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  1. Does anyone have screencaps of example King Drop loot vs 120% crafting role loot? Thanks in advance.
  2. What does that say about the game's ability to retain new players, then? If the disparity is so great that veterans who are already largely over the learning curve feel discouraged from joining because of a serious power imbalance, that's an issue that needs to be brought to light and fixed. Additionally, Todd Blair said that the "power increase" you were going to get through the disciplines was the equivalent of years of training, relatively quickly. It's quite easy to imagine that most of the gear people are wearing will become obsolete shortly after 6.3 when people grind up to 120% cra
  3. I get the feeling they are nearing the launch in the sense that it's substantially closer than where they were a few years ago when they were just building up systems, but still not that close. He was pretty blunt that they have at least one major system left to design before launch (arenas/"bite size dregs") and they have multiple refinements necessary (harvesting/crafting progression, the other things I can't currently recall but I remember him exclaiming "We can't do everything at once!"). I get the feeling it's still very much alpha in the traditional sense. They're just doing their b
  4. On this topic? Quite pleased indeed. I think a lot of the concerns in this thread about the grinding can and should be dealt with when they implement the system for getting your higher level disciplines - Hopefully they move away from RNG grind, as they alluded to, and find a fun way to get the unlocks which doesn't feel like repetitive action of unwanted activities, and more like a fun goal.
  5. <Question> Have you read feedback on the passive skill tree, activities for solo players or small groups, full loot drops, and the economy, and do you plan on introducing any new features to address these concerns prior to launch? This is a duplicate of my question in the top five feedback thread.
  6. Another new player on Reddit complains about passive-skill time gating:
  7. Have they said if that vision was abandoned, or just put on hold?
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like theory-crafting with the various builds that come with the constant tweaks and additions you're making to the class system. Having a system where there is no-solved meta is a huge, huge, boon. It stops combat from becoming boring and formulaic. I am not sure if you'll be able to keep up this pace forever, but constant balance adjustments that maintain UNIQUE abilities (rather than boring/derivative ones with similar mechanics) makes the game so much fun. You're in that spot right now. I enjoy the combat, I th
  9. 😂Finding a bank doesn't take 40 minutes. You just have an extra set ready to go. You know this isn't a new proposal, right? In fact, the only successful PvP oriented MMOs currently on the market (Albion and EvE) both use this system, right? Let me show you how long it takes my team of 5 to regear and get back into the fight, from 3 deaths, in Albion Online: https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingDignifiedDillKreygasm
  10. Honestly before they can even reasonably put in horizontal progression they need a complete game experience without unlocks in the first instance. Only then should they worry about time gating other content.
  11. I appreciate the effort you put into this post and wholeheartedly agree. I hope the devs address this in their next Q&A.
  12. Your concern is directly addressed by your first point 😂
  13. Right, and I think that this isn't an opinion unique to you. There was a reason that the population was so low for the 6.2 test, but exploded when 6.2 was pushed to live. The game wasn't different, it was just a more durable campaign where you had to work for items and other things, and where progress was tracked over a longer term.
  14. Fun is pretty subjective. You apparently like to have fun by screwing around, running from groups, and messing with people trying to cap outposts. I like to have fun having meaningful fights where there is a reward for winning and a consequence for losing. I suppose we'll need to agree that our tastes are different on this one. We had plenty of big fights today. But every victory, and every defeat, felt hollow. The only one that actually "mattered" involving the full group was the one where we fought for control of the fort at the end of the timer. Most of the day we ran around
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