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  1. From my experience with multi-game communities they tend to be a bit dead/underpopulated in each individual game.. If I were interested in joining LotD could you give an estimate of how many members might be moving with you guys?


    Quality titles bring the membership out of the woodwork. The development team not sucking and laying a giant deuce on the consumers/community keep us playing over a longer duration. If Crowfall delivers on its promises and is a quality title, those other titles won't matter and the vast majority of the player base in the Legacy Clan will be present on the new win train.

  2. What if I've literally never heard of the KGB outside of being a russian spy thing?


    It's ok, I have never heard of you. We get that question all the time. No, we are not Russians. Yes, we have some mad Easterners. Especially the provincial Angry Frenchman and his zéro baise given.


    Basically, blah blah blah, since 1999, epeen, epeen, epeen and drunken pvp extravaganzas.


    Glory & Beer.

  3. This is actually one of the things I'm very interested to see how ACE handles.


    Number of players, network latency, and server heartbeat speed are in tension with each other; pick any two but not all three. If you have a fast heartbeat for action combat, you either have to limit the number of players in an engagement or you become very latency-sensitive. If you want to have very large encounters and also be somewhat latency-friendly, you need a slow heartbeat. (EVE actually adjusts their heartbeat rate dynamically during very large battles, the "time dilation" effect).


    This is why traditional shooters typically have such a low population limit- in order to maintain the fast heartbeat an action game needs while also being somewhat latency-friendly.


    If Crowfall wants to have action combat and also large encounters, the third leg is latency. If you're on a slow connection (slow as in high ping, not as in low bandwidth), I don't imagine the game's going to be playable at all well.


    Which is why fundamentally PvP in Crowfall should be a slow burn and not a frag fest of CC lock, spike down and next target or just a bunch of AoE death spam.I would much more prefer a slower server heart beat with longer time sinks to allow for skill, group dynamics and tactics to shine and not twitch/ping ruling the roost  with a one button macro,

  4. Don't you worry. Players will find a way to nut cup and ally to crush a Campaign. What you hope for is high drama and meta in order to keep the intrigue and ePeen wagon at full steam which will keep population levels up and facilitate populated Campaigns instead of ghost towns.


    We have seen it before. You get a Zerg/alliance that doesn't completly suck, they run ruffshot all over the community and then finally get bored without any real resistance and then the zerg/alliance breaks down and the status quo is returned back to quasi balance. Occasionally when a zerg/alliance is on full punk mode, you will get a counter zerg/alliance that tries to set the prior on fire to break their strangle hold on the server.


    See: DFO in early-mid EU


    I think this game will be a lot more unorganized than people are envisoning.  Most people who play games generally don't have time to coordinate at night after a busy day at work, will hop on with a vague notion of an objective, and probably will team up into small randomized groups within whatever faction or guild they are a part of to get things done.  True large scale pvp events will be left to organized play, which accounts for a very small fraction of an MMO community.  That small fraction just happens to get a lot of media attention is all.


    Um, just no. That maybe the case for some, but for those of us who have been members in the same gaming circles for decades now, won't face this scenario most nights. Who do you think most the developers look too when they want real testing and feedback, it sure isn't the casual sock puppet pubbies. Legacy Clans and organized groups get the attention because we usually take the time to be involved in the communities for the games we support. We maybe a smaller portion of the overall MMO community by sheer volumetrics, but our smaller base drives more actionable engagement than the pants on head re-re's or immersion monkey crowd ever can or will.

  5. All they really have to do is not turn PvP into a frag fest and use the standard buff/debuff, food, drink and pots combo along with self HoT's. and "Soul Stone" items at "Control Points" that provide HoT effects in a narrow AoE which doesn't result in a broken PvP mechanic. No one wants to be stun locked for 3 seconds by effect with no way to escape and its easy to burn someone down in that 3 seconds no matter what.  Hopefully PvP will be a "Slow Burn" and managing timers and buff/pot/effect combinations will be a major part of the PvP meta.

  6. I think discussions should stay on the official site till at least release, splitting the community up before isn't really ideal since ACE has their hands full already keep up with everything here. And if it's something that could be great feedback / idea then the official site is best to get visibility.  


    Just my two cents.. 


    A lot of that depends on the moderation of the community as we get an Alpha/Beta product to fundamentally break it like we stole it. When the "meta" discussions start about broken skill sets, archetypes and core combat mechanics and there are hundreds of posts being silenced, you will see the community fracture. The best thing that ACE can do is over communicate in a transparent way about topics that should have urgency to be address.The three best things ACE can do for the community would be to tell us what is wrong at a high level, what they intend to do to address it at a high level and when they intend to start implementation testing.


    Be open. Be honest and don't suck, and you won't have to worry about the community fracturing.

  7. Griefing in a PvP centric open pvp rule set is pretty narrowly defined. Pretty much blatant violations of the CoC, knowingly utilizing bugs/glitches that allow you to perform feats never intended and out right hacking/cheating via any number of ways (think packet dropping, pixel sniffing, duping, teleporting, ect. ect). Those are the things when utilized to in effect "cheat' the game mechanics for advantage should get you banned. As should being a social neckbeard and continuously and egregiously violating the CoC..


    Corpse camping someone over and over and over and over and over and over again, is not griefing. Hunting a choke point and roflstomping pubbies is not griefing. Infiltrating a clan, only to gain intel, sow dissension and fundamentally steal their bank, is not griefing. Some individual(s) telling you in open chat to "L2P or GTFO" after stomping you and/or your group over and over again (as long as it's not against the CoC), is not griefing.


    Getting the idea? 


    edit: Sunday drinking and typing.

  8. Reddit isn't necessary as long as the socks that AC allowed to be unpaid moderators here don't commit the same sins as so many other MMO communities and try and social engineer the types of conversations and comments that don't continually get nuked and continue banning anyone was states "The Emperor has no cloths..." When the community starts being heavily moderated, which usually happens when the business end of companies go forward with the worst ideas for the MMO title, that is when the player base usually migrates to other off site places to bash, trash and flame a title that has earned its consumers ire.

  9. Yeah, LotD and FoE teamed up with a few guilds on the temp in order to get some castles, then went back to "Red is dead" & "Green is dead", so now that all the reds appear to be teaming up, none of the greens care.  I call that a victim of success, and there are worse situations to deal with.


    the SS of faction chat were pretty good during the Castle rush. Defiantly a top 5 fun time moment in AA pre lvl 55. Many tears were had in the mines...

  10. We're working on forums to accomdate the adults talking, as adults do when discussing politics via a forum. Invites will be going out to start then maybe open it up to the public if that's the direction we want to go with things.


    At least the mod's here aren't on a community death march like it was for MWO.


    Political forums would be advantageous to a game billed as "a Game of Zones".meets PvP Sandbox.


    You get extra points if they ever install a "Campaign Map" with smack talk that was showing control by Clan. Hell i would take a buffer time to update of 1/day at the daily server maintenance cycle down time. Not only do you need something to fight over, you need something to measure the ePeen by.

  11. So how is it that me calling you out on semantics, deviates from the original point again? Clearly you told a white lie by saying your not recruiting for Crowfall but you are recruiting FROM Crowfall. A slight semantic distinction. 


    Not that it makes a lick of difference either way. All of this pre-launch chatter is nonsense. Everyone will get to prove themselves on the battlefield in short order.


    Please continue to make pen pals during this installment of CF pre-alpha ForumFall 2.0.

  12. Honestly, it doesn't matter what decisions they make. We who are the ePeen and Play to Crush crowd will find a way to min/max whatever is implemented. if that means I have to purchase multiple accounts, use a proxy server and mask my addy in order to log multiple accounts in at the same time, then I will do that if its an advantage. I did it in UO. I did it in SB. I did it in SWG. I did it in DFO, and I will do it in CF. You can't stop players from finding ways to make the rule sets and game mechanics play to there advantage. 


    Don't even get me started on the potential in CF for the Meta, ForumFall 2.0 and resurgence of Clans who know how to run an Intel Campaign.

  13. I hardly doubt they were duped, but cairn was full of excellent mobs that you could just bug out and get tons of gold off of. In some ways it was better than the middle of the map.




    Apparently your ForumFall levels have dropped to dangerous levels. Secondly, Blood and SUN (especially SUN) had there own racket down on Carin.

  14. It's not something you really want to actively seek or know. They're a necessary evil.


    It's not a proper Title until the Goons mess it up for everyone. 


    All you need to know is watch out for Mittens (Aka: Mitriani) and Section 52.

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