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  1. This is why we pooped all over the Duchy of Wessex. I mean what better to do on RP Tuesday? This Title needs mor Cave Aliens. Or they are sitting back eating funions laughing between whippets as they troll the shyte out of us with that World panorama.
  2. I raise you two ATST's and three Rancors...
  3. Blue Cheerios or GTFO! We miss Frankie and Section 52. Need mor lulz. Maybe Neckrage can be our Manus this time around.
  4. I will take my DFO in OG format please... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL-z80YnkcU
  5. Even that system incorporated macro leveling a profession. My concern with any "skill based" system where the "more you do of it the better you get" is the mindless macroing done by anyone wanting to be competitive. It was a problem in DFO as well. The last thing I want to do is deal with individuals under the world with duped reg's standing around skilling up on each other. This is where the original SWG system combated that to a degree by only allowing you to Master two and half tree's and made the skill tree leveling semi reasonable. Droid Engineer and Bio Engineer were not enjoyable mat/macro curves in order to unlock your fourth "Force" sensitive skill and unlock your "Force" Character slot. Hopefully whatever "skill based system" they land on will be a very time/gold/mat friendly sink with a soft or hard cap and the game will be about actually going out to PvP and not spending three and a half months skilling everything up until you are down to core stats and the AFK SWIM...
  6. See: CotC vs Hyperion Go ask King ManAnus how he liked nut hugging anyone who would accept an Alliance. If it's RED it's DEAD!!
  7. Polishing off another H8R Aid chalked full of vitamin F and U mineral

  8. We exist in greater numbers than you might think. Especially when a PvP centric title is announced from Devs who worked on one of the last good PvP Titles. People always sleep on the Legacy Clans that are chalked full of dedicated gamers from the Arcade era who grew up with PC's and the Internet at its dawn. It's kinda like this... I can't help it if you are Harkonnen...
  9. Tell me Rallic is still playing with you guys. His rage is pretty legendary.
  10. Credit Card Warriors disagree... I think the "Domination of AA" title only dropped from Black Amex boxes out of the Cash Shop.
  11. I am making an alt Clan named Garden of Weeden and we shall form the mother of all Joints...
  12. Neckrage while his mountain of stream pubbies farm for him... Oran Thul, the modern version of Douchy of WeSux (aka Duchy of Wessex).
  13. If you didn't have us, there wouldn't be any joo.Besides, who else are you going to get to run your Alliance Meta?
  14. Still the best Faction/Heraldry system since the dawn of BBS. All they really have to do is look at all the PvP Centric Titles that were worth a damn over the last 20 years and incorporate the best game mechanics from those titles at a conceptual level and you will have the rebirth of what the core PvP'rs have been waiting for since the end of SB and SWG. The real challenge is resources, funding and schedule that when compressed result in a inferior broken pile of shyte. No one wants another failed PvP Sandbox Title. We have had enough of that. How about a win for a change?
  15. Hopefully they decide on some combination of full inventory loot with item degradation that isn't repairable along with a reasonable percentile chance that 1 or 2 of your slots drop when you die. I say this because if we end up with a Inventory Only system, I like many others will min-max the risk and carry the least number of items to pot chug / ammo to keep fighting. You will get almost nothing when we die, but the combat loot monkies heads will be knee deep ln being occupied with looting, while the rest of your team is getting crushed. I watched it happen time and time again in DFO with Full Loot PvP and a terrible Bag/Inventory System. Edit: I can't drink and type at the same time...
  16. Hopefully there will be no access to the Z-axis. It was bad in Aion, it was bad in Darkfall and its terrible in AA and WoW. Don't make your game more difficult by allowing access to the Z-axis and add metric shyte ton of code, QA and balancing you don't have to subject your development team too. Core Game Mechanics > Everything Else Immersion monkies must be destroyed!!
  17. We actually had a fun time pooping all over kids in the mines in Auroria to help facilitate LotD and FoE getting Castles on launch day. The Old Guard needed to show the pubbies what's what in the big world of Alliance Meta. KGB and LotD working together usually spells trouble for some server shard.. Edit: Because I don't need another Strike for circumventing a weak "Profanity Filter"..
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