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  1. yes it was the forest in the temple area also
  2. ya I know this but they disappear all the time, like they reset under the soil level
  3. I have noticed some spiders in the temple areas disappear when they die and a few things in the different zones also do this from time to time has anyone else had this happen??.
  4. I have been trying to get on the test server but it has been down for a few days, when is it going to be back up
  5. in looking back on my statement I was wrong to use anyone's name in a subject and I apologize to Acex, he's not a spy as was brought to my attention, it was another character in another faction with a similar name. sorry for being a jerk!. there has been some interesting reply's to my posts thank you all.
  6. while leveling in a leveling group, there was a character named Acex he was in another group in our faction, when the group left, a group from another faction came along to Attack the leveling group we were in and in that group was another person with the name Acex, this is too serious a coincidence to not address because a person can have as many accounts as he or she has email account and real life cash. I am wondering how this could be dissuaded as I feel this Could be a game breaker.
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