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  1. Quality titles bring the membership out of the woodwork. The development team not sucking and laying a giant deuce on the consumers/community keep us playing over a longer duration. If Crowfall delivers on its promises and is a quality title, those other titles won't matter and the vast majority of the player base in the Legacy Clan will be present on the new win train.
  2. the SS of faction chat were pretty good during the Castle rush. Defiantly a top 5 fun time moment in AA pre lvl 55. Many tears were had in the mines...
  3. ForumFall 2.0 is gearing up. Now give us a Political Map!!!

  4. I look forward to pooping in this guilds cheerios. You can go back to your super secret covert xXx Ultra-Rainbow xXx Ops now. That is all. Edit: I forgot to ask. Please ally with Oran'Thul and make this easier for everyone.
  5. Good. Because the individual(s) leading CotP in early AA should be covered in doodie and staked to the ground in the Dregs.
  6. QFT. I concur. I like your like post with more likes. Edit: Hump day drinking and typing fail.
  7. There is a reason SOE was/is banned from my wallet. NGE and the decimation of an amazing title in SWG was the final nail in the coffin. Look at it this way Gordon, it could be worse, your name could be John Smedely... Edit: I misspelled John the Destroyer of Games last name.
  8. Osium, mad? Insert Shock Face
  9. Rule #1 making any epic PvP Title: Don't Freaking Suck!!!

  10. Good. Was wondering where the XoO was. XoO tactics and economy are usually on lock down. Question always is and will be; "Everyone has a good plan, right up until they get punched in the face:. I think execution and build synergy are going to be huge factors as almost always.
  11. What a lot of players may or may not know is that most of the "Legacy Clans" actually have long standing working relations where we like to smack talk and shyte stomp each other as much as we like to work together to mega crush as server. Most, not all, but most of us talk among each other on the regular. It's only so much fun for so long to nut hug up and syte stomp a sever into submission. Than it gets super boring and lonely and we end up fighting ourselves and the Korean/Chinese Bot guilds while measuring pixel ePeen in duels and tournaments.
  12. I like to think of it as similar to the levels of Hell vs the Abyss as we all eat popcorn and watch from Sigil.
  13. If you nut hugged any harder you would be a skin tag on TSP's collective taint. Your ability to infer blatant sarcasm is probably on par with your PvP skillz.
  14. What was the going rate back than for PC Gamer to do a write up. A dozen ham-n-cheese hot pockets and two handies in the back office?
  15. I know when I make a troll account I always make sure to have less than 10 posts on it so the community takes me seriously. Your post smells of desperation and jealousy. Please bring mor tears next time.
  16. Polishing off another H8R Aid chalked full of vitamin F and U mineral

  17. Tell me Rallic is still playing with you guys. His rage is pretty legendary.
  18. Credit Card Warriors disagree... I think the "Domination of AA" title only dropped from Black Amex boxes out of the Cash Shop.
  19. We actually had a fun time pooping all over kids in the mines in Auroria to help facilitate LotD and FoE getting Castles on launch day. The Old Guard needed to show the pubbies what's what in the big world of Alliance Meta. KGB and LotD working together usually spells trouble for some server shard.. Edit: Because I don't need another Strike for circumventing a weak "Profanity Filter"..
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