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  1. Newcomer from Albion Online (and other MMORPGs) here. Regarding economy: I think there are very few things that need to be worked out. Mostly, players having to gather and craft items is cool, but not all players need to do that; there needs to be a market to sell/buy items with higher and lower tier items. The higher the tier, the more expensive and strong the gear is, so you can use unexpensive gear to play and have fun and when things get serious, you use the gear that you wanted to go with. Not having strong gear means that fights will get repetitive. Combat: I've watched a few videos and I think that combat is fun, but slightly lackluster. It doesn't bring anything special to the table and there will be less space for innovation due to having the same skills for a long time. I think having gear or skill trees changing your skills or effects would be cool. I still don't know if disciplines will be enough. I feel like the game is exactly what it is marketing for, it is exactly what the devs want it to be. But if it wants to become bigger, to have more, it needs more. The classes (moving from archtypes) and races are really cool IMO, and maybe in the future having expansions for classes would bring more people together. Pre-alpha means the game doesn't have too much content and lacks testing for that, but we'll see how it goes on betas.
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