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  1. Towards the end of the Legionnaire page he mentions "Valkyn the All-Father". In the Cryptic Tree image the name Valkyn is also present, and it is the largest shield positioned at the very top of the tree. This leads me to believe that the Cryptic Tree is infact a list of all the gods present in the Crowfall universe, Valkyn being the most powerful similar to Zeus or Odin. The gods on the left side with the sun might be gods aligned with good virtues which is supported by their symbolic animals; Gryphon, Unicorn, Squid and Eagle. The gods in the middle might be neutral, unwilling to side with either. Their symbols also further this. And finally we have the "evil" side with the moon and its respective gods. Their symbols are (what seems to be) a Wolf maybe?, a Spider, a somewhat corrupt looking tree and a Snake. I also think that each god is in charge of a certain virtue which their symbol is typically associated with, this proven mostly by the nuetral god Kronos with the symbol of the hour glass, which thanks to Greek Mythology we can safely assume means he will be the god of time.
  2. Although this is definitely an interesting take, I feel like calling it "The Hunger" is the biggest reason this is probably not the case. Like, if it was similar to what you are describing, why couldn't they name it something like Home Sickness?
  3. I don't know, the "Hunger Resistance" stat clearly means it is something that directly affects the bodies of individuals instead of being a common enemy to fight. My guess is that it's some sort of disease that created the undead in the front page screenshot. It also appears that different races have varying levels of resistance against it, maybe even transforming individuals that have caught it into the undead.
  4. I am also a little worried about two and three, but feel as though four is just a little nitpicky. As for one, they have infact stated that with enough community appeal they are open to adding a male/female counterpart.
  5. Personally I just really hope they can balance both the party attacking the city as well as defending during sieges. It would be pretty easy for the side that is protecting the city to come out with the upper hand simply because of the defenders advantage; walls, archer towers etc. This is fairly easy to fix though by giving the attackers some nice toys to play with.
  6. I think I know how we'll be traversing the different worlds. Portals anyone?
  7. Alright so could I get some clarification on this; Is picking your archetype picking only your base class and then you pick a promotion class later with race selection done separately, Or is picking your archetype effectively picking your race and base class? Would this then mean that for me to play as a Champion, for example, I would be required to play as a fighter (or whatever their given class was)? I apologize if this has already been answered.
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