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  1. Lol @ this thread. What a bunch of hypocrites. I bet most of you started playing MMOs in high school and college when people are working part time jobs in prime time evening hours and playing mostly super late nights or day time between classes (or instead of classes). You are worried now that you have full time jobs that players just like you used to be will threaten your legacy of leetness and go crying to the devs to implement tools to penalize and handicap anyone who doesn't have the same lifestyle. It's a good way to make sure MMOs die off. Make sure no new players can discover their fun, just like you once did, before you had to wave your money at kickstarters as if that entitled you to demand the game give you an "I win" macro. Oh, I might lose a little sleep...try PTSD or insomnia or anxiety or night terrors or restless leg disorder or sleep apnea or fibromyalgia. People live like this all the time. Heck, have kids. Our kids are only a year apart. No one slept when they were 3-2-1. I work a 24/7 on call job. Sure there are some crazy 70 hour straight stretches but generally it's quite doable. Not worth preventing other players from getting to play the game. No one's going to play this game if they are unable to participate in sieges, that's the whole pinnacle, ultimate goal of the game. If people just want to scrim, they'll play Fortnite or Overwatch, so many better options if you take away the land control / possession aspect of this game. Just recruit a couple college kids to your dying, near fossilized, Galapagos guilds to help give you coverage. Use that opportunity to show them what's so great about these games and why you loved them in the first place. You guys want this game to die before it's even released? You're past your prime. It's someone else's turn now. Be mentors, be role models, help the younger generation escape the anonymous reputation doesn't matter toxic cancer fest of the current games they play and show them what it means to play in a world with so much investment you can't afford to get a toxic reputation. Pass something on of your accumulated life experience and make the world a better place. Don't get all crotchety and try to change the rules to protect your dying legacy. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any. Nothing teaches you to leave selfishness behind like having kids. It's their time now. We had our shot, and the war scars that prove it. Now it's our turn to provide those experiences to them too--not ban them from them. Yeesh.
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