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  1. CxC = Coors Company They played SB and beta cycle/early DFO. Most non grey beards don't usually know that The Knights of Beer & Glory is [KGB]
  2. If you nut hugged any harder you would be a skin tag on TSP's collective taint. Your ability to infer blatant sarcasm is probably on par with your PvP skillz.
  3. Who needs a spy account when you can crowbar your way in through the back door and copy there boards and parse out the data using your Phillapeno pool boi.
  4. Drakiis, we all know when it comes to you it's more like this...
  5. What was the going rate back than for PC Gamer to do a write up. A dozen ham-n-cheese hot pockets and two handies in the back office?
  6. Bria server in SWG at the end of Beta.
  7. A Title gets one chance to shine, and that chance is right out of the box. If your development team comes with some weak arse broken pile of micro transaction horse shyte. Your Title will be on the banned list of core gamers before you even get out of Beta. Rule of the Road: Don't Suck!!
  8. I know when I make a troll account I always make sure to have less than 10 posts on it so the community takes me seriously. Your post smells of desperation and jealousy. Please bring mor tears next time.
  9. Your take on scope and scale for open PvP in DFO is way off point. There were only a very few "starter enclaves" with zap towers you could even hope to hide out in that resembled any semblance of a "restricted" PvP area. The zap towers didn't stop players from raiding those areas and whole sale killing. In essence there was no place to hide from PvP. Every inch of the map was PvP and there was no flagging system, no arena system and the siege system was whomever the hell shows up, no limits, no instances. The first person style of DFO lent itself to playing a FPS with unlimited macro swapping potential if you knew what the hell you were doing. If you weren't pool swapping while running from enemy to enemy, you weren't doing it right. The only red/blue/grey system for names was the Clan Alliance system. If you weren't Allied you were red or grey, red = dead. If you were allied you were blue, Blue = help. In all actuality the best battle field commanders stayed back in the read 2/3'rds during large scale siege or open world engagements and called for force movement and focus firing.
  10. The end of WW I and the fall of Hyperion. Next was the Death, CotC and Carin in a dirty three way of back and forth in WW II. Dragons, Krackens and Devils must DIE!! All those Mar'Shral stat/resist pyramids for macro leveling.
  11. Early EU was defiantly the heyday of Darkfall. To me its like pre nerf bat to SWG. Blue cheerios and needle stacks everywhere. Mind poison chucking and stun batons same/same
  12. I thought they were in DFUW, my bad. I stopped playing about 6 months after NA launch.
  13. Good. They can hide out in the queues for Arenas (if any) and in the clan/housing zone(s). Hopefully the "Dregs" sphere will be 98% PvP perma flagged and only a couple "safe spawn" areas.
  14. 1v1 Season Ladder or GTFO!! BASHO! BASHO! BASHO! This is what character slots are for!
  15. Good. Now I don't have to call William a big ole fat liar. Well played SB v2.01
  16. SQWAAAK Goons were in MWO through Season 2 of Run Hot or Die, which ended around October 2013. Most had three and four accounts to continue to troll the shyte out of the terribads... All you ever need to know is which Goon is running the show in CrowFall. That will tell you what to expect from this installment of the Goons. P.S. I was a prime in KaoS Legion during MWO, enough said.
  17. Off the top of my head in no particular order in addition to your list... LotD LoD UDL Goons CxC Shiprwrecked Pirates Duchy of Wessex Oran Thul The Tenth Old Timers Guild CotP Blood (maybe) Sun Sinister Roll'n 30's (not sure if its the same people, but who randomly picks that as a new clan name) Most played SB as well, just say'n Edit: Though of a couple after I push the post button
  18. Quoted for Truth. Bring forth the Meta!
  19. It's Friday for stuff and things. This title needs more Cave Aliens and Crab People.
  20. By "professional" do you mean the binder wasn't covered in unicorn stickers and glitter? You guys had just better zerg up and hope you can funnel enough gear to a small core of active players to defend your army of terribads.
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