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  1. Always nice to see your vids. I have same problem like you: no class that I am interested in is available in current testing. Still watching the game from the sides
  2. Updated the post. I am already thinking about a total re-write because halfbreed lore gave out so much nice details about Faes.
  3. some people like me perceive their characters as their avatars and thus are weirded out by the idea of playing a character that is of different gener than themselves.
  4. Nice. As you don't have any point of reference as to size of certain races I am wondering how that is going to turn out when all the archtypes are playable.
  5. Nice idea. Love the nostalgia factor.
  6. slith

    Lore board

    I wanted to start some discusion about the lore and I was suprised not to find a board dedicated to it. So my suggestion is: lore board!
  7. It's already 50% after a week. Not only it will get funded but it might be fastest funded goal yet. As for lore devs wrote that they have come up with backstory for halfbreed that doesnt break the previous archtype lore. Lets wait and see.
  8. The story itself shows that not every Fae is convinced that killing males is the right thing to do ("Some mothers cry. Some plead for assistance.") even if the narrator has zero doubts about it. I asume that the writters gave us a narrator that is most representative to the Fae race as a whole. As we get more informations I will try to update FAQ with more objective world knowledge (aka official lore). I guess until then we will have to push with the %+@!$#?&*^ we got.
  9. Hello. My name is Slith and I am assassin class enthusiast as well as pvper to the bone. Since I am following Crowfall assassin related news I have decided that I might as well create a thread to compile all the informations and keep them updated. Couple of notes: I want to post only official informations and keep speculations to a minimum however I might offer some commentaries If I have missed something/misread the information please let me know so I can update/correct it I want to keep Q&A format as it's easier to re-write when more information is made available Artwork that I refer to: table artwork concept artwork wallpaper artwork male assassin stretch goal artwork zobiville artwork assassin gameplay assassin vs frostweaver male assassin Links that I refer to: Assassin archetype 02/04/15 - Day 4 - Assassin Vs Gryphon twitter: Fae wings twitter: other assassin classes twitter: male assassin FOUNDERS' UPDATE: THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES! $2.35 MILLION (+ $70K) pledge update WHISPERS, DARK WINGS AND MURDER Race Which race is playable assassin archetype? The assassin archetype has been repeatedly refereed to as "Fae Assassin" - most recently in founders update. However developers mentioned "Fae" only in relation of female members of that race and males were regarded as "counterpart of the Fae" and a "Halfbreed Assassin". Males do not consider themselves neither Fae nor humans ("I am not Fae – I am much too tall, too heavy. Human? Clearly not!"). It is not clear wheather there are female halfbreeds, but even if there is a such possiblity lorewise it won't be represented in-game. What is known about Fae apperance? Female: all the artworks depict Fae as slender women with blond hair and very long elf-like ears. Both of the females (the artworks clearly show two different assassin Faes) have either war paint or tattoo on their faces and one has a tatto on her leg. Those features are present on both artwork and pre-alpha in game screenshot. Fae is supposed to be a very small race as Todd Coleman put it "Fae are actually pretty small. the... 2nd? smallest of the races.". It is not evident on artwork showing Fae next to Champion, but then again Champion's size is very inconsistent.This race has angel-like wings. Male: Nothing is known about the apperance of male Fae as they are killed upon birth. Halfbreed males are offspring of female Faes and human males. Halfbreed males are heavier and taller than female Faes, but still have wings. For the purpose of blending into human society halfbreeds get their ears cut off. Outdated: almost nothing is known about male assassin. Larissa Angus posted hi-res artwork of male assassin on twitter and on that piece males are lacking the long ears. Those ears are either underdeveloped because males are halfbreeds (you can read my musing on this subject here) or perhaps because those were purposely cut off (Todd Coleman apparently likes that idea). Males still have wings. Where do Fae come from? In archetype backstory a name "Riverlands" is mentioned as a place that Fae dwell in (and where males are not allowed). However Riverlands is not a place or a continent, but rather a series of worlds ("Riverland Worlds"). Apparently in Crowfall universe races inhibit more than one world which is hinted at in Legionnaire backstory ("Our Empire stands unrivalled. One hundred Worlds, ours by right. If not for the Hunger, we would surely rule the Realms of Man"). Most likely males reside in a different place as "Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders.". Halfbreeds males live with humans. What is known about Fae society? In Fae society males are killed right after birth and the act is called "The Farewell Kiss". This partice of killing males continues for generations now and it is based on a belief that all tyrany and suffering is created by males. This practice is not easy for some Fae mothers ("Some mothers cry. Some plead for assistance"), but it is contiued ("For generations, this has been our practice") and apparently it is effective ("For generations, we have known peace"). Some female Faes rebel against this practice and run away. From the short story we learn that "Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose, and they are killed'. So there are both Fae males (breeders) and halfbreed males (Fae/human hybrids). Halfbreed males are sterile and do not serve as breeders ("Sterile, too. I can’t seem to yield a crop but not for a lack of sowing my seed in whatever fields I could plow"). Faes are most likely hated by humans and killed on sight in a manner similiar to medival witches - by burning ("I don’t remember her. I’ve walked the street where they built the pyre… it stirs no memories") Outdated: Nothing more is known about males, but apparently the writers came up with a way to offer the male equivalent of this archetype without breaking Fae backstory Class What is known about assassin archetype? Assassin is classified as specialist - stealth and shares that role with Ranger. In all media assassin is shown to dual wield daggers. Assassin might be a single DPS class since Todd Coleman confirmed that "there will be other assassin characters, but they won't be named "assassin." What's with the wings? Assassins can't fly. It's more of a steady glide than full-on flight. The wings on the artworks are shown to be purple, but probably those will be will have team color (knight's cape acts in a same fashion). The assassin vs frostweaver artwork might be showing assassin attacking his opponent from air Development When will assassin be a playable class in the alpha? Rangers will be the first playable stealther class in the development cycle. Outdated: Todd Coleman hinted that stealthers (ranger or assassins) might be next to get made (and even "hinted" is too big of a word). _________________________ Changelog: 20/10/2015 * added more info on halfbreeds * removed some outdated info 06/09/2015 * added assassin vs frostweaver artwork and a commentary about flying
  10. slith

    Promotion Classes?

    I always like poisons/toxins in assassin class. Also various stealth attacks as oppeners. Stealthing with wings...sounds tricky.
  11. slith

    Male Assassins

    I have found more official info: https://crowfall.com/#/pledge So yeah, they are aware that male assassin will break the story and they are prepared to fix it.
  12. I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me. Also this thread.
  13. slith

    Male Assassins

    Fae mothers kill their male offspring upon birth so this is why there are only females in Fae society. From the short story we learn that "Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose, and they are killed'. Only two ideas come to my mind: either Faes simply procreate with males of other species or there are male Faes who are spared the death for the purpose of breeding (hence calling them "breeders" makes sense). Interestingly enough stretch goal description on crowfall.com calls for donations in order to develop "male Halfbreed Assassin". If female Fae were just "getting it on" with non-Fae males then every Fae offspring would be in fact "a half breed" (and apparently Fae are killing their males upon birth for generations now). If male Faes were just children spared the death by the hands of their mothers calling them halfbreed wouldn't make much sense. Also notice that "breeders" are not kept, they are captured. Halfbreed literally means "a person whose parents are of different races" so either few male Fae "breeders" (if they exist) decided that impregnating women of other species is less lethal for their eventual male offspring or perhaps humans "acquired" few female Faes for their purposes (with CF pretty grim setting I wouldn't be surprised if that was the official back story).
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