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  1. The ACE Q&A Livestream returns Thursday August 6 at 11AM CDT/6PM CEST. J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) will update players on the status of Crowfall playtesting and answer questions from the stream! Tune in to be one of the first to know what’s next for Crowfall! Twitch.tv/CrowfallGame
  2. NOW ON TEST - NEW DREGS CAMPAIGN - Kateya (Replacing Glosbe Campaign) Tuesday July 28 at 4PM CDT (11PM CEST) through Thursday JULY 30 at 11PM CDT (6AM CEST) Prepare for battle, as a new Dregs Campaign, Kateya, begins today at 4PM CDT (11PM CEST) and runs through Thursday, July 30 at 11PM CDT (6AM CEST). Fight for the Gods as you set a path to Victory! Please note: This update now includes Wartribe Bosses
  3. @Vonkuro I do not have an answer on the Disciplines question at this point. I will check with Blair and get back to you. Thanks for your patience!
  4. @Shiner As @Surelia responded, that is correct, items in your Bank will be included in the wipe. Thanks for asking, I am sure other players are curious as well.
  5. @Shiner EKs are affected to the extent you have items in there, they will be wiped. However, if any of those items were purchased from the Store or are Kickstarter items that you placed in your EK, you will get those back through an interface in the game lobby. Thanks!
  6. NEW DREGS CAMPAIGN - NOW ON TEST: Starts Monday July 27 at 5:15 PM CDT (12:15 AM CEST) runs through Thursday July 30 at 11PM CDT (6AM CEST). Prepare for battle, as a new Dregs Campaign, Glosbe, begins today at 5:15 PM CDT (12:15 AM CEST) and runs through Thursday, July 30 at 11PM CDT (6AM CEST). Fight for glory, wealth and power as you set a path to Victory for your Gods! This campaign has half of the sieges timed to NA and the other half to EU prime time. Rise in victory or fall in defeat!
  7. @Shiner Good question, yes, EKs have items in them so they are wiped. However, any items that you have in your EK which are 'purchased' items will be reset/returned. Thanks for your support!
  8. @Pendan First, thank you for backing the game! I understand your frustration with wipes. Sometimes, significant design changes do require a wipe regardless of database changes. Other times, it is the best course of action and a more expedient process. For context, our priority is moving the game to launch as quickly as possible, at quality, and that can factor into these decisions. Right now, our goal is getting the game to a balanced and quality experience for our players, so from time-to-time we will have wipes. The good news is that we are seeing gains in both gameplay balance and quality as well as in performance with each update. So, we do ask our players who are willing to help us playtest, to understand this will be part of the process. Thanks for your support!
  9. @Sirktivo Good question Sirktivo, This is more a function of the development process while we are still making significant changes to underlying systems and data. That will not be the case (and we will make sure that does not happen!) after we launch. So, try to bear with us as we keep moving forward to that final release!
  10. Hello Crows, We wanted to confirm that with the 5.125 Update to Live we WILL need to do a wipe of characters, and items + bank. As a reminder, we have the TEST environment set up with free infinite resources right now. In advance of taking 5.125 to LIVE, we would really appreciate your help testing the stability, features and performance improvements of the new version currently on TEST. We try to avoid wipes whenever possible, but the upcoming update had enough changes to the underlying systems and data tables that it was, unfortunately, required. We look forward to your feedback on the upcoming release of update 5.125, which has several of the requested Quality of Life improvements you have been asking for, so be sure to check it out: - Extra abilities slot on the Power Bar! - Increased Drop Rate of Minor Disciplines - Higher quantities available, “buying in bulk”, at the food vendors in Temples - Significant performance optimizations - New and updated Victory Cards - New types of Strongholds - Combined NA / EU Siege Schedule Thanks again for your support!
  11. DREGS CAMPAIGN is going live on TEST NOW! New DREGS CAMPAIGN ON TEST TONIGHT Prepare for battle, as a new Dregs Campaign, Herlova, begins tonight! Starts Thursday JULY 23 at 6PM CDT (1AM CEST) to Sunday JULY 26 at 11PM CDT (6AM CEST)
  12. We are putting a test version of the new update 5.125 on our TEST environment this evening! This update introduces a new chapter of the God’s Reach New Player Experience, updates to the Siege Schedule, new variations for Keeps and Forts along with hundreds of new bug fixes, polish updates and performance improvements. At this time, we will have a God’s Reach and Infected Campaign running. We plan to have a Dregs Campaign on Test soon. As Todd mentioned in his last post, from a priority standpoint, we are returning to managing the TEST server to drive functionality testing of key new features and fixes; i.e. verifying new features and content, bug fixes and performance improvements in preparation to move a build to LIVE. That means, as we launch this version on the TEST server, we will have several features activated to make it easier for you to push the build to its limits and let us know where the cracks are, including: Turning up the speed of passive training to 10x, to let you get through the skill trees faster Adding in free resource and materials vendors in the Temples and Strongholds to let you build all the buildings faster Significant improvements were made to overall client performance and you can find other specific improvements listed in the Patch Notes). Given that it’s the TEST server, a reminder we’ll bring it up and take it down as necessary. The goal is to get a Dregs campaign on TEST as soon as possible, that is our next priority, and finding the “critical issues” that we need to address. As always, thank you for your support!
  13. A new Dregs Campaign, Maresk, will begin this Thursday July 9, at 4:00PM CDT (11:00 CEST) and run through Thursday, July 23 at 10PM CDT (NA Server). The Dregs EU Maresk Campaign also starts Thursday July 9, at 4PM CEST and ends Thursday July 23 at 10PM CEST (EU Server). To the winner go the spoils of war! Crowfall.com/campaigns
  14. Join us for the ACE Q&A Livestream tomorrow, Tuesday July 7 at 11AM CDT//6PM CEST as J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair share a first look at what's coming next for Crowfall and take your questions from the Livestream chat.
  15. @Histerix_Azleea thanks for your comment. Even with the current population we are seeing the groups providing valuable feedback in areas of balance and bugs that we can benefit from right now. We understand the situation and your request but at this point we are focused on moving to Beta and expanding the testing population with that next step. We hope that makes sense in light of recognizing we want to get this game to the next level of quality for our players.
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