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  1. @Miraluna all credit for the mini-figs is on Todd and our art, animation and modeling teams. They worked really hard on those and the level of detail in those is amazing. Thank you!
  2. @Miraluna As we get close to shipping the Collector's Edition Pack, if the shipping address is not updated or entered, we will email those on the list to get one and ensure they are able to update their shipping address. It appears that the ability to see that interface only shows if you have a Collector's Pack on your account or have ordered Kickstarter through our website. As a fail-safe, since many of our KS Backers have been with us for years, we will reach out to all about updating that as mentioned above. Thanks all for your support!
  3. @Yoink you are right we realize that now, we are planning to reach out and email those who pre-order to update their email address through that outreach.
  4. Crows, we are excited to share that for a limited time starting tonight, we are offering our community the chance to pre-order the Crowfall Collector’s Edition Pack available for purchase at Crowfall.com/CEPack (Special Limited-Time Pricing). While quantities last, we are selling this pack along with a selection of Crowfall collectibles. The production of this pack was a studio-wide project conceived to celebrate the spirit of Crowfall with our loyal Crow community, we appreciate your support! Please note, this pack ships at official launch of Crowfall. Be sure to update the address on y
  5. @Yianni good questions. Yes, this does mean the same holds true for LIVE despite our best efforts to avoid it. As far as your question as to what are "resources", here is the list for all of the groups. Please be aware, I may leave something out (there are players on the forums who I am sure can correct me, or fill in if I miss one, please!) but at a general level, I think the list below answers your question. Thanks for your support. Resources includes: Ore, stone, wood, hide, gem. mineral, heartwood Building materials: Ingots, lumber, boulders, hide Mounts
  6. Hello Crows, We want to confirm that tonight we are putting up a new version of the 6.100 update in preparation for release to LIVE. The data from the LIVE service has been copied to TEST to facilitate the testing of the update, including a limited wipe. This will only impact resources, building materials, and mounts. Skills, vessels, and other items will not be affected. Please understand we try to avoid wiping whenever possible; however it was necessary to support the features in Update 6.100. We appreciate your support in helping us to test the update. Many thanks in advance to those who
  7. Prepare for battle as a new Dregs Campaign, Asatru, begins today! Starting: Wednesday September 2 at 5PM CDT // Thursday September 3 at 12AM CEST Ending: Monday September 7 at 11PM CDT // Tuesday September 8 at 6AM CEST Imports: 25 // Exports: 50 // Entry to this Campaign requires Level 20 Fight to earn glory, wealth and power for your Gods - Take the throne!
  8. Thank you for your questions, I am collecting them and we will try to get to as many as possible during the stream.
  9. The ACE Q&A Livestream returns Tuesday September 1st at 11AM CDT/6PM CEST. Tune in to be one of the first to know what’s next for Crowfall! Twitch.tv/CrowfallGame J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) will update players on the status of Crowfall playtesting and answer questions from the stream. Have questions you want answered? Post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, qu
  10. An updated version of TEST including God's Reach and The Infected worlds is available now. We would appreciate if all playtesters would help us by joining us on TEST to support testing of this updated version of the game. We are testing an early version of our upcoming release and as always, we appreciate your support. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/213-beta-6100-playtest-bug-reports/ https://community.crowfall.com/forum/214-beta-6100-playtest-feedback/
  11. Based on feedback from our community, we have extended the playtest period for registered players. For Non- Backers (Registered Players who have not purchased a Backer Pack): Registered players, who are not Backers, can now playtest for 30-days from the date of the beta invite. This extended period will give players more time to play and provide feedback. Additionally, Beta groups will be invited back during later testing phases as we continue to iterate the game. Backers (a Backer is someone who has purchased a Pack from the Store and can play all phases of Beta and the game fore
  12. Today, at 9AM CT, ArtCraft Entertainment announced the official opening of Beta. Invitations are being sent out right now, to the first wave of beta testers. Successive waves of beta testers will be invited over the coming weeks and months. We set out to make something really different. We are building a universe where the players control the fate of this world. Beta is a critical step in our path to seeing that vision realized and we would not be here without all of you! Thank you, now Call the Banners! Join the battle in Beta, now! For more information, visit: Crowfall.com/Beta
  13. Crows of a Feather Promotion For all the information on our current Guild promotion, Crows of a Feather, visit our lander to find all the details including the start and end dates, an FAQ and the timing on when the guild Crowns will be deposited into your guild bank!
  14. We are not going to close beta registration when Beta opens but it is possible we will close Beta at some point. We will strive to give notice ahead of that point. Thanks!
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