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  1. Collision detection and net code/latency will be a make or break factor if they fully implement the concepts they have been talking about. The ability to lock break an animation and not have macro's break the competitive nature of the combat mechanics will matter immensely. Those players who are tactically aware of the combat space and can track and tie animations back to skills (terra), with the ability to aim and skill counter will crush keyboard turning skill clickers all day every day until the QQ stops. Edit: It's drunken PvP Friday. I can't type and two fisted drink/drank.
  2. Most of the development was pre-funded before there was even a Kickstarter. Most of the Kickstarter was to get a finished product out to us. They have been working on this Title for a couple of years. Apparently there were 2 "Angel Investors" in at around the $2M USD mark and third "major" backer, that got the Crowns & Crows ball rolling. It still may end up being hype. Those of us who loved the core PvP titles have been suffering through crappy title after crappy title, waiting for a sandbox title that doesn't suck.
  3. The last straw pole right after the twitch session with the CF Krew and LotD, I think KGB had 5 or 6 in Alpha 1, and 12-15 in Alpha 2. Donk will be streaming Crowns & Crows: The QQ Saga in Alpha 1. Just don't let this Title suck...
  4. You play this Title the way you want and leave the serious business to those of us who have been playing against each other for nearly 20 years now. Your initial post's first paragraph smacks of how you don't understand what Legacy Clan vs. Legacy Clan is actually about, let alone the immense wealth of game mechanics and field strategy in a MMO Sanbox title that resides internal to these Legacy Clans. We make game mechanics work for us, not the other way around. Learn2Crush
  5. Win,Loose or Zerg, you will be seeing our Clan Tags in the Dregs. Don;t let them actually implement taking the heads of your victims and placing them on spiked poles in your EK.
  6. Simple. You dial 1-800-DarkFail and ask for Tasos. He can tell you all about how to the use the poopsock from your hot bar while grinding duped mats under the world.
  7. I wondered how long it would take Ashen to show up and post something that his love toy could quote.
  8. We call that RP Tuesday. Second only to Drunken PvP Friday.
  9. No one would ever meta/tr0ll there own Clan thread .... I also have Pacific beach front property in Ohio to sell you Edit: Apparently the word t-roll is filtered into the word "player" by the boards.
  10. I personally haven't backed because I am done giving money to titles pre-alpha at more than AAA box prices to really make your buck get some bang. Once the team has a solid beta product to actually familiarize myself with, than they can have some $$$ out of the win pile. The other problem facing pay/fund to have access to Alpha titles in the burn out factor after you have been essentially playing a title off again and on again for a year plus and most the awe factor is just gone.
  11. Rule #1 making any epic PvP Title: Don't Freaking Suck!!!

  12. Friday nights are as always, drunken PvP nights on TS3. Right now that drunken PvP happens to be AA ship stomping and trade pack gank fests.
  13. Good. Was wondering where the XoO was. XoO tactics and economy are usually on lock down. Question always is and will be; "Everyone has a good plan, right up until they get punched in the face:. I think execution and build synergy are going to be huge factors as almost always.
  14. What a lot of players may or may not know is that most of the "Legacy Clans" actually have long standing working relations where we like to smack talk and shyte stomp each other as much as we like to work together to mega crush as server. Most, not all, but most of us talk among each other on the regular. It's only so much fun for so long to nut hug up and syte stomp a sever into submission. Than it gets super boring and lonely and we end up fighting ourselves and the Korean/Chinese Bot guilds while measuring pixel ePeen in duels and tournaments.
  15. Ii was very tasty, especially in late AA Beta when the mega zerg'cruit was in push mode on Neckrages stream and his horde of terribads were getting camped out of any contested zone. .
  16. ForumFall just called to say "L2P or GTFO". If there wasn't nut rage and trolololo than we couldn't have all this wonderful ePeen forum meta.
  17. Pro tip: Don't whip it out if you are rocking 3 inches of ePeen.
  18. Hopefully this title doesn't end up sucking and we can make a new wave of ePeen videos. Some of us have had enough pre-funding development and are going to sit on our wallets until Crowfall shows that it's a title that isn't going to shyte the bed.
  19. Because in every PvP title since UO/SB that wasn't a giant piece of steaming shyte out of the gate, its been the same dozen or so Legacy Clan names fighting for pecking order and telling every other Clan they are a non-factor, go mine some regs and LTP or GTFO!
  20. Neckrage doesn't know what to do with ForumFall 2.0 It took Donk one PK session to get banned from his stream channel.
  21. I like to think of it as similar to the levels of Hell vs the Abyss as we all eat popcorn and watch from Sigil.
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