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  1. This kickstarter was cancelled... Before anyone even thinks about backing this project you need to know their VERY SHADY history: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1536961-Trials-of-Ascension-Shady-Practices-and-the-Big-Crowdfunding-Debate
  2. you are just realistic Doc some people want the game to be a life simulation, IMO that stuff is just fluff and a $ sink
  3. Does anyone remember the Online "real-time" Map in Shadowbane? I thought that was so cool to be at work and see a live map of guilds taking over land on the website. I think you could even see the guilds and toon names when you clicked on their crest. Anyone have a screenshot of that?
  4. If we are starting an Old Guys Rule guild... count me in.
  5. I would like this @ Character Creation
  6. It is a very mean crow here is one taking your carebear a$$ away! (at maturity)
  7. Some things need time to mature. 3 women don't make a baby in 3 months I prefer a healthy baby crow
  8. I'll do Alpha 2 and take a trip to Europe this summer.
  9. Yeah not too bad, I don't like all those layers in between. I'm very happy that Dregs is their focus.... it should be.
  10. I still backed the project though... Especially with the news that Only EK and Dregs will be funded...hopefully it just stays there.
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