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  1. Hey, Everyone! I'm Ne0n

    I am still downloading so yup, jealous! hehe Nice to meet ya.
  2. Hello folks,my name is Pyro!

    I hear ya Pyro I too was looking for something a bit more extraordinary than ordinary. How exciting to be a part of something new
  3. Everhoid here!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of MMO's!
  4. Hi everyone!

    You seem great! Nice to meet another oldbie
  5. Well met...my name is PureVenom

    Ha oldbie here too nice to meet ya.
  6. Hello There, Pixelz Here

    Hello there! My name is Pixelz. I am currently trying to download the game. Really looking forward to being a part of this early access game. Looks very interesting. A bonus for me was finding out the creator of The Sims Online is part of this game. I truly loved that game, glad to see he's involved here. No I do not expect that gameplay lol. Nothing like the smell of a brand new game and world to play in. I look forward to playing with everyone.