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  1. You can't be a green tide zerg without hundreds of players spamming "WAAAAAGH!!" Especially in a non tab to target auto seeking attack/magic title where spam AoE overlay into a choke point can equate to denial of access and tactical advantage. Think early DFO and Needles.
  2. This thread ought to get Necro'd to hell once we have a title to play.
  3. Nice. Only 17,995 of those Regs were duped..
  4. That's great news for those Clans that have an International player base in addition to being a traditional NA Clan. Not having to split up your PvP ranks between EU/NA servers or having to have a second toon on the other server will be nice.
  5. ForumFall 2.0 is gearing up. Now give us a Political Map!!!

  6. I look forward to pooping in this guilds cheerios. You can go back to your super secret covert xXx Ultra-Rainbow xXx Ops now. That is all. Edit: I forgot to ask. Please ally with Oran'Thul and make this easier for everyone.
  7. Straight ForumFall'n. Recruiting is how you keep your active numbers up between the natural ebb and flow of decent games that actually are worth playing. The last decade of MMO's has been an exercise in the fail boat. By being a Legacy Clan with an established base over decades of games and recruitment campaigns you can weed out the pants on head special Olympic participants, spys and social pariahs and not have to worry about if you have enough people to field a solid group to go do something. The core members of the Legacy Clans usually come out of the woodwork when there is a decent title worth the time (See; Adult Life Constraints) and the numbers swell and more Glory and Beer is had. Edit: I did not type "Wonderful Person", I typed r-e-t-a-r-d
  8. Good. Because the individual(s) leading CotP in early AA should be covered in doodie and staked to the ground in the Dregs.
  9. There is also a day of the week called "Tuesday" upon which Tacos and RP happen.
  10. If you don't think players won't try (and be successful) to dupe in Crowfall the same way they broke Darkfall you are fooling yourself. Secondly, that incident was just the penguin on the top of the iceberg when it came to dupes in early DFO (EU). Hopefully the client won't be as weak in Crowfall and the z-axis and item dba won't be compromised early on and damage whatever economy / gear curve exists post live launch. Hopefully AC won't do the same thing that Tasos did, of course AC has considerably more resources than AV had to deal with the open issues. In my personal opinion, I believe in the "Name and Shame" punishment with an updated "Ban List" wall of shame on the front page and tales of players getting caught manipulating the client with third party hacks, dupes and the ilk. If you weren't duping reg's in DFO, you were the one buying duped reg's. And that was before you where even given your newbie tag on ForumFall.
  11. Nope. If the PvP core mechanics are solid and contain any level of skill or complexity the mega guilds usually crumble on the field vs. the skilled and organized Clans (usually a legacy clan or three). Game and Guild hoppers might feel disjointed and anonymous as part of the blob from some flash in the pan farm guild. Just give the players the tools to set up Clans and have an ally/enemy alliance system that doesn't suck and let us take care of the rest. God forbid there is a political map showing all the ePeen in a Campaign world.
  12. If this title isn't utter pootie, you might see the return of Darka and Kay (Why). Decent PvP Title bring the semi-retired and waiting out of the wood work.
  13. QFT. I concur. I like your like post with more likes. Edit: Hump day drinking and typing fail.
  14. QFT. This is why when you deal with the Goons, you always make sure to get the exact date you get the poon tang in writing.
  15. There is a reason SOE was/is banned from my wallet. NGE and the decimation of an amazing title in SWG was the final nail in the coffin. Look at it this way Gordon, it could be worse, your name could be John Smedely... Edit: I misspelled John the Destroyer of Games last name.
  16. Hype train to PvP town now boarding on Track 6, with stops in Sandboxville,ePeenington and Oranthulsucks.
  17. Quoted for Truth. If the PvP is a terrible game mechanic for Crowfall, you won't have to worry about the PvP crowd 30 days after launch.
  18. Al least you were savvy enough to say "recreated". WoW walked the path already cleared by multiple MMO's which pioneered the genre. That is where Crowfall and WoW are similar. Crowfall hopefully will walk the path's laid by every decent PvP centric title and take the best from each and iterate on a Shadowbane like sandbox.
  19. Donk wasn't very impressed with this game when there wasn't any answers to the core important questions. Now he has an Alpha 1 KGB key and will be streaming and testing (see: Donk Break!) this game. We still don't know the answers to some important questions b/c we don't have access to playable game mechanics to pivot the hate train around. Donk is also chained to AA by the King of KGB and won't be set free until Ollo submits to the credit card King.
  20. Osium, mad? Insert Shock Face
  21. Because if you aren't creating your own Meta, you are doing it wrong.
  22. + 1 QFT The flagging system (TEF) system was one of the things in SWG that really bothered me. Standing on the sidelines, taking no damage, your MD waits for just the most opportune moment to toss a full heal in, TEF and double team you. You couldn't do anything about it due to the flagging system mechanics, except play positional awareness and own the engagement. AA is another example of another terrible Blue/Red/Purple flagging system that allowed people of the same (Blue vs. Red) faction stand there and heal out of the flagging system while you were flagged open PvP (Purple). Friendly Fire, No Flagging and No Alignment is a must have for the true open PvP in CF. No standing in back taking no damage as you triage all your PvP'rs. If your zerg sucks and can't stop with the FF, then all the better for anyone who can control there DPS's. Besides, every once in a while I like to make sure a Clan member knows I just PK'd them on purpose.
  23. Anyone who has ever been deep in the Political/Economic Meta almost always has 2 accounts and is multi-boxing, You can't stop what you can't detect. I don't see why they would bother spending resources on stopping somebody from two boxing when we can/will find a way around whatever they put in place. Edit: Drinking and typing skill has diminished. Besides, it's also at least 2 monthly VIP nuts the CF Krew can get out of a single player once this title goes live
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