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  1. Harvesting animals needs the cross hairs refined. In most cases the cross hairs show up off the animal and if you shift to move to the cross hairs you end up in combat mode.
  2. Guild criteria: Region: Eastern US Atmosphere: Looking for a guild that wants a full-time crafter harvester to help them grow. I like chatting in Comms and helping out. I do not like PVP and will avoid it like the plague. Casual/Hardcore?: I am not either. I am middle of the road. I play most days a couple hours a day and one day a week I like to play for 6+ hours. Size: I prefer a guild that is medium to large. I like having those that love to PVP bring resources and I can convert them to whatever is needed. Play-Style: I love to craft. I like harvesting except when I have to watch out for people killing harvesters because they can't kill others that like to PVP. Commitment: Looking for a main game. I am hoping it will be crowfall but I am concerned that not having a perpetual open world will not provide enough of a market for someone who likes to craft all the time. Miscellaneous: Experience: I have played Online games since UO came out and been playing since. I have played almost all of the main MMO's and probably a lot of obscure ones looking for a game that have a rich player driven economy and does not hamper crafters. Just to lay out how much I like to craft I played EVE online for 5 years. I had 12 accounts and would create capital ships monthly to feed an alliance. If I could find a guild to feed me resources I would craft full time and make all their needs. Did I mention I love crafting? Voice-Chat services: Teamspeak is my favorite, Ventrillo, Discord, these are the three I use the most but willing to use what the guild does to be able to communicate. Take orders and craft. In case you did not know I liked crafting. Found Guild
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