that it's cost prohibitive to get the performance you need. While I might have unreasonable standards, I'm not going to play any game at less than 1080... and it needs to push 40 fps most of the time for an MMO. Your money and time, thus your call, but it is something you need to really consider. In other words, it's not enough to ask "what are the bare minimum specs to get me in the game?" when you may not be able to participate in much group play at more than a slide show. Do you enjoy losing every battle? Fourth, have you thought about buying refurbished or used systems? These might be able to offer significantly better specs for the same or less money. You would probably have to get a base system and then add a videocard, but it could save you quite a bit on the core bundle. Fifth, you're probably going to need at least 4 cores and my best guess is that 6 or 8 will be optimal. My i7 4770k does somewhat tolerably paired with a GTX 780 to push 1080p for most things in crowfall (with many of the goodies turned down/off), however it is not likely to be sufficient for large group battles or much of anything other than solo or small group play. Although, to be fair, large group play is a slide show for many folks. When looking at benchmarks, they're almost virtually all for single player campaigns because benchmarking a multiplayer game, during multiplayer gameplay, has too many variables to be practical. The benchmarks that do use multiplayer scenarios tend to favor more powerful CPUs (e.g. the battlefield series, planetside, etc.). In short, who knows what you need, but my experience is that large multiplayer games often benefit substantially from a better CPU, not just a good GPU. Last, the dual core you've proposed is unlikely to be sufficient... You not only need to consider frame rates, but frame consistency and quality. It's one thing to say you're averaging 30 fps @ X resolution. However, it's another thing to say that performance feels smooth at 30 fps. Are you going to notice those dropped frames when your CPU can't keep up? All frames are not created equal. What is your upgrade path? How much will it cost you to upgrade in the not too distant future? Again, maybe my standards are unreasonable, but my suggestion is to wait until there is more information available before you purchase anything. I plan on upgrading my PC for crowfall, but I'm sure not about to do it until there is a better idea of what hardware performs the best with the game.
  4. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Alright, it's time I throw in the towel and admit that solo play is simply untenable in crowfall. I'm ready to contribute. As far as my personal background, I'm pushing forty, am gainfully employed, and plan on being a casual/semi-casual player. At the end of the day, family comes first. I estimate I can dedicate approximately 10 hours per week to game play, but this may increase based upon need. I also have a pretty flexible work schedule, but also have very busy times of the year that will severely limit available time. As far as experience goes, the most likely relevant games will be SWG [my favorite] and Warhammer Online, but I've played all sorts of games (mostly MMOs and FPS, some RTS) for the last thirty years, e.g. vanguard, age of conan, wow, unreal tournament, battlefield series, etc. If I have to make spreadsheets to be more efficient, then I am capable of doing so. My primary intended areas of focus will be crafting first, harvesting second (although it will take up the most time), and PvP third. I desire to play all of these aspects and would prefer them in that order, but I don't really care which portion gets the most of my time as long as what I'm doing is actually working toward something and that has some sort of purpose. These things are painfully missing as a solo player. I'm looking for a guild that can handle a complete game loop, at the very least for all crafting professions, but preferably for all aspects of the game. In the end, I don't really care what it is that you want me to do; I'm looking for some direction and to have some type of purpose in the game. Although, I would prefer it not solely be trying to accumulate cutting grit... I can take whatever profession and exploration skills, as well as whatever class, you want me to have... I don't have any particular loyalty to any faction, so whatever faction you want me to be is fine. Further, I expect to play on the NA servers and I am located in the U.S. Central time zone. I can get whatever program/chat software is desired. I'm not really interested in joining and bailing, so I would prefer to do some trial runs with any potential suitors, and I understand the feeling is mutual and that there will be some type of formal process for acceptance into most guilds.
  5. Infernal [NA/PvX]

    I can't really speak to the guild mechanics, members, or any other aspect, but I wanted everyone to know that members of the guild helped me equip my vessel in some advanced gear with nothing expected in return and after having just met me. Sure, this is a mechanism for guild recruitment, but I'm not even sure it was brought up... This is the only help I have received in the game (gear/mats wise) and I just wanted to thank you by providing good feedback on the forum. Thanks again for the help.