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  1. i get big reports a lot and crash a lot since this last patch i have tried to post my dxdiag report but to no avail as you have set this up to not receive the files??
  2. how come essence does not restore as in other character types is it fair they have to use life to get it back, and yes I know it part of the build but having sit there while heath restores is aggravating, i personally believe it is a mistake not having essence automatically restore and have it to be a secondary action to recover
  3. is there a way to reset points in the talent tree with out changing the tree, sometimes miss place points this would help to fit the play type of your character, this could be a paid item
  4. Change my name !NEVER!
  5. the thought i have heard when i have spoken of it is there social media so in that light make the friends list limited and have it mention inviting folks to respective social media if they have access to it or them. just a idea??
  6. i have not found any friend's list as of late have you omitted this or have never had this in the game, i for one would love to have this as this being a community type game no matter what side your on???
  7. I have been trying to get on the test server but it has been down for a few days, when is it going to be back up
  8. in looking back on my statement I was wrong to use anyone's name in a subject and I apologize to Acex, he's not a spy as was brought to my attention, it was another character in another faction with a similar name. sorry for being a jerk!. there has been some interesting reply's to my posts thank you all.
  9. while leveling in a leveling group, there was a character named Acex he was in another group in our faction, when the group left, a group from another faction came along to Attack the leveling group we were in and in that group was another person with the name Acex, this is too serious a coincidence to not address because a person can have as many accounts as he or she has email account and real life cash. I am wondering how this could be dissuaded as I feel this Could be a game breaker.
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